Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 224 Domineering CEO!

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Being a novel about a mercenary king in the city, of course, there are various types of heroines.

From the president, policewoman, doctor, and so on.

And Lin Yuan remembered that one of the heroines was a doctor named Jiang Rou.

When Lin Yuan was looking for a famous doctor, he saw Jiang Rou’s name but was not sure if that was just the same name.

However, seeing Jiang Rou’s nameplate and appearance confirms it.

Although Jiang Rou did not look as stunning as Yan Ruyue and Chi Qian at first glance, her physical appearance gives people a feeling of peerless beauty at first glance.

But the attributes such as gentleness, knowledge, and sex appeal she possessed as described in the original novel, Lin Yuan saw them all at first glance.

Although her face is slightly inferior to that of Yan Ruyue and the others, her beauty is at least about the same level as Chen Yu.

But with uniform and temperament, her looks are also that of a rare beauty.

Lin Yuan often sees superb beauties such as Chi Qian, Yan Ruyue, Qiu Wanxi, Mei Yuxian, and Gui Qingtong.

But Lin Yuan does not think that beautiful women are like Chinese cabbages, which can be seen almost everywhere.

This Jiang Rou is most likely the one as in the original novel.

Another important feature that confirmed her identity as Jiang Rou is her high ponytail and the stethoscope that always hanged from her neck to her chest.

All of the information about Jiang Rou appeared in Lin Yuan’s mind.

Don’t even think that Jiang Rou is just a female doctor, dressed in a white coat, wore glasses, and had a delicate, intellectual, and feminine appearance.

Jiang Rou is actually the type who enjoys reading romantic novels with male leads taking the role of a CEO, and also likes men with a strong personality.

She is also particularly interested in some intractable diseases.

These were all of the information that surfaced instantly in Lin Yuan’s mind.

But Lin Yuan did not intend to have anything to do with her for now.

It is more important to treat Qiu Wanxi now.

After the information flashed in Lin Yuan’s mind for a few seconds, he stretched out his hand and initiated a handshake with Jiang Rou.

“Hello, Doctor Jiang. Nice to meet you”

“Hello, Young Master Lin. Nice to meet you too.” Jiang Rou shook hands politely with Lin Yuan.

“This is the patient, right?” Jiang Rou turned directly to Qiu Wanxi and asked frankly.

After all, Lin Yuan rented the whole floor today and invited her to treat Qiu Wanxi.

"Yes." Lin Yuan nodded.

Then Lin Yuan said: “As I have told you before, she has a problem with her liver and the lobes of her lungs are also affected…”

Yuan talked about what he had told Jiang Rou before and had seen Qiu Wanxi.

Jiang Rou nodded. “Yes, you have told me before. I remember. That should be the diagnosis of an old doctor who is very good in traditional Chinese medicine, and I see nothing wrong with it. But after all, surgery is required, so I still have to see a clear image. I need to take a closer look at the X-ray film, and then it will be easy to perform an operation.”

Jiang Rou didn’t know about Lin Yuan’s medical skills and thought that the initial diagnosis was from an old Chinese doctor whom Lin Yuan consulted and brought Qiu Wanxi to before.

Lin Yuan nodded. “Of course, the X-ray film still needs to be shot.”

Lin Yuan touched Qiu Wanxi’s head and asked a few female nurses to take Qiu Wanxi in for a radiology procedure.

Seeing that Qiu Wanxi looked like a princess, the nurse who took her in looked like a maid.

Jiang Rou sighed in her heart. She thought that being rich is really good

Qiu Wanxi looked like a young lady heroine in those romance novels.

Jiang Rou looked at Lin Yuan who was next to her.

Jiang Rou remembered that Lin Yuan is a real young master.

Jiang Rou secretly glanced at Lin Yuan, but still shook her head.

She thinks that Lin Yuan’s image is closest to the CEO in the romance novels in her mind.

His family is rich and powerful, plus he looks very handsome.

Jiang Rou thinks that he is the closest to the CEO protagonist as in the romantic novels she has read.

But she still felt that Lin Yuan is lacking.

He indeed looked very handsome, but Jian Rou preferred a person with a strong personality.

The smile on Lin Yuan’s face looked very gentle like there is no trace of wickedness at all.

There is a lack of evil charm, glamor, and coldness…

In short, Jiang Rou finds Lin Yuan handsome but still doesn’t fit the image and criteria of a domineering CEO.

In other words, he lacked flavor.

Jiang Rou isn’t aware of it yet.

But she had been poisoned too deeply by those domineering CEOs in the novels she has read.

Of course, on the surface, she has a soft, intellectual smile on her face.

Jiang Rou chatted with Lin Yuan for a while.

Lin Yuan regarded Jiang Rou’s skills as if he didn’t know how capable she is. But when he learned how good her medical skills are, he found that he can chat with her all day long.

Lin Yuan said politely: “I will trouble Dr. Jiang for a while for this operation, and the reward should be a lot. After all, Dr. Jiang, you came to fly a long distance from Yanjing.”

Jiang Rou waved her hand and said: “It’s okay. Young Master Lin is very serious. The remuneration mentioned by Master Lin is indeed very good. But this time, I also flew here not only to help you with the operation but I was also invited by someone else.”

“Oh?” Lin Yuan turned his head straight when he heard Jiang Rou’s words, and then suddenly thought of something.

For a doctor like Jiang Rou, it will certainly cost a lot of money to ask her to perform an operation.

To be honest, not everyone in Jiangbei could afford her services.

If it weren’t for Qiu Wanxi, Lin Yuan wouldn’t pay a big price to Jiang Rou.

So, who else invited her?

Lin Yuan had a guest in his heart and at the same time asked: “I don’t know if Dr. Jiang is comfortable to disclose it, but may I ask who else invited you for an operation? What a coincidence.”


Jiang Rou was not aware of Lin Yuan’s guess and thought that Lin Yuan asked it out of curiosity and so she replied casually: “I do not know the specifics either. I only know that the person who asked me to perform an operation on him is a gentleman with a surname of Ye. It seems that his head is the problem. His head had been seriously damaged…”

Lin Yuan understood who Jiang Rou was referring to.

Lin Yuan confirmed through the information shared by Jiang Rou.

The other person who invited her to Jiangbei is definitely Ye Feng!

Lin Yuan remembered that in the original novel, when Ye Feng went to Yanjing, his subordinates got injured in a gunfight.

And because his subordinates got injured, he happened to meet with Jiang Rou in a hospital where they went for treatment.

But now, because of being injured by him, so Ye Feng would have to ask for Jiang Rou in advance.

This situation has made Jiang Rou bound to meet Ye Feng in advance.

It seems that Lin Yuan has initiated the butterfly effect again.

Lin Yuan is not actually in a hurry to have anything to do with Jiang Rou.

After all, she did not appear early in the original novel.

But since she is bound to contact Ye Feng, Lin Yuan planned to make a decisive move.

He had to intercept Ye Feng’s chances and heroines.

He would never let Jiang Rou meet Ye Feng.

Thinking of this, Lin Yuan took a meaningful look at Jiang Rou who looked very soft and intellectual.

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