Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 221 Unify Jiangbei!

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“If it’s the young master… it’s okay… as long as the young master is happy.”

Qiu Wanxi remembered that Xiao Lian and Xiao He always mentioned such things to Lin Yuan before.

For example, to sleep with Lin Yuan, make a child with Lin Yuan, and so on.

Originally, she was innocent and did not know of these things.

But the thoughts of the two little girls were not very pure.

It’s so vulgar.

They even occasionally throwing jokes about Lin Yuan to amuse Chen Yu who is so cold and indifferent.

Qiu Wanxi also understood a lot of these.

She is an adult after all and after what happened between her and Lin Yuan, she understands these things very well.

And she was aware of her own intentions and her whole self being enamored of Young Master Lin Yuan.

Although she is ashamed, Qiu Wanxi still had to admit it.

That she really wanted to sleep with Lin Yuan.

Of course, she wanted to ‘sleep&#apos; with him, but not only to sleep, but she also wanted to be one with him.

All of Qiu Wanxi’s heart is devoted to Lin Yuan.

And Lin Yuan is basically always in her mind.

At this moment, thinking of the things she wanted to do with Lin Yuan, Qiu Wanxi felt very hot.

She was blushing as if blood could drip from her.

Because she is too shy and ashamed, she does not dare take the initiative to speak about this to Lin Yuan.

She is afraid that Lin Yuan will think ill of her, that she was improper.

Qiu Wanxi&#apos;s image is still innocent.

In fact, thinking about such things is quite normal.

After all, her heart is tied to Lin Yuan.

Not everyone is platonic and can be satisfied with platonic love, and Lin Yuan teased her from time to time. (T/N: relationship without sex)

She wanted to give everything she has to Lin Yuan.

She didn’t know if her idea is too excessive, and so she is too unsure of it.

After all, the status gap between her and Lin Yuan is significantly big.

She only hopes to be with Lin Yuan and does not dare to ask for more.

Qiu Wanxi pulled the quilt and covered her head, and then slept.



On the other side, Lin Yuan did not expect Qiu Wanxi to have so many thoughts.

His feelings with Qiu Wanxi is far different from that of Mei Yuxian.

With Qiu Wanxi, Lin Yuan enjoys the hopeful and lovely feeling Qiu Wanxi brings to him more.

Of course, Lin Yuan is not Liu Xiahui. (T/N: Zhan Huo now commonly known as Liu Xiahui was a man of eminent virtue, and is said on one occasion to have held a lady in his lap without the slightest imputation on his moral character, a true gentleman.)

Qiu Wanxi is so cute.

Lin Yuan still wants her.

But that should be after her treatment.

Although Xiao Lian and Xiao He had said that Qiu Wanxi is not so innocent, he can never be sure.

But Lin Yuan knew that Qiu Wanxi would not refuse him to take advantage of her for as long as he wanted to.

So, Lin Yuan planned to treat her illness, then fill that last point of favorability.

And then at the same time, take advantage of her.

Qiu Wanxi will start her treatment tomorrow.

Lin Yuan specially invited a top-notch doctor in the country, so she should be better in two to three days.

After that, Lin Yuan planned to completely take advantage of her.

Lin Yuan drove away his thoughts when he saw someone calling him.

It was Long Wu.

After destroying the Qingshan Gang, Lin Yuan gathered the harvest and handed it over to Long Wu.

It is estimated that Long Wu called to report the specific gains.

Lin Yuan answered the call from Long Wu.

“Master, the inventory is over. The total value of the harvest should be more than 20 billion, with an expected cash flow of about 7.8 billion. Specific industries includes Fengyu port,…”

Lin Yuan has estimated it from the start.

The total is similar to what he estimated.

It includes various groups, companies, as well as entities such as port use rights, and processing plants. The total should be worth more than 20 billion yuan.

The total value is not small.

Moreover, due to the limited size and capacity of the Qingshan Gang, this value cannot be fully utilized.

When it is managed by a major family, it will not only be this value.

