Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 213 I am just a dog of Young Master Lin!

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Moreover, he must bring everything that belonged to him in Eastern Suburb warehouse located in the eastern suburb.

There lies the most hidden treasure of Gu Qingshan.

Gu Qingshan’s cautious character is bound to set him up as a crafty rabbit.

So, he didn’t put too much wealth at home, instead secretly put it in the Eastern Suburb warehouse.

Lin Yuan knew the place from his understanding of the original novel.

So Lin Yuan intercepted Gu Qingshan’s plan to take away the treasure with him as he runs away.

Sitting on his Rolls Royce Phantom, Lin Yuan said to Shi Shengnan who was seated on the driver’s seat: “Shengnan, go to the Fanbei Street in Xiling District.”

"Yes, Master!"

‘Fanbei street?&#apos;

‘Isn’t that a famous slum area?&#apos;

Although she didn’t know what Lin Yuan was going to do there, Shi Shengnan should always obey his orders. And so, she stepped on the accelerator obediently.



Gu Qingshan was waiting at home for the news from Ah She.

When Ah She arrived with all the money and treasures, he will leave Jiangbei with Ye Feng right away.

But almost ten minutes had passed and there is still no news from Ah She.

Ah She got to where he is now because he is good at what he is doing, but there has been no news from him for so long.

Gu Qingshan was disturbed not knowing what happened to Ah She.

He did a few phone calls to Ah She, but no one answered.

‘Did something happen in the Eastern Suburb warehouse?&#apos;

‘It can’t be!&#apos;

‘The location of the Eastern Suburb Warehouse is very hidden.&#apos;

‘Apart from me, only a few members of the Chen family knew about it.&#apos;

‘Did the Chen family learn about my betrayal and so Ah She didn’t succeed?&#apos;


However, he hasn’t heard anything from Ah She and it has been more than ten minutes since they hang up.

Gu Qingshan was a little worried.

Ah She doesn’t answer the phone.

He called his other subordinates at the Eastern Suburb warehouse but no one answered.

After about a dozen of calls, he finally contacted somebody.

“Boss it is over! The Eastern Suburb warehouse is over! I just thought that it is boring in the warehouse, so I came out to play for some time, and when I got back, Ah She and the others are all dead! Now they are being set on fire together… Ahhhh!”

Gu Qingshan’s subordinate’s head was instantly separated from his body by Chen Yu’s knife.

After looking at the information given by Lin Yuan, Chen Yu nodded and was finally sure that all the guards are done for.

On the other side, Gu Qingshan heard the last scream.

The corners of his eyes straightened.

He is certain now that the Eastern Suburb warehouse which he thought would never be discovered had been discovered by Lin Yuan!

“Let’s go Brother Ye Feng. Don’t think about revenge. For now, let us consider saving our lives first!”

At this time. Gu Qingshan knew that the wealth he had accumulated for decades cannot be recovered anymore.

All of his loyal subordinates had died!

But as a crafty rabbit who had experienced a lot over the years, he didn’t put all his eggs in one basket.

Although most of his wealth is in the Eastern Suburb warehouse, there are still some properties he left at the headquarters of the Qingshan Group Company in Xiling District.

There is also a subordinate like Wang Ergou who may have a lower status in his heart compared to Ah She, but he can still rely on.

Although he isn’t as loyal as Ah She, there shouldn’t be any major problem as Gu Qingshan thought.

Then the two got into the car and went straight to the Qingshan Group company building.

While in the car, Gu Qingshan called Wang Ergou.

It is said that all the shares of the Qingshan Group can be converted to cash immediately, and all the real estates can be sold in a matter of seconds at low prices.

In short, all the assets can be liquidated in a short time.

Gu Qingshan wants to take the money and then run away.

Wang Ergou seemed very obedient to Gu Qingshan’s orders.

His tone didn’t have the slightest hesitation and seemed extremely loyal.

This sense of loyalty of Wang Ergou has made Gu Qingshan, who had recently lost the Qingshan Gang, feel a sense of relief.

Soon, Gu Qingshan came to the Qingshan Group Building.

Wang Ergou and several men of Gu Qingshan stood in front of the building.

There are not may people around and the scene seemed normal.

Just as he ordered, Wang Ergou waited for him at the door carrying a suitcase.

It is said that the suitcases contained the money, passbooks, and so on.

Everything seemed normal.

But Gu Qingshan’s intuition made him feel that something may be vaguely wrong.

“Boss Qingshan, come and get the suitcase. All of the assets you mentioned earlier were cashed and the money is in the suitcases.”

Although the distance was very close, Wang Ergou still asked Gu Qingshan to get off of the car, seeing him seemingly unwilling to go get off himself.

