Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 230 Playing with fire!

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‘I was just wall slammed?’

Being wall slammed by Lin Yuan, Jiang Rou was a little dizzy as she felt the heat Lin Yuan exhales in her face at a very close distance.

Jiang Rou’s thoughts were a little complicated at this time.

If an ordinary girl is suddenly wall slammed, by someone without Lin Yuan’s face value, that girl will definitely curse and react wildly.

But it is not the same if the man has this face value like Lin Yuan.

And for this legendary wall slam, Jiang Rou has already simulated it in her mind countless times.

Even in her dreams, there is that domineering CEO who had slammed her to the wall countless times!

The face of the domineering CEO was actually blurred.

Although Lin Yuan is handsome, he was far from the domineering CEO in her mind.

But at this time, Lin Yuan’s mouth had that evil smile, and that handsome face now exudes an evil charm and madness.

Jiang Rou suddenly felt that her heart was moved!

In the dream, the face of that domineering CEO who wall slammed her many times, gradually overlapped with Lin Yuan’s face.

Jiang Rou’s mood at this time is extremely complicated.

There was panic, surprise, excitement, and anxiousness.

Countless emotions filled Jiang Rou’s heart. Her words even that of Lin Yuan she did not mind them for the time being. Her mind and heart were so occupied.

At this moment, Jiang Rou looked at Lin Yuan’s handsome face in a close range. A wicked smile can be seen from the corners of his mouth, but Jiang Rou was extremely moved.

Her heart was moved!

She couldn’t help but feel that she has fallen for Lin Yuan. As a doctor, she felt that her brain was secreting hormones such as dopamine crazily!

Looking at Jiang Rou at this time, she looked like an idiot, regarding herself as the domineering CEO’s little wife, as Prince Charming’s damsel in distress.

The evil charm on Lin Yuan’s face was frantic yet calm, and there was still a wicked smile on the corners of his mouth, but in fact, there was some feeling of pain in his heart.

And there is also…embarrassment…

Wanting to make Jiang Rou fall for him the fastest, there is no doubt that this domineering CEO who embodies her dreams is very useful judging from Jiang Rou’s current reaction.

In Lin Yuan’s mind, there were frantic sounds of system prompts!

【Ding! Jiang Rou&#apos;s favorability +5! Reward 200 counterattack points! 】

【Ding! Jiang Rou&#apos;s favorability +5…】

At this moment, Lin Yuan felt very embarrassed when he simulated the acts of the domineering CEO.

But there is no other way, it is obvious that Jiang Rou would fall easily for men with this style.

At this time, Lin Yuan thought of what those domineering CEO in romantic novels would do next.

Then Lin Yuan looked at her dazedly, even Jiang Rou was already somewhat delirious.

Then Lin Yuan takes out the hand that was deliberately inserted inside his pocket.

That same hand gently squeezed Jiang Rou’s thin chin, and at the same time, he said with a wicked smile: “Woman, didn’t you hear me? I’ll ask you again. Did you see everything just now? Answer me.”

Feeling Lin Yuan’s gentle to strong pinching of her chin, and hearing his commanding tone, Jiang Rou felt a little excited again.

Whether it&#apos;s Lin Yuan’s identity, status, family background, perfect looks, even the expression and tone at this moment, sums up the domineering CEO of her dreams!

She was so excited.

She felt the kind of excitement that can’t be restrained as it emanates from the bottom of her heart.

Although Jiang Rou is already flushed and ashamed because she had never been this close to a man, she still nodded obediently and replied meekly: “Well…what happened just now…I just saw it by accident…”

“I’m sorry.” Jiang Rou’s mouth opened slightly as she apologized.

Jiang Rou did not know why she apologized.

It was obvious that she did not even intend to see such an incident and that Lin Yuan and Qiu Wanxi were just too bold despite being in the hospital.

But at this time under Lin Yuan’s domineering CEO aura, she just apologized.

Does this delicate, gentle, and intellectual Doctor Jiang take the role of the little wife in just a second?

This is too much…

But Lin Yuan knew that this is also related to his 200-point charisma.

That is to say, with the appearance as the foundation, coupled with the family background, etc., it can fit Jiang Rou’s idea of a domineering CEO.

If other men were like this, Jian Rou would have already taken out a scalpel and stabbed him through.

While thinking about it, Lin Yuan quickly thought in his mind again the tone, words, and actions of a domineering CEO.

Then Lin Yuan lowered his head and slowly attached his mouth to Jiang Rou’s ear. Lin Yuan exhaled and said in a low tone: “Woman, you are walking around early in the morning. You are playing with fire… Remember you are not allowed to tell anyone else, otherwise, I will ruin you. Understand?”

After Lin Yuan said these words, even his face which was as thick as a city wall blushed a little bit because he was too embarrassed. He felt that he wanted to commit suicide in embarrassment.

But to Jiang Rou, this action is very useful.

Feeling Lin Yuan blowing in her ears, she felt like her whole body became soft and felt like she was about to melt.

After hearing Lin Yuan’s words again, Jiang Rou’s heart jumped wildly and couldn’t be suppressed. It was as if her heart was about to rush out of her chest.

So, at this time, Jiang Rou responded: “Ok…okay… Young Master Lin. I… I won’t say a thing to others…”

Originally, Jiang Rou was cold towards Lin Yuan, but when Lin Yuan became the domineering CEO of her dreams, she felt very excited and even took the role of the CEO’s little wife.

Before, Lin Yuan who had been admired by many beauties felt very ordinary to Jiang Rou.

But at this moment, Jiang Rou looked like a little wife tortured by Lin Yuan. Jiang Rou looked at him with those big pitiful eyes, which also made Lin Yuan feel a little bit of something for her too.

Taking on the role of a domineering CEO by speaking and some provocative movements was not enough, Lin Yuan has an idea in his heart.

Lin Yuan let go of Jiang Rou’s chin and reached to Jiang Rou’s ear and took off Jiang Rou’s black-rimmed glasses.

After removing the glasses from Jiang Rou’s face, Lin Yuan’s eyes lit up when he looked at Jiang Rou’s face without the glasses.

Jiang Rou’s original attribute is actually half an otaku who loves to read romantic novels, so she wore glasses with thick black frames.

Although it adds to her sex appeal, it has some other impact on her appearance.

Lin Yuan could see Jiang Rou’s face clearly after he took off her glasses.

With such a close distance, Lin Yuan could see that Jiang Rou has not applied any makeup on her face.

But her face is still as smooth and white as porcelain.

And on this pretty face, the facial features are clearly even more delicate and perfect. Her big eyes are moisturized and spirited. Her nose is small but tall, and the pink lips are as fresh and as bright as a cherry.

Jiang Rou seemed to be thinking of something and so tightly closed her eyes expecting something to happen.

Her fair and clear face blushed.

Seeing this, Lin Yuan was not polite…

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