Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 211 The desperate situation of Qingshan Gang!

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The Tang and the Mei family wanted to sever the trade and ties with the Qingshan Gang, and they can do so easily unilaterally.

With Lin Yuan’s initiative, all of the commercial activities of Qingshan Gang in Xiling District had been cut off.

Even gray areas like clubs, casinos, and many more.

Lin Yuan asked Long Wu to contact high officials to shut them down one by one.

If one wants to find fault in these places, being able to do so requires more power.

Obviously, the Qingshan Gang is not enough.

The Qingshan Gang is influential.

However, when three of the big families in Jiangbei join forces to suppress Qingshan Gang, the difference is insurmountable, leaving no power for Qingshan Gang to fight back.

If the Chen family was not behind Qingshan Gang, any one of the three families would have been enough to ruin Qingshan Gang instantly.

But even so, the Qingshan Gang remained in desperation!

When their sources of income were cut off one by one, that was when Qingshan Gang began to gradually fall apart.

After all, the Qingshan gang members are not loyal ministers and good generals.

You give them money and they will do things for you, whoever you may be. Most of the gangsters are not so loyal.

Moreover, in this time and age, those who are loyal either become successful or die soon.

In addition, it was known that the Qingshan Gang is being targeted by several big families.

And so Gu Qingshan’s Qingshan Gang had already started to crumble.


At this time, both Gu Qingshan and Ye Feng were seated in the living room looking all gloomy.

“I didn’t expect that young master to be so ruthless. He really wanted to kill me!” Gu Qingshan said with an ugly expression on his face.

"Yes…" Ye Feng sighed.

“Immediately after the banquet, my businesses were all shut down instantly, and the Mei and the Tang family were also behind it. Many families had cut off their ties with the Qingshan Gang! The people of these big families have no conscience at all! I worked so hard so they can make money for themselves and I didn’t even ask for benefits. Now that something happens, they are quick to kick me away…” Gu Qingshan continued with a gloomy expression.

“Then, what should we do Brother Qingshan? Should I go to the Patriarch of the Chen family and get some help?" Ye Feng frowned and asked.

Gu Qingshan shook his head and responded: “No. It is useless. Since the young master of the Lin family has already planned to cook the frogs in warm water for a number of days before he officially set them to boil.”

“I am afraid we are left with no opportunity to resist.”

“My instincts have always been very accurate. Let’s go! My Brother, let us leave Jiangbei behind and go to the Demon City or Yanjing to develop! Didn’t you say you knew some people in those places? I will bring my money. Let’s avoid being on the edge and wait until our wings are fully developed. And then, we shall come back for revenge!” Gu Qingshan had once been from a small gang and then gradually reached where he is now.

His intuition and reason have saved him many times.

This time, his instincts tell him that Lin Yuan will not stop orchestrating the downfall of the Qingshan Gang.

They have to leave Jiangbei, otherwise, their lives will be in danger!

But Ye Feng was a bit unwilling. With a gloomy expression, he said: “Brother, do we just leave like this?”

“We haven’t even had a head-to-head battle with that dog, and we just leave? I will not allow that! I will invite people from the Chen family as well as some of the people I know, we will surely be able to get through this difficult time…”

Before Ye Feng could even finish speaking, Gu Qingshan interrupted him directly: “Stop talking Brother Ye Feng, trust Brother Qingshan!”

“Do you know why I changed my name to Gu Qingshan instead of Gu Tiezhu? If you have a green mountain, you don&#apos;t need to worry about a firewood burning!” (T/N: Qingshan = green mountain; Tiezhu = iron pillar)

“Don’t think that Lin Yuan has not competed with us head-on. He just doesn’t plan to! Do you think he will take the shot himself? He just needs to hide behind the Lin family’s power, plus the Tang and the Mei family who just follows his lead. Sure enough, he was able to put me and the Qingshan Gang in a desperate situation.”

“Our gang and the three families combined are not on the same level at all! As for the Chen family, don’t expect anything much, the three families can join forces and the Chen Family cannot stop them! Moreover, it is better to rely on yourself than to rely on others.”

“Your Brother Qingshan still has a fortune left and people who are 100% loyal. Let us go to Yanjing together, and come back strong to avenge ourselves. Okay?”

Gu Qingshan moved Ye Feng with emotion and reason.

Looking at the helpless expression on Gu Qingshan’s face, Ye Feng clenched his fists and finally nodded violently. “Okay! Let us go to Yanjing for now! I know someone in Yanjing who is more powerful than the Lin family! I must come back to show the Lin family and that young master what I am capable of!”

Ye Feng was still a little unwilling but he still saw their fate very clearly.

Seeing that Ye Feng agreed, Gu Qingshan nodded and then called a certain subordinate.

“Ah Yong? Are the people from the Lin family and the officials still making trouble? Yes! I am not very happy about them for a long time now! Fuck! There are thousands of them? I will bring people there right away! I already found someone who can help me, so I am not afraid of them.” Gu Qingshan said with too much indignation.

Seeing Gu Qingshan’s expression and hearing his words just now, Ye Feng became a little confused.

“Brother, isn’t Ah Yong the deputy leader? Are we leaving or not? Do you still want to take more people to fight? Who will help us?” Ye Feng asked.

“No. I just make Ah Yong attract the attention and fight with the Lin family and the officials face to face. We are in danger and Lin Yuan will definitely not let us go. I just make Ah Yong do a smoke bomb to draw attention so it will be convenient for us to slip away.” Gu Qingshan said.

As to whether the deputy gang leader will be harmed, Gu Qingshan couldn’t care less.

“That’s it…” Ye Feng nodded signifying that he understood.

Gu Qingshan’s nature is a bit cold-blooded, but it appears that his feelings for his good brother Ye Feng are true. Maybe, this is the protagonist’s aura.

Then Gu Qingshan called one of his loyal subordinates.

"Ah She? The goods and money in the Eastern Suburb warehouse are still there, right? The Chen family members who are staying in the warehouse must be killed! Then we will bring the goods and money to my house, take the brothers, let&#apos;s go to Yanjing for development!" Gu Qingshan said.

"Okay!" Ah She is one of those people who are absolutely loyal to Gu Qingshan.

The cooperation between the Chen family and Qingshan Gang is different than the Qingshan Gang’s cooperation with other families where they secretly encroach their interests.

They divide interests equally.

The warehouse in the eastern suburb stores the interests of their partnerships as well as the wealth Gu Qingshan has accumulated over the years.

And Gu Qingshan’s plan is to turn his head away from the partnership with the Chen family.

He wanted to invade and take away all of it for himself.

They are leaving Jiangbei after all.

Ye Feng did not care at all.

The more wealth they have, the more likely they can develop in the new environment.


Ah She glanced at the Chen family member who was guarding the Eastern Suburb warehouse.

He gave a smirk.

Holding the dagger in his sleeve, Ah She came from behind and raised his dagger.

Then he raised the dagger high, with a sneer on his face.

But Ah She didn’t notice that behind him, a cold beauty was holding a knife.

Like a block of ice, Chen Yu raised the knife and aimed at Ah She expressionlessly and then cut him down.

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