Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 220 Chi Qian gets rejected!

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Lin Yuan was surprised to see that the person who just sent him a message turned out to be Chi Qian.

Chi Qian rarely sends him a message on her own initiative.

Lin Yuan is not surprised as he understands her character very well.

She almost never takes the initiative to send any message to others.

But today, she sent a message to him.

Lin Yuan clicked on the message and read the message which goes: “Brother Lin Yuan, do you have time tomorrow. A few days ago, I said that I owe you a meal and I haven’t granted that yet. Can I invite you tomorrow? (Smiley).”

Seeing the smiley face, Lin Yuan confirmed that it was definitely Chi Qian.

It turned out that Chi Qian took the initiative to send him a message to say that she owes him a meal and asked if he is available tomorrow.

Lin Yuan almost forgot.

Chi Qian had to mention it for Lin Yuan to remember it.

That time at the WuShi Fighting Club, he and Chi Qian were betting on the target range and then betting on a meal.

Through that bet, Lin Yuan knew that Chi Qian already had a good impression on him.

First of all, Chi Qian took the initiative to let him call her Qian Qian, plus he also asked Chi Qian to call him brother, same as how Yu Shanshan addresses him.

The title has changed.

Secondly, Chi Qian’s favorability at this time was 12, far less than the other heroines.

But Lin Yuan knew that having a favorability of 12 was not low.

Except for her relatives, Chi Qian should have a 0 favorability for everyone else.

He doesn’t know about Yu Shanshan, but as for the opposite sex, Lin Yuan knew that Chi Qian should only have a good impression on him.

That is why the bet was made.

After all, whether he or Chi Qian loses, both will have to treat the other to a meal and so eat together.

Lin Yuan also guessed.

Except for the good feelings, it is estimated that Chi Qian still thought about getting her revenge for being teased.

Chi Qian, a perfect goddess, actually takes the initiative to make appointments.

It is estimated that no one can resist it.

Even if you have to refuse, you must not say it directly.

However, Lin Yuan replied and said: “Sorry Chi Qian, I have something important to do tomorrow. Let us talk about the meal another day.”

Lin Yuan refused.

Even the offer was from a girl with perfect score beauty like Chi Qian, Lin Yuan still refused.

This is because he really has an important thing to do tomorrow.

It is more important than eating with Chi Qian.

There was a few seconds of silence.

Chi Qian didn’t seem to expect that Lin Yuan would reject her offer.

Looking at Lin Yuan’s reply on the screen, Chi Qian’s beautiful black jewel-like eyes stayed on the screen for a few seconds.

She wanted to tease Lin Yuan tomorrow but did not expect Lin Yuan to say that he has a more important thing to do.

Chi Qian did not ever take the initiative to date people from the opposite sex, not even her classmates.

Unexpectedly, the first time she took the initiative to invite, she failed.

Chi Qian shook her head.

How come she failed?

She guessed that there must be really something important that Lin Yuan has to do tomorrow.

If she asked other people, they will definitely agree.

Only Lin Yuan could refuse.

But isn’t it because of this, that he is ‘Lin Yuan&#apos;?

Chi Qian gave a charming smile, and then replied: "Well, for the busy Young Master Lin, tomorrow will not work, can we arrange it the day after tomorrow? (Smiley) (Smiley) (Smiley).”

In fact, it was the first time that Chi Qian got rejected by others, but still, she felt strangely happy.

She sent only three smileys in a row to express her happiness.

She was not aware of the special meaning of a row of smiles.

The three smiley combo is generally used to express anger.

Looking at Chi Qian’s three-smiley combo, Lin Yuan was taken aback.

At first, he thought that Chi Qian may be angry.

But soon, Lin Yuan realized that Chi Qian really doesn’t know what the row of smileys meant.

And the system also prompted:

【Ding! Chi Qian&#apos;s favorability +1! Reward 1000 counterattack points! 】

Even though she was rejected, the favorability still increased?

And it was also rewarded with so many counterattack points.

Lin Yuan smiled and replied: "Okay, then the day after tomorrow."

Seeing Lin Yuan’s reply, Chi Qian nodded in satisfaction.

Then Lin Yuan closed the chatbox with Chi Qian and then made a video call to Qiu Wanxi.

The important thing Lin Yuan was referring to was not something else.

Tomorrow was specially scheduled to treat Qiu Wanxi’s illness.

Although Qiu Wanxi’s liver disease is no longer serious and critical after he treated her, but Lin Yuan always took her situation to heart.

After all, Qiu Wanxi’s heart was so full of him.

Lin Yuan really likes this lovely girl who is full of hope.

So he waited for the Mei Banquet to be over and finish destroying the Qingshan Gang to help Qui Wanxi for treatment.

To him, this is a very important matter.

Quickly on the other side, Qiu Wanxi connected to the video call.

“Good…good evening, young master…” Qiu Wanxi obviously rarely makes video calls. She was a little timid at this time, greeting Lin Yuan on the phone.

Lin Yuan did not respond immediately and instead looked at Qiu Wanxi with a smile.

At this time, Qiu Wanxi’s pink and white face was flushed, and her hair looked a little wet on the screen as if she had just taken a bath.

Coupled with the timid expression, she really looked cute and attractive.

Just like fat and cute little sheep waiting to be devoured by a big bad wolf, Qiu Wanxi said: “Master. What’s the matter?"

Looking at Lin Yuan who was smiling while watching her and not speaking, Qiu Wanxi became a little shy. She felt Lin Yuan’s eyes and then felt hot.

“It’s nothing, just, Wanxi, you look so cute today.” Lin Yuan teased with a smile.

If it is for other girls, it is sure they will respond: ‘Am I not cute before?&#apos;

But Qiu Wanxi only nodded happily and said shyly: “Thank you, young master, for your compliment. You are also so handsome.”

They chatted for a while.

Lin Yuan was reminded suddenly of the time he went and was surprised by a cake Qiu Wanxi made for him at the cake shop.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Wanxi, tomorrow morning, I will go to Hope Cake Shop to find you. I will give you a surprise.”

“Ah? Surprise?” Qiu Wanxi’s small face was stunned for a moment, and her eyes so full of anticipation.

“Well, go to bed early, and then I will see you tomorrow.” Lin Yuan smiled.

“Well, good night, Master.” Qiu Wanxi nodded.

After the video call ended, Qiu Wanxi hugged the quilt and started thinking.

‘Surprise? What kind of surprise could it be?&#apos;


The pretty willow brows on Qiu Wanxi’s cute little face frowned slightly, but after thinking for a while, she couldn’t think of anything.

She couldn’t think of any particular surprise.

Thinking of Lin Yuan, she said: ”It would be great if the young master could hug me to sleep. I really miss his embrace…” Qiu Wanxi whispered.

“I just don’t know if I can ask the young master to do that. The idea is a bit too much. After all, Young Master is so busy.”

“If the young master hugs me to sleep, then are we going to sleep together? Then will something happen while we are sleeping together?”

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