Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 228 Go to sleep!

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Qiu Wanxi felt sorry for Lin Yuan and besides the bed is really big.

This is one of the advantages of being rich.

Even at the hospital, Qiu Wanxi can sleep more comfortably than at home.

That kind of room always housed only the rich most of the time.

Hearing Qiu Wanxi’s invitation, Lin Yuan did not even hesitate and went over to the bed.

Qiu Wanxi’s drips and everything was removed.

She just stayed in the hospital now to prevent post-operation problems.

So, Lin Yuan’s going to the bed would not have any disturbance on Qiu Wanxi.

Although she took the initiative to invite him to the bed, seeing Lin Yuan really came over made Qiu Wanxi a little shy.

“Young… Master…”

Qiu Wanxi’s pair of watery eyes stared at Lin Yuan’s handsome face at a close distance.

She did not expect that it will not take long before she could really be able to sleep with Lin Yuan.

Looking at the lovely Qiu Wanxi stutter a bit, Lin Yuan smiled directly and stopped her mouth.

Just with such contact, Qiu Wanxi’s pure and big lovely eyes are now covered with a thin layer of mist.

Lin Yuan still just patted Qiu Wanxi and said: “Go to sleep.”

After all, Qu Wanxi just had her surgery so it would not be good to start doing too much exercise.

“Hmmm…” Of course, Qiu Wanxi was ashamed to ask Lin Yuan to hug her to sleep. They are still in the hospital after all.

But if Lin Yuan can spend the night with her, or even just stay with her, she is already very happy.

Two people are covered in the same quilt.

There was some distance between them.

Lin Yuan was concerned because Qiu Wanxi just had her operation.

Qiu Wanxi is quite reserved compared to other girls.

However, Qiu Wanxi’s hand still touched Lin Yuan’s hand.

It was not clear whether it was intentional or not.

It’s hard to say who touched who first.

Lin Yuan grasped Qiu Wanxi’s hand tightly.

Although very shy, the love in the heart is more ardent.

Qiu Wanxi really liked the smell and temperature of Lin Yuan’s body.

So unconsciously, Qiu Wanxi got into Lin Yuan’s arms.

Lin Yuan also welcomed her.

He hugged Qiu Wanxi directly.

Because Qiu Wanxi just had an operation, Lin Yuan didn’t do anything more to her even if she hugged him.

And Qiu Wanxi leaned against Lin Yuan’s arms feeling very satisfied already.

So although they slept together, nothing happened that night.

No more words came out of their mouths that night.

But after getting up the next day, it felt a bit strange and unusual.

In fact, there is a phenomenon very common among couples in the morning.

That is because of the willingness of both parties not to do it, or the unwillingness of just one party, sometimes, even if you sleep together, it is impossible to do such things at night.

But things that can’t be done that night were possible in the early morning of the next day.

The reason is that the body’s energy is most active in the morning.

It is the same for both men and women.

So very early in the morning, Lin Yuan proposed to take Qiu Wanxi and witness the monkey king wield a golden staff and make all sorts of noises in the palace.

Qiu Wanxi also agreed.

Soon the two moved in unison with each other.

And mists from the clouds were about to soar into the sky.

But at this time, Qiu Wanxi’s body trembled suddenly.

At the same time, Qiu Wanxi let out a few painful shouts.

Lin Yuan frowned when she heard such from Qiu Wanxi.

Although it may have very well been because Qiu Wanxi has already reached her limit, meaning the dam burst already, Lin Yuan knew it was not the case.

After having listened to Qiu Wanxi’s painful cry, Lin Yuan quickly checked her physical condition.

His brow frowned even more.

Lin Yuan held back from his previous actions.

Lin Yuan gently touched Qiu Wanxi’s head and said, “No, you only had your operation yesterday. You can’t do such vigorous exercises just yet. Let’s stop.”

“Master, Wanxi didn’t… It’s okay, but it hurts… But Master, I can…” In Qiu Wanxi’s forehead beads of sweat began to drop and her face gradually turned pale, but still, she pretentiously says that it is okay.

Lin Yuan hugged Qiu Wanxi directly and said in a non-refuting tone:” If I say no. We can’t. Be obedient.”

“Okay…” Qiu Wanxi was afraid that Lin Yuan would feel uncomfortable if he can’t be able to come inside her, but believed more in what Lin Yuan said.

After hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Qiu Wanxi obediently lowered her head into Lin Yuan’s arms.

Lin Yuan sighed.

Although he really wants to continue, but he found out that Qiu Wanxi is not capable of such vigorous exercise just yet.

If he forced it, it will really hurt Qiu Wanxi’s body.

So Lin Yuan still restrained it.

He knows that Qiu Wanxi really likes him so even if he hurts her, it will not matter to her.

But he couldn’t care any less since he really liked this silly, cute, and hopeful girl.

Choosing to fulfill his desires over Qiu Wanxi’s condition would be selfish and something that he cannot do.

And he need not worry or wait for long since Qiu Wanxi will be fine in two to three days at most.

It would not be impossible to continue by that time.

Feeling the trace of regret in Qiu Wanxi who was currently lying in his arms and fearing that he might feel uncomfortable, Lin Yuan smiled and touched her head and said: “I feel your love for me Wanxi, but don’t worry. Let’s wait for a few more days. Don’t worry too much. Understand?”

“Yes. Wanxi will give her all to the young master in three days!”

“Good…”Lin Yuan smiled and stroked Qiu Wanxi’s somewhat messy hair.

“But…Young Master, wouldn’t it be uncomfortable… Wouldn’t your body hurt like this…?” Qiu Wanxi asked cautiously.

She was really worried about Lin Yuan not being able to continue.

Lin Yuan smiled and touched Qiu Wanxi’s head and said: “No..”

But seeing Qiu Wanxi still looked worried, Lin Yuan suddenly thought of something.

He smiled and said: “If you are that worried, I actually thought of a solution, but it depends on whether Wanxi would be willing. But if Wanxi is not, it’s fine.”

“What is the solution young master? As long as it can make young master more comfortable and satisfied, Wanxi is willing!” Qiu Wanxi said.

"Well, that&#apos;s…"

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