Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 225 Surging violently!

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Lin Yuan planned to prevent Jiang Rou from seeing Ye Feng.

But Jiang Rou is bound to meet Ye Feng as she was invited to perform an operation on him.

If Lin Yuan wants Jiang Rou not to go, there must be a very good reason.

Although Lin Yuan has offered Jiang Rou money to perform the operation on Qiu Wanxi, Lin Yuan knew very well that she has a lot of money, considering her superb medical skills.

Jiang Rou also regards professional ethics as a serious matter.

She won’t be persuaded by money.

And in Lin Yuan’s view, he need not spend money.

Jiang Rou actually had two weaknesses.

The first is being overly obsessed with a domineering CEO, especially being dominated, and occasionally thinking of herself as a little wife.

The second is her interest in weird and intractable diseases.

He just needs to focus on these two points.

And then, it would be easy to achieve the goal.

But Lin Yuan thinks that the idea of a domineering CEO is stupid.

The reality of those women fantasizing about being dominated by a CEO as in those romantic novels makes him disgusted.

Lin Yuan did not like that idea very much.

And so, Lin Yuan intends to use the second point.

He has a divine-level medical skill anyway which makes him very confident.

Then, Lin Yuan continued to chat with Jiang Rou.

Lin Yuan silently pinched several acupuncture points in his body.

Then when they happened to talk about curing diseases and the like, Lin Yuan said suddenly: “By the way, Dr. Jiang, I also have a problem that I want to ask you. It’s about a strange disease.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Jiang Rou frowned.

It is not a secret that Jiang Rou is interested in intractable and strange diseases.

Because she is good-looking, many men approached her under the pretext of having a strange illness.

Although she hasn’t told him about her interest in strange diseases, and thinking that this was only their first time meeting each other, how could Lin Yuan know about her preferences?

But Jiang Rou’s reaction was like that of those men who wanted to use her interest in strange diseases as an excuse to get close to her.

Although Lin Yuan is very handsome, and his girlfriend is no worse than her, Jiang Rou felt like Lin Yuan is acting like a playboy, which made her a little uncomfortable and unfriendly.

“Young Master Lin, may I ask what is your strange disease? If it is about having genitals that are too long, or the foreskin being too long, then there is no need to ask.”

Jiang Rou said this because someone used this so-called ‘strange disease&#apos; to talk to her which made her extremely speechless.

Seeing Jiang Rou’s displeasure, Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Doctor Jiang, can you tell me with your stethoscope?”

While talking, Lin Yuan also asked the other doctors and nurses to stay away to keep their privacy.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s serious appearance, Jiang Rou raised her eyebrows and then pulled out the stethoscope hanging by her chest, and then pressed the same against Lin Yuan’s chest and listened.

As she listened, Jiang Rou’s expression changed immediately.

From her original annoyed expression, she became gradually confused, then surprised, and then excited.

She felt disdainful at first, thinking that Lin Yuan was lying to her.

After she listened, she found that there really seems to be a problem with Lin Yuan.

And it really seems to be a big problem and a strange disease!

“I presume Dr. Jiang has heard it? My heart often stops beating…” Lin Yuan said.

“Yes!” Jiang Rou nodded and said. “It is not a complete stop, but it’s very weak. It seems to almost completely stop. After two or three normal beats, the abnormality occurs. What is happening? I need to listen more to know.”

“But your illness is really weird. I have never encountered nor heard of it.”

“By the way, when you asked me for an operation, why didn’t you tell me about this strange thing about you?” Jiang Rou asked.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “You wouldn’t understand even if I said so before. And would you believe it?”

Jiang Rou choked at Lin Yuan’s words.

Indeed, she didn’t understand the first time she listened to it for a while, and she definitely did not believe what Lin Yuan has said before until she discovered herself.

In addition, Jiang Rou understood why it wasn’t told to her from the beginning.

The young master of a major family like Lin Yuan has a strange disease, and letting others know will definitely cause the Lin family’s stocks to fall sharply, and the Lin Group will be shaken.

"Well, I get it.”

Jiang Rou nodded seriously at Lin Yuan.

“By the way Dr. Jiang, if you feel it with your hand, it should be more obvious.” Lin Yuan said suddenly.

While talking, he pulled Jiang Rou’s soft little hand directly and place it on his chest.

Lin Yuan suddenly holding her hand made resistance arouse immediately in Jiang Rou.

She also felt dissatisfaction in her heart.

Because she has always hidden an imaginary domineering CEO in her heart, she hardly comes in contact with the opposite sex and wanted to leave her complete pure self to that one perfect male CEO.

Suddenly, she was caught by Lin Yuan’s big hand and put the same on his chest. Of course, it felt a little uncomfortable.

But soon Jiang Rou didn’t care about this because she found that in Lin Yuan’s chest, the beating of the heart was unexpectedly surging violently!

It is like playing the drums.

This usually happens only after strenuous exercise.

But Lin Yuan’s breathing was smooth at this time and there was no sweat on his body. There was no sign of having gone from a strenuous exercise whatsoever!

Looking at Jiang Rou who was full of doubts at this time, Lin Yuan pinched the acupuncture points that made his heartbeat go faster.

“It’s strange. It’s really strange…How come it is like stagnant water from time to time and then like thunder or beating of the drums. Isn’t this too weird?” Jiang Rou looked at Lin Yuan suspiciously, her expression full of doubts.

She didn’t know that these were all made by Lin Yuan himself.

“You feel my pulse this time.” Lin Yuan pulled Jiang Rou’s soft little hand to his wrist this time.

Lin Yuan did not ask at all, just started pulling her hand. He was quite direct and tough.

But since it was done to her earlier and there was a valid reason, Jiang Rou did not object.

There was also an inexplicable comfort in her heart…

Because this forcefulness kinds of resemble those domineering CEOs she likes…

Then, Jiang Rou found that Lin Yuan’s pulse was also very strange.

From time to time the pulse is fast, and then it suddenly stops.

“Young Master Lin, your illness is so strange!” Jiang Rou became more interested in Lin Yuan’s illness and there was excitement in her tone.

“Take the stethoscope and listen again, this time without my clothes.” Lin Yuan’s words even had a hint of command at this time.

But Jiang Rou was not disgusted instead quite excited.

She cannot discern whether the excitement she felt was because she is thrilled to know more about Lin Yuan’s illness or because of Lin Yuan’s command.

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