After all, many of the assets belonged to the Chen family, and it was only because it was inconvenient and risky for them to manage them that Qingshan Gang was used as an agent.

All the signatures and documentation point to the Qingshan Gang as owners.

With the joint efforts of Lin Yuan, the Mei family, and the Tang family, all the means to recover the same have long been blocked.

Whether all belonged to the Qingshan Gang or the Chen family, and Qingshan Gang only managed these assets, at this time, the Chen family did not even want to be involved.

All the assets and their profits then will be divided between Lin Yuan and the two big families.

According to the original agreement, all will be divided 70:30.

Lin Yuan’s cash flow should be about 500 million at this time and the other cash should be divided between the two big families.

Others include companies from real estate and various industries.

Lin Yuan had asked Long Wu to take over many companies.

Setting aside the Fengyu Port and others that are already allocated to the Mei family and to the Tang family, there are still others that need to be managed.

There is also a reward set aside for Uncle Zeng.

Lin Yuan can also gain tens of billions out of these industries.

In other words, Lin Yuan can probably gain about 10.5 billion in this feat.

Lin Yuan opened the system and checked his wealth value.

Sure enough, his wealth value has become 17 billion.

Most of the gain came from the Chen family.

This is just small compared to their market value of hundreds of billions.

And the family’s background is extremely profound.

It still has a lot of value to dig and exploit.

But compared to the Qingshan Gang, the Chen family is a lot difficult to deal with.

The two are absolutely different.

The Qingshan Gang can be wiped out in less than a week.

It only took less than a day from Lin Yuan’s official attack to the destruction of the Qingshan Gang.

After all, the Qingshan Gang is too small against the combined forces of the Lin family, the Mei family, and the Tang family.

But the Chen family is different.

Although the Chen family was driven away from Yanjing and started anew in Jiangbei, a skinny camel is still bigger compared to a horse.

And it had developed low-key, when in fact, the Chen family had become stronger.

Honestly speaking, the Chen family is better than the Lin family.

Not to mention, the Chen family still has some connections in Yanjing.

With the extreme resentment and hatred for destroying the Qingshan Gang and killing Gu Qingshan, Ye Feng would definitely side with the Chen family.

And there are still many big forces behind Ye Feng that can be used.

In the original novel, every time Ye Feng goes to a new place, there are always influential people and forces who knew about him.

The mobilization of these forces and the Chen family would be very terrifying.

But Lin Yuan kept his cool and did not panic.

Anyway, he knew a lot of weaknesses in the Chen family.

And, he can use his understanding of the original plot as an advantage.

For example, Cui Yunrong.

And at this time, the Mei and the Tang family are on his side.

Basically, the relationship between the Mei family and the Lin family is that without any conflicts so it will not be a problem.

And the Tang family will also have a special place for Lin Yuan and the Lin family as a result of the sweetness of their cooperation.

And so, Lin Yuan did not panic at all.

He planned to give himself at least a month to destroy the entire Chen family.

Chen Meng’s goals are in fact the same as that of Lin Yuan, that is to unify Jiangbei!

Lin Yuan wanted just one voice for Jiangbei, that is the voice of the Lin family, and ultimately his voice.

Since Ye Feng still has enough fate value, it is still difficult to kill him directly.

Then he shall suppress him over and over and plunder his fate value.

And when the time comes, crush him to death.

In order to do that, he has to start destroying the entire Chen family.

Lin Yuan knows that the Chen family has long been growing its forces in Jiangbei and plotting to destroy the big families long ago.

And the Lin family should be first on the list of the Chen family.

But Lin Yuan is not in a hurry.

He has a general understanding of the Chen family, its plans, and movements.

The goal of destroying the Chen family should not be rushed, but instead done slowly.

He needs to use the Mei and the Tang family.

There is also a consideration of taking advantage of Chi Qian and Cui Yunrong.

Thinking deeply about it and after careful deliberation of the layout of his plan, Lin Yuan fell asleep.



The next morning, Lin Yuan came to the door of the Hope Cake Shop very early.

Lin Yuan saw that Chen Yu actually stood in front of the store very early in the morning.

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