Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 219 (1) A reward of 10,000 counterattack points! Ruthless! Too ruthless!

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Gunshots of a Barrett are usually extremely loud.

Even Ye Feng, Chen Meng, and Luo Yinghao who were in the extended Lincoln sedan heard a faint sound.

Of course, they heard the sound, but it was not that loud, and so they didn’t have much reaction.

At this time, the three continued to talk and even laughed.

But in the next second, there was a loud sound of broken glass.

Lin Yuan looked at Barrett’s bullet.

It blasted and made a huge hole in the bulletproof glass of the extended Lincoln sedan.

Then the bullet flew towards Ye Feng’s head.

The moment the glass shattered, the faint sound came out really loud, sudden, and shocking.

The surprised Luo Yinghao and Chen Meng directly jumped up halfway from their seats.

‘No… it&#apos;s okay….’

Regardless of the broken glass pieces and seeing all the mess in the car, Luo Yinghao and Chen Meng first checked their bodies and breathed a sigh of relief to find that nothing happened to them.

Then they looked at Ye Feng beside them.

They were stunned seeing how Ye Feng looked. They saw that Ye Feng’s left skull was missing a significant part.

His head was open and bloody.

His skull was exposed.

At a glance, it was as if Ye Feng’s head was about 80% than that of an ordinary person!

A lot of blood spurted from Ye Feng&#apos;s left head.

Ye Feng’s still had the same smile from when they were laughing earlier.

Then, he fell to the side.

Neither Chen Meng nor Luo Yinghao was able to react and pick him up at once.

It was until Ye Feng’s blood splashed on them that Chen Meng finally reacted and hurried to support Ye Feng.

And Luo Yinghao instructed to pull the car over and then got out quickly.

Chen Meng pulled Ye Feng up and shouted: “Xiao Feng, are you okay?! Xiao Feng?! Xiao Feng, are you okay?!”

“No…” Ye Feng’s mouth moved as if wanting to say more but couldn’t finish as his eyes were now closing involuntarily.

Chen Meng was startled and put his finger in front of Ye Feng’s nose to check if he was still breathing, and then heaved a sigh of relief.

Although his breathing has become weak, it is good that he is still breathing and not dead yet.

Ye Feng grasped Chen Meng’s hand tightly.

No one else knows how dangerous his situation is now.

Only he knows.

The bullet of the Barrett only took a second for it to hit the extended Lincoln sedan which was already a kilometer away from Lin Yuan.

If Ye Feng only saw Lin Yuan shooting from outside the car, he would have avoided it.

However, Lin Yuan shot him at a distance where Ye Feng couldn’t see him and which would not give him the time to react.

But before Lin Yuan shoot him, Ye Feng’s heart beats violently.

Especially after Lin Yuan released the bullet, Ye Feng had a good look at the rearview mirror.

Lin Yuan could only aim at a straight road.

And Ye Feng could only see through the rearview mirror and see faintly what Lin Yuan seemed to be holding at that time.

Although he couldn’t see very clearly, the strong threat to his life had made his back feel the chills.

This feeling has saved him countless times during his service as an international mercenary.

So at the moment of the gunshot, Ye Feng’s instincts made him suddenly tilt his head to the right.

The Barrett’s palm-sized bullet flew over to the left side of Ye Feng’s head at an extremely terrifying speed.

Although Lin Yuan did not hit the center of Ye Feng’s head due to his instinctive movement, he was able to hit the left side of his head.

The terrifying speed of the bullet has made an equally terrifying impact and blasted Ye Feng’s head to pieces.

At this time, Ye Feng was dizzy and then became unconscious.

He does not know what will happen to him.

But he knew at least that he had not been directly killed by Lin Yuan.

He is indeed ruthless!

Too ruthless!

He finally knew why Gu Qingshan had said those to Lin Yuan before.

He hadn’t experienced it firsthand, but now he finally understands.

Even if Chen Meng and Luo Yinghao have picked him up in the car, Lin Yuan still dared to shoot him.

Even if Chen Meng and Luo Yinghao are in the same car with him, Lin Yuan still dared to snipe him.


Too ruthless!



On the other side, Luo Yinghao pulled over and got out of the car.

Countless police officers also got out of the police cars.

Luo Yinghao shouted: “Boy of the Lin family! What do you think you are trying to do?! Do you want to kill people in front of me, or were you trying to kill me?!”

Following Luo Yinghao’s words, the police officers took out their guns and aimed them at Lin Yuan who was still standing upstairs at this time.

Luo Yinghao also took his gun out.

But Lin Yuan didn’t have the slightest fluctuation in his facial expression, as he slowly put down the Barrett in his hand.

