Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 215 Wanted list! Everyone has the right to punish!

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“Gu Qingshan, someone reported you for smuggling drugs and for illegal possession of firearms!”

“Now the evidence is solid! Surrender obediently! Raise your hand!”

Countless people in police uniforms rushed out and surrounded the building.

But Gu Qingshan pretended not to hear it and still walked out quickly with Ye Feng.

The moment when countless lights were on, the police officers also appeared.

Gu Qingshan understood.

His move had been calculated again!

He couldn’t figure out why.

How did this place that only he knew of leaked out!

But he knew this was again Lin Yuan’s doing!

He originally handled it very well from the start.

This place was where he asked others to rent using a different name, so there was no trace of him.

Even if the things inside were discovered, they had nothing to do with him.

But today, he fell into the trap himself at the very moment he came to the building.

These things which originally had nothing to do with him all become related to him.

And let alone, these things originally belonged to him.

Gu Qingshan and Ye Feng wanted to escape, but outside the door, there were several police officers who waited.

When they saw Gu Qingshan and Ye Feng attempting to leave, they rushed over.

Ye Feng really deserves the title of mercenary king.

He just kicked and pushed everyone in his way directly.

And Gu Qingshan’s skills are also good.

The two got into the car quickly.

The police officers wanted to catch up, but they couldn’t.

Uncle Zeng called Lin Yuan and said: “Xiao Yuan, Gu Qingshan run away! I didn’t expect those two people to be so agile! Originally, you said that Gu Qingshan would come, so I didn’t bring too many officers with me. Unexpectedly, they are very skilled!”

Hearing Uncle Zeng’s words, Lin Yuan smiled and said: “It’s okay Uncle Zeng. Criminals like this kind should be punished by everyone. Sooner or later, they will be arrested.”

“By the way, Uncle Zeng, Gu Qingshan, and the others committed such a serious crime so they should be arrested. Has an arrest warrant been issued?”

Uncle Zeng said: “It is of course issued. Gu Qingshan is listed as a dangerous person of S grade, and there is a big reward waiting for his arrest. And it does not matter whether dead or alive.”

“In other words, killing them won’t be a crime and is not punishable, but one will also be considered a great hero? The kind where you can get a reward?” Lin Yuan asked with a smile.

“Of course, just like you said, these kinds of criminals, everybody has the right to punish!” Uncle Zeng nodded.

Lin Yuan smiled and after saying a few words, he hung up.

The reason why Uncle Zeng failed to catch Gu Qingshan and Ye Feng was that Lin Yuan deliberately didn’t tell him about the mercenary king Ye Feng.

Lin Yuan deliberately did not tell him.

What he originally wanted was a wanted list order!

If Gu Qingshan and Ye Feng get arrested, someone may help them.

After all, from arrest and imprisonment to the death penalty, it may take a long time.

But Lin Yuan knew that Ye Feng also knows a lot of influential people.

But even if without those big shots, the Chen family alone can make them avoid the death penalty.

Therefore, it is best to issue a warrant of arrest which means Lin Yuan can do it himself.

Kill them!!!

The Qingshan Gang has been destroyed, but Lin Yuan wouldn’t let go of either Gu Qingshan and Ye Feng.

For Ye Feng, he doesn’t need to say anything more.

It’s either you die or I die.

And letting people like Gu Qingshan stay alive makes people feel unsafe.

So, Lin Yuan intends to send them back to the West as early as possible.


On the other side, Gu Qingshan and Ye Feng rushed out with difficulty.

At this time in the car, Gu Qingshan was still panting.

Gu Qingshan was still breathing heavily.

After a long breath, Ye Feng asked: “Brother Qingshan? Where are we going now? We were almost arrested just now!”

“The situation is more urgent now. We can’t stay in one place for too long or we will be arrested. Chen Meng has already contacted me. He immediately sent someone to pick us up. As long as we stay with the Chen family, nothing will happen! What we have to do now is to survive in this period of time and not be found and arrested!”

