Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 218 Target: Ye Feng’s head!

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Just when the scene was on the verge of breaking out and the atmosphere is very tense, Lin Yuan suddenly waved his hand and said, “Stop it all of you. What are you doing? Since Director Luo and all of them said that Ye Feng is not guilty, then let us let him go and move away.”

“Let Director Luo and his police officers take him away. All of you, go.” Lin Yuan said lightly.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s orders, his subordinates gave way one after the other.

Chen Meng and Luo Yinghao both glanced at Lin Yuan.

They both knew that Lin Yuan wanted to kill Ye Feng.

But it is not so surprising for him to give up for now.

After all, Lin Yuan and his men are outnumbered.

Ye Feng who was about to go in the car suddenly saw Gu Qingshan’s corpse on the ground that had been bombed to the point that only half of it remained.

Not only was his body not complete, but it was also a little burnt.

There was a trace of pain in his eyes, and he felt extremely angry in his heart.

Then he glanced at Lin Yuan.

The hatred also emanates from his eyes like a poisonous snake waiting for the right time to attack his prey and devour it.

Lin Yuan seemed not bothered by Ye Feng’s poisonous gaze.

Lin Yuan said faintly: “Director Luo, you must remember, I killed Gu Qingshan for the people and so you must send me a reward. The reward must be grandiose.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Ye Feng who was originally on his way to the car froze suddenly for a bit. His hand on the car door handle trembled slightly with blue veins appearing. It was very obvious that he did not like what Lin Yuan just said.

Ye Feng who was obviously holding the car door handle with great strength did not even move despite Chen Meng who was sitting in the car, pulled his hand signaling him to go inside the car.

However, the extended Lincoln sedan is very good so although Ye Feng used immerse strength, it did not have any effect on it.

Chen Meng persuaded him with a few words: “Let’s leave here first.”

Ye Feng suddenly remembered Gu Qingshan’s last words, that is to stay alive and to not be impulsive.

He immediately took a deep breath, his eyes were still glaring, but he got into the car obediently.

And the grumpy Luo Yinghao smiled at Lin Yuan and said: “We must try our best to meet the requirements of your kind. However, we should also punish the evil and promote good in moderation. Be careful not to be capsized in the gutter someday…”

Luo Yinghao had something more to say but he was interrupted by Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Director Luo, you must be careful too, putting your sincere heart in service of the people. You should learn when to bail out and not die in the process. It will make a lot people sad. The whole world will mourn for your loss. “

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words which sounded like a curse, Luo Yinghao’s eyelids twitched several times.

Both of them spoke to each other with thorns in their words.

Luo Yinghao did not expect this either from Lin Yuan, a junior of the Lin family.

He dared to curse him with his words, the real power figure that he is.

Luo Yinghao took a deep final look at Lin Yuan, and then also got in the car.

The extended Lincoln sedan started to go forward slowly.

Ye Feng inside the car looked back at Lin Yuan, full of spitefulness in his eyes.

And Lin Yuan also stared at Ye Feng without reservations.

Both of them expressed their intent to kill each other in their eyes.

Chen Meng looked at Ye Feng and said: “Xiao Feng, you shall take your revenge soon. Uncle Chen will help you.” Chen Meng patted Ye Feng’s shoulder.

“Well thank you to both of you Uncle Chen and Uncle Luo, for the life-saving grace. If it weren’t for the both of you, I would have been killed here today.” Ye Feng said.

“He wouldn’t dare as I have many subordinates.” Luo Yinghao snorted.

He didn’t like Lin Yuan’s arrogance.

Ye Feng then in the end turned his head away from Lin Yuan.

This time he had escaped from the dead. And his resentment towards Lin Yuan is beyond limit. He vowed to kill him whatever happens.

But Lin Yuan did not plan to just let Ye Feng go.

Even if Chen Meng and Luo Yinghao was able to fish him out, he has a contingency plan.

He originally brought his Barrett sniper rifle today for safety reasons, and he thought it was useless.

But it seems he could make good use of it today.

Watching the Lincoln sedan go farther, Lin Yuan picked up his phone and asked: “Uncle Zeng, are you almost here?”

Uncle Zeng on the other side replied: “Uncle Zeng is almost there. I will be there in half a minute. But I just heard that they have already picked up the person. Shall Uncle Zeng still come over?”


After his reply with just a single word, Lin Yuan hung up the phone.

After putting down his phone, Lin Yuan prepared the Barrett sniper rifle on his side.

“Shen Lan, raise my sniping skills to the divine level.”

【Ding! Consume 100 counterattack points! Sniping skill has been upgraded to elementary level!】

【Ding!…upgraded to Intermediate!】


【Ding!…. The sniping skill has been upgraded to Divine level!】

In an instant, countless skills and knowledge about sniping poured into Lin Yuan’s mind.

He already possessed the Divine level pistol skill which can be considered as having skills with guns.

Coupled with the help of the system, Lin Yuan has mastered and acquired the divine level in sniping in an instant.

Shi Shengnan and Chen Yu who were behind him were both shocked.

Lin Yuan aimed his eyes on the target.

The distance is roughly a kilometer as Lin Yuan judged.

With one eye close, Lin Yuan aimed at the extended Lincoln Sedan.

Adjusting his aim, Lin Yuan fixed his eyes on the head of Ye Feng who was currently seated at the back of the car at this time.

At the moment when his eyes were already on the target, the muzzle was also aimed.

The car is moving, so Lin Yan slightly lifted the muzzle and predicted the outcome of his aim.



A violent gunshot as if the sound of thunder shocked everyone.

Both Shi Shengnan and Chen Yu who were by Lin Yuan’s side were shocked.

The police cars which had also evacuated slammed the breaks.

A huge bullet, larger than the palm of the hand flew out of the Barrett sniper rifle onto the extended Lincoln sedan at a terrifying speed of 800 meters per second!

Target: Ye Feng’s head!

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