Then he said in a calm tone as if he was clueless about what happened inside their car: “I left the gun here just now, and a bird accidentally pecked on the trigger. And so the shot went off. Are you okay?”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words made everyone annoyed because his words made it look like they were idiots.

‘The little bird flew over and pecked on the trigger?’

‘Is that a sacred bird or something?’

‘Isn’t that your fucking shot?!’

Especially Luo Yinghao, he was extremely angry that he almost became a victim.

Usually, he would have shot Lin Yuan directly or let his subordinates shoot him.

After all, Lin Yuan could be charged for deliberately attempting to murder a public official.

Although he was not in the official police car, he is still Chief Luo.

But now Lui Yinghao gritted his teeth and did not continue to speak because Uncle Zeng whom Lin Yuan called was accompanied by a large number of armed men, standing not far away from them.

Uncle Zeng’s subordinates plus Lin Yuan’s men in total would definitely place them at a disadvantage.

They are outnumbered!

In case he shoots, Lin Yuan can just squat down and take cover from the building.

It is hard to tell whether he can be killed or not.

As for Luo Yinghao’s position, it is possible for him to be shot.

The same goes for his police officers.

At this time, they panicked a little seeing the guns of the other side also pointed at them.

Luo Yinghao was silent and would not dare to take the initiative to fire.

No one dared to shoot in this situation, otherwise, it will be a gun battle.

Luo Yinghao glanced at Uncle Zeng and then looked at Lin Yuan again.

In the end, he waved his hand and gritted his teeth, and said: “Takedown your guns. Let us go!”

The police officers put their guns away and returned to the police cars.

Luo Yinghao glanced at Lin Yuan and shouted: “Young Master Lin, right? You committed a serious crime! And the crime is no less than that of Gu Qingshan! Deliberate murder of a public official! Attempted murder! Intentional injury!”

“You just wait! You will be arrested and justice will be served today!”

Luo Yinghao talked of several serious crimes and said that Lin Yuan will be arrested today.

After he finished talking, Luo Yinghao got back in the car and then left with Chen Meng and the unconscious Ye Feng.

Lin Yuan did not bother to pay attention to Luo Yinghao’s words.

Luo Yinghao’s only chance to deal with him is to catch him or kill him now.

If he will not take action now, it will be difficult for Lin Yuan to be charged with those crimes and be arrested.

How can that be possible?

The Lin family is not simple.

Luo Yinghao just battled with his words.

It will be impossible for Luo Yinghao to catch him if not now.

Lin Yuan’s attempt on Ye Feng is also an attempt on them.

They are all in the same car after all.

If you dare to shoot at Ye Feng, you naturally also dare to shoot at Chen Meng and Luo Yinghao.

This kind of life-threatening hatred is a hatred till death!

After Luo Yinghao and the others left, Lin Yuan thanked Uncle Zeng.

After that, Uncle Zeng also left.

【Ding! … Reward 10,000 counterattack points!】

A system prompt sounded in Lin Yuan’s mind.

Although he heard the system’s reward prompt, Lin Yuan’s expression did not have much joy.

Even if the reward is 10,000 counterattack points, Lin Yuan is not overjoyed because Ye Feng is not dead.

Just after Lin Yuan shot, he saw the Barrett’s bullet penetrate the bulletproof glass, and then smashed Ye Feng’s skull open.

But the prompt from the system went:

【Ding! Smashed the left ear and the left eye of the protagonist Ye Feng! Inflict irreparable and permanent damage to the protagonist Ye Feng! Reward, 10,000 counterattack points!】

Although Lin Yuan had already seen Ye Feng’s skull opened, the system however judged him as not dead. It was estimated that he was not dead yet.

But Lin Yuan is not too surprised.

Lin Yuan thought about killing Ye Feng back when he was detained, for example through poisoning or some other means, but it had no effect on him.

But this time, the reward is quite a lot.

The system rewarded him with 10,000 counterattack points directly.

After all, it permanently crushed his left eye and his left ear.

Suddenly, Lin Yuan heard another prompt from the system in his mind again.

【Ding! Successfully caused irreparable and permanent damage to the protagonist, Ye Feng, and successfully diminished the protagonist’s fate! The protagonist’s fate value had diminished by 300 points, and the system is successfully upgraded!】


After hearing the system prompt, Lin Yuan was taken aback and then was happy.

“The system can be upgraded?”

“Shen Lan, can the system be upgraded?” Lin Yuan asked directly.

Shen Lan replied: “Yes.”

“What was upgraded in the system?” Lin Yuan asked again.

“After the upgrade is complete, master can check it by himself.” Shen Lan replied.

Lin Yuan did not hesitate and directly opened the system panel to begin checking.

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