Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 232 Lin Group’s difficulties. Yan Ruyue’s invitation!

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Hearing Lin Yuan called her back, Jiang Rou turned her head.

Lin Yuan said: “Doctor Jiang, please take care of Qiu Wanxi for me. I will need to answer my phone first.”

The phone in Lin Yuan’s pocket was indeed vibrating at this time.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s request, Jiang Rou immediately came over to look after Qiu Wanxi.

Lin Yuan then went out to answer his phone.

The person who called him turned out to be Meng Yuelan.

He had no idea what happened to her suddenly.

“Hello, Mom?” Lin Yuan said directly upon answering the call.

“Xiao Yuan, Mom and Dad are here. We want to ask you something.” The voice was from Lin Jianjun.

Lin Yuan said: “What’s the matter? Tell me.”

“Have you recently interfered with the new clothing brand of our company, or leaked the information to someone?” Lin Jianjun asked.

Lin Yuan replied: “No. I haven’t heard of the clothing brand you got. What’s wrong? Why do you suddenly ask me this?”

“This is the case. Your mother and I wanted to expand the business by establishing a clothing brand…” Lin Jianjun began.

After hearing the explanation of Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan, Lin Yuan knew already why they called him suddenly.

It turned out that the Lin Family intends to expand its business in the near future and establish a mid to high-end clothing brand.

But every time they come up with their design and promotions were made, another clothing brand immediately follows the release.

Their designs are imitated which can be regarded as plagiarism.

Imitations are priced lower than theirs.

This affects the sales of the clothing brand they created, and also affects the reputation.

The problem is that they wanted to sell mid to high-end clothing brands, and they can’t fight a price war with this copycat company, otherwise, the image of the mid to high-end brand will be destroyed.

What makes them more angry is that they paid a lot of money to make the design, and others soon imitate a similar one. From the logo styles to materials, etc., everything is similar, almost the same.

This makes them unable to sue even if they want to which is the biggest problem.

Otherwise, when they make the brand famous, copycats will continue to copy them.

So, they are looking for the source who might be leaking their designs.

“Since Xiao Yuan said he did not disclose the information to anyone. Well, we do remember also that you haven’t been involved in this project, but your dad and I can’t really find the culprit. We have asked some people to investigate, and all of the employees seemed trustworthy. It shouldn’t be due to information leakage, but there might just be a very powerful copycat designer on the other side.” Meng Yuelan said.

Lin Yuan squinted his eyes and thought carefully after hearing his mother’s words.

He remembered that there was actually a shadow of the Chen family behind this incident. But it was when the Chen family had been laid out for so many years.

In the original novel, these things happened during the latter part. But unexpectedly, maybe due to the butterfly effect, these happened so early.

Lin Yuan squinted his eyes and asked: “Mom, why don’t you suspect that the designs might have been leaked?”

Meng Yuelan explained: “Well, not many people knew about this. After all, we value this project and its confidentiality. Only me and your dad as well some a small number of people from the core management knew about this. Everyone is absolutely credible.”

Lin Yuan suddenly asked: "Does this project involve people from the Finance and Personnel department?”

“Yes, how do you know?” Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan were surprised.

Lin Yuan didn’t answer but instead asked: “There should be about seven to eight people who participated and know the details from those departments right?”

“Yes. Xiao Yuan, how do you know?” Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan were a little surprised.

Then Lin Yuan proceeds to say some information regarding this incident according to his memory of the original novel.

Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan became even more surprised.

They remember clearly that Lin Yuan is not involved in this project so how could he know?

Without answering his parents’ questions, Lin Yuan just said: “It’s okay. I understand this matter. This should be not difficult to solve. I can handle this. I will go to the company now.”

After speaking, Lin Yuan hung up the phone.

On the other side, Meng Yuelan and Lin Jianjun looked at each other.

Both of them had their suspicions.

What Lin Yuan said was so mysterious.

But because Lin Yuan surprised them so much during the Mei family banquet, Lin Yuan has earned their trust.

After hanging up the phone, Lin Yuan also got ready to go to the company.

He knew the ins and outs of this matter and the problems.

Behind the scene is actually the Chen family playing tricks.

This can be regarded as their first step to formally occupy the Lin family.

But as soon as Lin Yuan hung up his phone, the same vibrated again.

Someone called again.

Lin Yuan picked it up and saw Yan Ruyue calling.

He answered.

Lin Yuan heard Yan Ruyue&#apos;s clear and pleasant voice and asked directly: ”Hello? Lin Yuan?"

"Yeah." Lin Yuan replied.

“Remember we are going to the movies together? Are you free this morning?” Yan Ruyue asked.

“Oh, it’s Miss Yan who asked me to go to the movies. But are you sure you want to go see the movies this morning?” Lin Yuan said.

"What&#apos;s the matter?" Yan Ruyue was a little confused when she heard Lin Yuan&#apos;s words.

“You are stupid. Movies are usually seen at night.” Lin Yuan smiled.

“Why?” Yan Ruyue asked.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Because after the movies, the dormitory will be closed at night and it will be too late to go home. It is more convenient then to go to a hotel and get a room where we can sleep.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, the pretty face on the other line blushed immediately and said shyly: “Hey, hooligan. It’s just… it’s just so happened that a friend sent me movie tickets. I did not intend to ask you directly. You are so proud.”

“I am busy now.”

“Ah, then… then another day…” Yan Ruyue’s tone was full of disappointment when she heard Lin Yuan was busy.

“But I will be free in a while. You can go directly to the Lin Group company and wait for me. I am going to the company to deal with something, and then I can leave.” Lin Yuan shouted over the phone with a smile.

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, she knew that Lin Yuan just teased her again.

But she was still very happy to get an affirmative response from Lin Yuan.

Yan Ruyue nodded and agreed: “Okay. I will go to the Lin Group and wait for you,”

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