Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 226 Time is wasted?!

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Holding the stethoscope against Lin Yuan’s chest, Jiang Rou was very excited.

From the belly button to the ribs, Jiang Rou felt like she found a treasure.

She listened to every place in his body for a while.

Her little hand was also pressed on Lin Yuan’s chest.

Her hand felt like a massage, which makes it quite comfortable.

She is a beautiful doctor after all.

But Lin Yuan did not let Jiang Rou finish listening.

He grabbed her little hand and then gently pushed her shoulders with his palm.

“Dr. Jiang, I have this strange disease which I will let you study more after you help with Qiu Wanxi’s operation, which is more important.” Lin Yuan said to Jiang Rou.

“Ah! Okay! Sorry. Forgive me…” Jiang Rou apologized over and over.

She was a little too excited that she kept on putting her stethoscope everywhere.

It was like she was taking advantage of Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan is from Jiangbei and not from Yanjing like her. He probably heard of her superb medical skills which is why he invited her but he probably didn’t know about her interest in intractable and strange diseases, Jiang Rou thought.

She had probably made herself misunderstood by Lin Yuan.

She is very interested in Lin Yuan’s condition and wanted to approach him on her own initiative.

Jiang Rou took the initiative to ask Lin Yuan. “Young Master Lin, um… After I do the operation, can you let me study your strange disease? I feel like your condition is quite serious and I might be able to help. Are you busy?”

Jiang Rou tried her best to look like a kind and caring doctor.

But what she did not know was that Lin Yuan looked at her as if she is a Grandma Wolf.

Lin Yuan smiled and agreed. “Okay, Doctor Jiang.”

Looking at Jiang Rou who is quite happy with his agreement, Lin Yuan knew that she took the bait.

Jiang Rou was already interested in the ‘strange disease&#apos; Lin Yuan caused himself.

“I am not in a hurry for my illness, Dr. Jiang. Please be sure to help Wanxi for a successful operation.” Lin Yuan said.

“Hmm, don’t worry, there is no risk in the operation and the success rate is 100%.” Jiang Rou smiled and assured Lin Yuan confidently.

Jiang Rou was quite moved by Lin Yuan’s words.

When she heard that Lin Yuan is more concerned about her girlfriend’s operation than his condition, she was so touched and felt like crying.

If she was reading the same plot in a novel while lying on her bed, she will definitely cry.

After talking for a while, Qiu Wanxi came out and is already done with the radiology procedure.

After looking at the X-ray films and CT scan results, Jiang Rou nodded and said, “There is no problem. It is the same as the diagnosis Young Master Lin told me before. The test results are exactly the same.”

Qiu Wanxi smiled and said: “Of course, it was the young master who told me about my illness before. Young Master is the most powerful.”

After listening to Qiu Wanxi’s words, Jiang Rou looked at Lin Yuan in surprise: “The diagnosis that Young Master Lin has told me before came from Young Master Lin himself? Young Master Lin, do you have some medical skills?”

Lin Yuan had given Jiang Rou a detailed information about Qiu Wanxi’s illness before. He knew how to treat her, it was just that the operation will be more convenient and quicker so he didn’t bother to cure her himself.

Jiang Rou did not know of this at first. She thought that such a diagnosis must have come from a top old Chinese doctor who is an expert in traditional Chinese medicine. After all, everything is consistent with the results of the CT scans and X-rays.

Lin Yuan smiled and replied: “Well, I know a little bit. I will watch you on the side during the surgery. I promise I won’t disturb you.”

Although the success rate is 100%, he still wants to avoid any risk so he wanted to watch Qiu Wanxi’s operation and rescue if needs be. He does not like accidents.

“Okay.” Jiang Rou nodded.

Since Lin Yuan’s medical skills are so good. It looks like there won’t be any problems.

But even Lin Yuan who was so skilled in medicine did not understand his own condition.

Jiang Rou has become even more interested in Lin Yuan&#apos;s ‘strange disease&#apos;.

Quickly, Qiu Wanxi was put on the operation table.

Qiu Wanxi was so nervous as she lied on the operation table.

It is her first time after all.

But when she saw Lin Yuan who was smiling at her from afar, Qiu Wanxi suddenly felt brave.

She showed a sweet and lovely smile at Lin Yuan.

‘You can do this.’ Lin Yuan did not speak and just gave her a thumbs up.

Qiu Wanxi nodded slightly.

Quickly, the operation began.

As soon as the surgery began, Jiang Rou’s focus was only on Qiu Wanxi.

She put the idea of the domineering CEO and Lin Yuan’s strange disease aside.

This shows how much she values professional ethics at work.

Qiu Wanxi lay on the operation table quietly.

These equipments are the best that Lin Yuan found.

He made sure that only the best equipments will be used on Qiu Wanxi’s operation to help relieve her pain.

In addition, Jiang Rou’s skill is indeed very good.

So during the surgery, Qiu Wanxi did not feel any pain at all, only occasionally a little uncomfortable.

Seeing Lin Yuan not far away, Qiu Wanxi only felt sweetness all over her body.

Soon the operation finished.

It went smoothly.

After all, the success rate of the operation is extremely high.

In addition, Lin Yuan was equipped with only the best people and resources.

It succeeded naturally.

After the doctors and the nurses left, Lin Yuan went up to see Qiu Wanxi.

“Young Master…” Qiu Wanxi shouted weakly when she saw Lin Yuan came over.

Lin Yuan stretched out his hand and said: “How do you feel?”

“Hmmm…I don’t feel much…”

‘If you insist, I only felt your sweetness all the while.’ Qiu Wanxi thought for a while in her mind.

Originally, she thought that the operation would be painful.

However, Lin Yuan made available only the best equipment’s to be used on Qiu Wanxi during her surgery.

He also invited a top doctor to operate on her.

Qiu Wanxi did not hurt or feel anything at all.

She only felt the sweetness as Lin Yuan looked only at her during the operation.

Lin Yuan touched Qiu Wanxi’s head and said: “Take a good rest.”

“Well, Doctor Jiang said I can’t move yet.” Qiu Wanxi nodded.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Then just lie down and have a good rest. The cake shop is not in a hurry for you to come back, nor is its performance bad these days.”

“Master, are you okay to be with me right now? If you have something to do, then you can go. Wanxi can stay here alone.”

Feeling Lin Yuan’s big hand caressing her small head, Qiu Wanxi felt very happy.

“It’s okay. I can be with you here today.” Lin Yuan responded.

“Ah? This is too much Young Master. I know how precious your time is.”

“Are you saying that my time is put to waste? Why would spending time with you means I am just wasting my time?” Lin Yuan said when she heard Qiu Wanxi’s words.

He smiled directly and pinched her pretty face with both his hands.

“Thank…Thank you, Young Master for being with me.” Qiu Wanxi is very moved by Lin Yuan’s gesture.

Although she had been completely devoted to Lin Yuan a long time ago, her desire to give her all to Lin Yuan became more intense.

Lin Yuan smiled at Qiu Wanxi and said: “Put out your hand.”

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