Hearing what Ye Feng said, Gu Qingshan who had always been cautious and scheming shook his head and said, “Brother Ye Feng, I have doubts about my own decision. That Lin Yuan seems to know a lot about me, and he judged me too accurately. Now, I still haven’t figured out how he knew about Jianbo Building and that I would go there!”

“Every step I take, he seemed to have calculated. I can’t decide anymore. Brother Ye Feng, the choice is up to you. Where we should go, you decide!”

Gu Qingshan&#apos;s frustration for Lin Yuan was just too strong that he seemed powerless.

Gu Qingshan felt that he was like prey on a spider web, and Lin Yuan is the spider.

No matter how hard he struggles won’t help.

He can only wait to be eaten to death by Lin Yuan. He felt too weak.

Hearing Gu Qingshan’s words, Ye Feng thought for a while.

Then there was a decision.

Ye Feng smiled and said: “Brother Qingshan, let’s go to Fanbei District!"

Hearing what Ye Feng said, Gu Qingshan also smiled.

Because Fanbei District holds their memories.

Memories of childhood.

That’s where Ye Feng and Gu Qingshan met when they were young and when they became brothers.

The slum brothers back then are still brothers until now.

So when they heard this familiar place, they both laughed.

“Okay.” Gu Qingshan said heavily.

Quickly, Ye Feng and Gu Qingshan drove to Fanbei District.

Ye Feng used to live in Fanbei District, so he still has a house there…

But Ye Feng hasn’t come there for a long time.

This is the only time he returned home.

Ye Feng went directly to Gu Qingshan when he arrived in Jiangbei.

So he can only come home now.

He saw that the house was covered with dust, even the door handles.

Both Ye Feng and Gu Qingshan felt a lot relaxed.

It seems that Lin Yuan hasn’t found it yet.

This place holds the memories of their childhood.

And Ye Feng suggested that they come here on a whim.

They never thought about coming here.

How could Lin Yuan know about this place?

Ye Feng has already contacted Chen Meng.

Ten minutes. It will only take ten minutes.

In ten minutes, they will be picked up by someone whom Chen Meng sent.

As long as that person arrives, they will be safe.

After carefully hiding the car, Ye Feng opened the door and took Gu Qingshan inside the house.

The house is a small building with two floors.

Just to be safe, both Ye Feng and Gu Qingshan went directly to the second floor.

After sitting for a few seconds, Gu Qingshan said: “Brother, I will go to the top of the building to see the situation. Although we came to a place where there aren’t any surveillance cameras, but there is still a chance of being chased.”

“After seeing the situation, it will be easier for us to run.”

After speaking, Gu Qingshan went up to the top of the building.

Hearing Gu Qingshan’s words, Ye Feng’s heartbeat quickly.

He felt sudden palpitations.

Ye Feng said: “Brother Qingshan, I will accompany you to see the situation. I worry about you being alone.”

Gu Qingshan shook his head and smiled. “It’s just going upstairs to see the situation. What are you worrying about? But it is also true that I have been made miserable by Lin Yuan today. I am actually more worried than you, so let’s come together."

Then, Gu Qingshan and Ye Feng went to the top of the building.

They came to the edge of the roof quietly.

Both Gu Qingshan and Ye Feng breathed a sigh of relief.

There are no police cars or someone who followed them.

But Ye Feng and Gu Qingshan were stunned.

They only focused on the streets.

After crouching and they just got up, they found out that there is also a building about the same height as theirs on the opposite side.

There is naturally nothing strange if there was another building there.

The strange thing was that there was a handsome man sitting in that building right now.

He was seated in a rocking chair.

They saw the man put down his teacup gracefully.

With an elegant yet easy-going smile on his face, he gently picked up the pistol next to him.

Then he points the muzzle at them.

This handsome man…

It is Lin Yuan!

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