“Ergou, good job. You can bring the suitcases over.” Feeling that there is something wrong, Gu Qingshan did not get off of the car and asked Wang Ergou to bring over the suitcases instead.

"Okay boss!" Wang Ergou replied.

But to Gu Qingshan’s surprise, Wang Ergou did not even move an inch.

Gu Qingshan suddenly felt vigilant in his heart.

Ye Feng who was driving seemed to have felt the same and so steeped on the accelerator and sprinted forward for several meters.

Just when the car moved from its original position, Gu Qingshan and Ye Feng heard and loud sound coming from behind them.


Gu Qingshan and Ye Feng looked back to check what that loud sound was.

That was when they saw that there was a very big boulder, about three to four meters high, which seemed to have fell from the top of the building that was dozens of meters high!

The place where the boulder is situated is on the very place where they were parked earlier!

“Wang Ergou! You fucking want to kill me?!” Gu Qingshan’s eyes widened at the sight of the boulder as he yelled at Wang Ergou on the phone.

“Hehe. Boss Qingshan’s life is a s hard as ever.” Wang Ergou said with an extremely indifferent tone.

“Traitors! What did you do to Lao Gui and the others?! They will never betray me!” Gu Qingshan blew up with anger at the thought of Wang Ergou and his loyal subordinates’ betrayal.

“Lao Gui? Indeed, I tried to persuade him for a few days to betray you and help Young Master Lin sincerely.” Wang Ergou said lightly.

“Wang Ergou, I, Gu Qingshan have always regarded you as my right hand. Is there anything wrong with how I treated you that you will betray me and help that Lin Yuan?!” Gu Qingshan roared in anger.

“Hehe. You are asking me what went wrong? After you say that I will inherit the Qingshan Gang, how many rights have you given me? Is it even more than a tenth?!”

“But when Ye Feng came back, you let him be in charge most of the time. And I am your right hand?! In your heart, I am just a shit.”

“Even Ah Yong, you can throw as bait any time. My fate will not be better.” Wang Ergou said lightly.

Seeing that Ah Yong’s troop have encircled Gu Qingshan’s car completely, Wang Ergou stopped to talk and distract Gu Qingshan’s attention.

Wang Ergou said faintly: “Ah Yong, do it. Send Boss Qingshan to the next life.”

“Yes, Boss!” Ah Yong brought a group of people. All of them surrounded Gu Qingshan’s car.

It turned out that Wang Ergou’s blabbering earlier was just a form of distraction to cover for Ah Yong’s preparation for an ambush.

Seeing Ah Yong and his troop already made an encirclement, Gu Qingshan understood.

Not only Wang Ergou but ah Yong, whom he threw as bait, was also instigated!

Hearing that Wang Ergou ordered Ah Yong and the others to fight hard, they will definitely be serious.

Gu Qingshan knew Wang Ergou, and his ruthlessness, but he absolutely can’t do these things on his own. Lin Yuan is definitely behind him!

It&#apos;s definitely Lin Yuan!

That kid again!

He ate him to death without even a sound!

Gu Qingshan hung up. “Brother Ye Feng! Go!” Gu Qingshan shouted.

Ye Feng nodded solemnly.

Then they saw several iron plates suddenly rise from the window of the Land Rover they were seated.

And the formation has expanded into a circle, with many spikes.

Gu Qingshan also said so much nonsense to Wang Ergou to buy some time to modify his car.

His car can be modified for escape and to save lives.

The modification, however, will take time. This is why Gu Qingshan talked a bit more to Wang Ergou.

Ah Yong and the others rush forward.

Soon, their knives, clubs, etc., slammed Gu Qingshan’s car suddenly.

But the car that Gu Qingshan remodeled is really very hard.


And Ye Feng’s car skills are really advanced.

The car was able to abruptly rush out of the siege.

“Sorry Boss.” Ah Yong and the others bowed their heads to Wang Ergou as if admitting their mistake.

In the past, Wang Ergou’s status was not higher than that of them, or even almost the same.

But now, they dare not disrespect Wang Ergou and even regard him as the new leader of the Qingshan Gang.

There is no other reason, that is because Wang Ergou works for Lin Yuan, the young master of the Lin family!

Seeing how Lin Yuan forced Gu Qingshan to be a running dog at this time, they were full of fear from Lin Yuan and at the same time naturally respects Wang Ergou.

“Boss Wang, we failed to kill Gu Qingshan and Ye Feng. Young Master Lin won’t…blame us…?” Someone asked worriedly.

Wang Ergou responded lightly: “It’s okay. As Master Lin said before, it is impossible to kill Gu Qingshan and Ye Feng at once, so we can only do our best. He has other plans for them, better than death.”

“In addition, don’t call me ‘Boss’, address me as Ergou directly. I am just one of Young Master Lin’s dogs, and the same is true for you!”

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