Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 214 Lin Yuan's intent to kill!

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“Yes! Boss Ergou!”

The members of the Qingshan Gang bowed their heads and shouted respectfully.

Wang Ergou has clearly asked them to call him Ergou directly, but they won’t dare call him ‘Ergou’.



On the other side, Lin Yuan was lying on a rocking chair on the second floor of a very ordinary building.

After receiving the news from Wang Ergou, Lin Yuan dialed a number.

"Hello, Uncle Zeng? Do you still remember the batch of drugs and firearms that I reported to you before which you couldn’t find the owner of? The owners will appear soon.” Lin Yuan said to Uncle Zeng.

Uncle Zeng is an influential figure in the police force in Kyushu.

Earlier, when Ye Feng was in the detention center, Lin Yuan approached Uncle Zeng.

Uncle Zeng replied: “Are you referring to the batch in Jianbo Building? Who is the owner? That Gu Qingshan you mentioned?”

“Yes. That Gu Qingshan I mentioned to you before.” Lin Yuan said.

“Uncle Zeng can’t make arbitrary judgments here. Your claim must be supported by evidence. There are no traces of Gu Qingshan in that place. There are no fingerprints.” Uncle Zeng said helplessly.

“Don’t worry Uncle Zeng. There will be evidence soon.”

"You installed CCTV’s there, right? The people are ready, right?” Lin Yuan asked.

“Surveillance has been installed. But are you sure that this Gu Qingshan will come?” Uncle Zeng did not believe it.

“Just wait.” Lin Yuan smiled and did not say anything more.

That is because he had cornered Gu Qingshan.

He can’t go anywhere else even if he wants to. So he will definitely go to the Jianbo Building!



On the other side, Gu Qingshan, who left with Ye Feng was still seated in the car.

Gu Qingshan was still very angry.

Now, he fully understands.

It turned out that the calamity of the Qingshan Gang was not only due to external factors but also due to Wang Ergou playing tricks inside!

This feeling of being betrayed by the people whom he trusted made him so resentful.

Seeing Gu Qingshan’s appearance, Ye Feng also sighed.

“Brother Qingshan, where shall we go now?” Ye Feng asked.

The two of them now were like bereaved dogs.

They have nowhere to go.

“Go to the airport! I don’t need the money. I don’t need everything! Let us go directly to Yanjing!”

Gu Qingshan gritted his teeth.

Although very distressed, Gu Qingshan knew that he would just suffer more if he stayed.

Ye Feng nodded.

Soon, they arrived at the airport.

But neither Gu Qingshan nor Ye Feng got out of the car because they saw people blocking the gate at the airport.

They then decided to go to the train station this time.

But the same is true.

“Go to Fengyu Port! I have a big fishing boat there! We can take the boat directly then go south to another city and then take the train and plane from there!” Gu Qingshan felt that his vigilance saved him.

But when they arrived at the Fengyu Port, Gu Qingshan desperately discovered that his big fishing boat was already on fire!

"Cruel!! Too cruel! So cruel!"

“This is so cruel! The Lin family kid is so cruel!”

“Too ruthless! He really wants to kill me! He won’t even let us go!”

Gu Qingshan was slightly out of control in the car. His tone was full of resentment and madness.

Lin Yuan is too cruel.

It seems like he had calculated his every move.

From the warehouse in the eastern suburbs to the port in Fengyu.

All of his possible retreats were blocked.

He prepared several caves but found that every single one was severely blocked or where awaits fire, boiling water, sharp blade, or guarded by a beast.

In short, all his escape routes were blocked.

Lin Yuan wants them dead!

An extremely angry Gu Qingshan roared: “Since he won’t let us go, then let’s fight him head-on. You contact the Chen family and tell them that I have a big gift to give to them.”

“Okay! I will let Chen Meng know!” Ye Feng nodded.

“Go to Jianbo Building in Xiuying Road. The gift is in the Jianbo Building where I also have a lot of things hidden. These are my business when I started but decided not to pursue anymore. After all, the risk is too great. That dog Lin Yuan is too aggressive!” Gu Qingshan took a deep breath trying to calm himself.

“Brother, what’s in there?” Ye Feng asked.

"It&#apos;s nothing, just some drugs, and firearms…" Gu Qingshan said nonchalantly.

Ye Feng frowned. “Brother Qingshan, the Kyushu Law prohibits doing business that relates to firearms. You will be sentenced to death!”

“That is the reason why I did not continue with it.”

“We won’t keep it. We will sell this to the Chen family and get a few hundred million in return. Don’t worry, only myself knows.”

“Everyone else who knows is all dead. There will be no surprises. There is absolutely no way for Lin Yuan to find out.” Gu Qingshan sighed.

Gu Qingshan has already said so.

Ye Feng could only drive to the Jianbo Building as Gu Qingshan ordered.

Jianbo Building is a building with a rough finish.

Except for the form, there is no paint at all, let alone decorations.

But it’s not surprising that it stands on Xiuying Road because the area is not so prosperous.

Basically, the buildings that stood there were built to be used as warehouses.

There are still places with piled-up cement and construction materials in Jianbo Building.

When Gu Qingshan came to the Jianbo Building, he looked around and didn’t find anything unusual.

Gu Qingshan skillfully opened the door and walked into the building.

There is also a row of electronic doors inside.

Gu Qingshan quickly entered the passwords.

In the door on the first floor, there are many bags.

There are big words written on it.

‘Lotus Root Starch’.

Lotus root powder is the powder made from lotus root.

it is generally white in color.

Gu Qingshan casually opened a bag of lotus root.

Pouring out more than half and after a few sniffs, he looked intoxicated.

“There is no problem, they are still in top-notch condition.” Gu Qingshan said.

“Brother, I have something to tell you.” Ye Feng approached Gu Qingshan acting as if nothing was wrong.

“Say it.” Gu Qingshan didn’t understand why Ye Feng’s voice suddenly became smaller.

Ye Feng leaned against Gu Qingshan who is currently intoxicated and whispered: “I found some traces of footprints on the ground. Although they have covered them; I can still see them. In addition, have you installed surveillance cameras here?”

Gu Qingshan’s expression did not change nor did he answer Ye Feng.

He just lightly raised the lotus root powder in his hand, then he pulled Ye Feng out.

But the next second, the lights in the building all lit up!

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