Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 229 Wall slam!

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Following Lin Yuan’s words, Qiu Wanxi finally understood the way in which she can satisfy Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan’s hand gently touched Qiu Wanxi’s head.

Then he got up and faced the bed.

And Qiu Wanxi also got up from the bed.

Lin Yuan touched Qiu Wanxi’s head gently.

Qiu Wanxi squat down and opened her mouth slightly and nodded vigorously. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

At the moment when Qiu Wanxi was extracting ‘something’ from Lin Yuan, a soft noise from outside the room can be heard, and there was some little movement.

Qiu Wanxi who was crouching in front of Lin Yuan was trying hard to extract that thing from him.

After all, it is a hospital room so there is a transparent glass above the door so nurses or doctors can peek from the outside during monitoring their patients.

So of course, Qiu Wanxi who was currently extracting something from Lin Yuan felt very nervous.

Lin Yuan glanced at the door.

His expression was calm.

Lin Yuan smiled slightly and touched Qiu Wanxi’s small head, signaling her to continue with what she was doing.

Under Lin Yuan’s assurance that everything is all right, Qiu Wanxi also calmed down.

Because Lin Yuan paid a lot of money for the room, the layout of the room is very good, not worse than high-end hotels.

After helping Lin Yuan extract it very early in the morning, Qiu Wanxi went directly to the toilet.

And then she brushed her teeth seriously.

After brushing for more than ten minutes, she nodded in satisfaction.


On the other side, Lin Yuan lifted up his trousers and tied his belt. And then he pushed open the door and walked out of the room.

His appearance was calm.

Lin Yuan saw a person outside the corridor as soon as he walked out.

It was Jiang Rou in a white coat.

At this time, under the black-rimmed glasses, Jiang Rou’s eyes were still a little hazy.

It seems she had just woken up from a dream.

“Good morning, Doctor Jiang.” Lin Yuan smiled and greeted Jiang Rou as if he had just woken up and walked out naturally from the Qiu Wanxi’s room.

Jiang Rou also greeted Lin Yuan. “Good morning, Young Master Lin.”

While saying hello, Jiang Rou naturally rubbed her eyes under her glasses.

But Lin Yuan could see that Jiang Rou’s appearance was a bit unnatural, and the hand which was rubbing her eyes was slightly trembling.

Lin Yuan understood.

The movement just now may have been caused by Jiang Rou.

Jiang Rou may have seen Qiu Wanxi extracting something from him.

Although it is very unlikely that this news will spread out, Lin Yuan still wanted to put an end to any possibility.

He doesn’t care about these things or his reputation.

All he cares about is not to damage Qiu Wanxi’s reputation.

Originally, Lin Yuan only wanted to temporarily intercept Ye Feng and Jiang Rou’s meeting, but it seems he should act proactively now. Lin Yuan thought to himself.

While smiling, Lin Yuan walked closer to Jiang Rou.

As he walked closer, Lin Yuan asked with a smile: “Is there anything wrong which is why Doctor Jiang came here so early?”

Jiang Rou replied: “No… nothing serious. I originally came here to check whether there are any adverse reactions after Wanxi’s surgery, but I did not expect to run into Young Master Lin first.”

“Oh…I see…” Lin Yuan nodded, smiled, and squinted his eyes at Jiang Rou.

Seeing the look in Lin Yuan’s eyes, Jiang Rou felt a little uncomfortable and so she said quickly: “Then… if it is okay with Young Master Lin, I will go get breakfast first.”

Feeling that Lin Yuan seemed to have noticed something odd about her, Jiang Rou’s tone was a little out of control and even with a trace of panic.

Lin Yuan actually just wanted to talk.

But the system prompt sounded directly in his mind.

【Ding! Jiang Rou accidentally discovered the scene with Qiu Wanxi just now! Please make a choice! 】

【Option 1: Pretend not to know and let Jiang Rou leave. This may lead to this scene getting into the ears of other people. Reward: Advanced painting skill! 】

【Option 2: Point it out directly, and the possibility of a fourth person knowing about this matter is zero! Reward: Advanced calligraphy skill!】

Hearing the system prompts, Lin Yuan became more certain of what Jiang Rou just witnessed.

Of course, he does not want others to know.

So, he chose the second option without any hesitation.

【The second option is selected! Reward: Advance calligraphy (will be issued after the selected option were performed)】

Jiang Rou did not know that Lin Yuan was complexly certain that she saw the scene just now.

Jiang Rou saw that there is something wrong with Lin Yuan’s eyes, which made her heartbeat very fast.

And so, Jiang Rou repeated what she said again. “If it is okay with Young Master Lin, I will go first…”

While talking, Jiang Rou prepared to walk past Lin Yuan and leave the place that made her feel very embarrassed.

But was she did not expect was, Lin Yuan stopped right in front of her and smiled and said: “Dr. Jiang, do not be in such a rush? Don’t you want to check for yourself if there are any adverse effects of the operation on Qiu Wanxi? Why leave if you haven’t checked yet?”

Seeing Lin Yuan suddenly stopping her, Jiang Rou was startled, her heart was beating a little faster.

After hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Jiang Rou tried to calm herself and said: “Although I haven’t checked yet, I expect that there won’t be any problems. Let us wait until I finish my breakfast, and then I shall come back and check on her.”

After speaking, Jiang Rou went on to bypass Lin Yuan.

“Those of us who studied medicine know that we can’t depend on guesses about a patient’s condition. You should go and see with me, Doctor Jiang.”

Jiang Rou saw Lin Yuan blocking her way again.

And not only that, Lin Yuan stretched out his hand trying to hold Jiang Rou to pull her over to check on Qiu Wanxi’s condition.

The moment when Lin Yuan’s hand tried to touch Jiang Rou, Jiang Rou avoided hurriedly and at the same time backed off quickly.

“No…It’s okay…” Jiang Rou said nervously backing away as she talked.

“Let’s take a look. Just taking a look won’t be a waste of time.” Lin Yuan smiled and continued to approach Jiang Rou.

Having witnessed what Qiu Wanxi did to Lin Yuan, Jiang Rou was so embarrassed to go in.

Naturally, she continued to refuse.

While continuing to retreat, Lin Yuan continued to approach her.

Then Jiang Rou found that she can no longer back off and now leaned against the wall of the corridor.

Jiang Rou looked at Lin Yuan who was approaching her little by little at this time, feeling like Lin Yuan was a demon with a devil’s smile on his face.

Lin Yuan forced Jiang Rou to lean on the wall. The distance between the two at this time is no more than two fists.

Then under Jiang Rou’s astonishment, Lin Yuan placed his left hand inside his pocket, while his right palm banged against the wall, making a sound. There was a wicked smile on the corner of Lin Yuan’s mouth and then he asked: “Woman, did you see everything just now?”

Lin Yuan’s sudden movement stunned Jiang Rou and made her feel a little dizzy and overwhelmed.

Because this, this, this is a KABEDON!!!

(T/N: Kabedon = wall slam)

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