Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 217 I suggest sending me a reward!

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Just when Lin Yuan’s people were about to rush upstairs, an extended Lincoln sedan suddenly stopped in front of them.

And it’s not just this extended Lincoln sedan that suddenly stopped in front of them, there were also dozens of white police cars with sirens flashing on the top.

The police car&#apos;s sirens sounded simultaneous.

This is why Lin Yuan’s manpower was stopped from rushing upstairs.

Otherwise, a single car would not have stopped so many people.

From the extended Lincoln sedan, two middle-aged men came down.

One has two neat and tender mustaches.

The other is in a black police uniform.

Although Lin Yuan hadn’t seen him before, the man with a neat mustache is most probably the head of the Chen family, Chen Meng.

The two mustaches above his lips are unusually neat like his eyebrows.

The description of Chen Meng in the original novel exactly matches the appearance of the middle-aged man.

And the other man wearing a black police uniform has also been identified on his breastplate.

Luo Yinghao, Special Police Force Director of the Xiling District Police Station. (T/N: 六扇门 = liù shàn mén = special police force(in wuxia stories))

Chen Meng and Lou Yinghao have a very good relationship in the original novel.

The two people wear the same pair of pants. (T/N: wear the same pair of pants = metaphor for the two people who have the same views and actions. Mostly used in a derogatory sense.)

Lin Yuan knew clearly their purpose for coming, and that is to save Ye Feng!

Ye Feng should have sent a distress signal to the Chen family.

Chen Meng came a little too early, and for Ye Feng, just very timely.

This is the effect of the protagonists’ halo, Lin Yuan thought.

Lin Yuan raised his eyebrows as he stood on the second floor and looked at the two men condescendingly without speaking.

Chen Meng’s mustaches moved and he started to speak first.

“You are Lin Jianjun’s son, Lin Yuan, right?”

“I’m Chen Meng, the head of the Chen family. It has been a long time since I saw you. The last time I saw you was when you were still wearing diapers. At that time, you called me Uncle Chen.” Chen Meng smiled and said to Lin Yuan who was expressionless at this time.

In Chen Meng’s view, Lin Yuan is just a junior.

After all, he is the head of the Chen family and only Lin Jianjun, Lin Yuan’s father can speak to him on an equal footing.

So at this time, when talking to a junior like Lin Yuan, it is but natural to have that kind of an elder’s tone.

There are some natural contempt and disregard.

Lin Yuan can hear all these from Chen Meng’s tone.

In terms of seniority, Chen Meng is indeed the same as his uncle’s generation.

But the relationship between the Chen family and the Chen family is not only bad but a bit worse.

So what he said that Lin Yuan used to address him as an uncle is fake.

Lin Yuan ignored him and acted as if he did not see him and just sit back on the rocking chair.

Lin Yuan took a sip of tea before replying: “Ohh, it is the head of the Chen family.”

Seeing Lin Yuan’s calm appearance, as a junior, he didn’t show the slightest respect.

Chen Meng felt a little unhappy but did not intend to show it on his face.

Lin Yuan replied: “Chen Family Head Chen Meng, and the other should be Director Luo Yinghao of the Xilling District Police Station, right? What are the two of you doing here?”

Lin Yuan, who was from the younger generation, did not show any respect to the elders.

Chen Meng was very unhappy but did not show it.

But Luo Yinghao is a bit short-tempered and was a bit unhappy to know that Lin Yuan had such an attitude.

Moreover, at this time, Lin Yuan was on the second floor, which makes the situation more condescending.

Luo Yinghao said loudly: “Boy of the Lin family! I just want to ask what a boy like you is doing here with so many armed men?”

Following Luo Yinghao’s words, a number of police officers went out of the police cars.

They all looked at Lin Yuan.

The scene was quite spectacular.

There were a lot of police officers.

Lin Yuan and his men were outnumbered.

Although being watched by so many people, Lin Yuan smiled slightly and said: “What are you asking about Director Luo? What a silly question. We are all good and nice people here and are all brave.”

“I came here with my men to hunt down criminals. These criminals were issued an S class arrest warrant and are currently wanted. Anyone can arrest and punish them, dead or alive.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Chen Meng took out two photos.

“Lin Yuan, are you talking about these two people?”

The ones in the photos are Ye Feng and Gu Qingshan.

“Right, right. Those two men are evil, right? Could it be that Patriarch Chen and Director Luo are also here to hunt and kill down the criminals?” Lin Yuan clapped his hands and laughed.

Luo Yinghao snorted: “The crime level of these two men was reduced to Grade B. They shouldn’t be hunted down and killed. They have to be arrested. Moreover, ordinary citizens should not interfere. They should be handled solely by the police!”

“They shouldn’t be killed and caught alive?” Lin Yuan was taken aback by Lou Yinghao’s words.

Then after a while, he said: “It seems it is too late…”

While talking, a subordinate next to Lin Yuan threw the corpse from upstairs.

This corpse is not someone else. It was Gu Qingshan who was just killed by Lin Yuan and then bombed!

Gu Qingshan’s body was cut in half.

Seeing Gu Qingshan’s corpse was just half, both Chen Meng and Lou Yinghao’s faces were gloomy.

However, Lin Yuan ignored the expressions on their faces and smiled, and continued: “When Gu Qingshan has first declared a top-grade criminal, I killed him. So, killing him is not a crime, right? I think that shall be settled. Great service, Director Luo. I suggest sending me a reward.”

Luo Yinghao ignored Lin Yuan’s mockery.

Chen Meng looked gloomy and asked: “Where is the other person?”

There was no need to say who he was looking for.

They all knew it was Ye Feng.

Lin Yuan need not answer.

At this moment, Ye Feng, who was upstairs, shouted with surprise. “Uncle Chen Meng?!”

Ye Feng who was slightly surrounded upstairs looked very happy and overjoyed.

Chen Meng’s arrival was very timely.

Does this mean that he has escaped death?

How can he be not happy?

After hearing from Ye Feng, Chen Meng was also quite surprised.

Chen Meng winked and then Luo Yinghao shouted: “You guys go up and get Ye Feng.”

After the police officers were mobilized upstairs, Luo Yinghao turned to Lin Yuan and said: “Lin Yuan, your men don’t need to intervene. This matter should be handled by the special police force of Xilling District Police Station.”

“In addition, Gu Qingshan whom you just killed is indeed a heinous criminal, but Ye Feng has nothing to do with him and his crimes. He is a good person who was just deceived. I declare that his arrest warrant has been lifted.”

Luo Yinghao is very decisive.

After he learned that Gu Qingshan was dead, he immediately threw all the blame on him, for as long as he can save Ye Feng.

After Luo Yinghao finished speaking, his police officers, about five or six of them, surrounded Ye Feng.

Seeing Ye Feng is being surrounded by the police officers, Lin Yuan’s men whom he ordered to kill Ye Feng all wanted to move to try to block them, some even tightened their grip on their guns.

But as soon as they moved, the police officers also pointed their guns at Lin Yuan’s subordinates.

The atmosphere was very tense.

The scene was like a compressed gunpowder keg, which at any single point in time can be triggered and will explode.

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