Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 236 Chen family spy!

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Looking at Lin Yuan’s indifferent eyes, Ding Fan felt coldness in his back and he felt that Lin Yuan knew all about him clearly.

Looking at how Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan looked at him suspiciously from over there and those colleagues who were about to defend him but closed their mouths at this time, finally at Lin Yuan’s eyes, Ding Fan understood.

If he refuses to admit the accusation, Lin Yuan will definitely have his people investigate him, and Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan would definitely give their support.

If he was not guilty, then it would have been good, but every word Lin Yuan said about him was correct!

It is absolutely impossible to hide!

After hesitating for two seconds, Ding Fan turned around and knelt before Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan and begged for mercy.

“Director Lin! Director Meng! I was just confused for a while! I have been in the Lin Group for more than ten years, so give me another chance!”

But Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan ignored Ding Fan’s cry for mercy.

In fact, they also had some impressions of the two projects mentioned by Lin Yuan.

Those were projects which were supposed to make profits but what happened was that they lost a lot of money on them.

But nothing odd was found and so the issue was buried and forgotten.

So after hearing what Lin Yuan said, Lin Jianjun immediately called for another investigation.

Under the direction of Lin Yuan, the investigation soon unveiled many clues about the anomalies of the Qinyang District Project and the Yunmei Project.

The evidences were also obtained.

Ding Fan also admitted it.

Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan were also very decisive and directly asked people to take Ding Fan down.

There is a contract between the company and these key officials.

They are in particular, closely tied to the company.

If the company does well, they benefit directly, but if the company’s performance is poor, they will also suffer from losses.

Due to Ding Fan’s actions, according to the contract, not only will the losses be recovered from him, but he has to compensate the company double, his family will go bankrupt, and it is very likely that he will be sentenced to prison.

Seeing that Ding Fan was taken down like this, many of the members of the core management team were a little bit sorrowful, they were once colleagues after all.

“Sigh. I didn’t expect Ding Fan to be so greedy…”

“Indeed. I did not expect it either. When Ding Fan was working on the Qinyang District Project, I also felt something was wrong, but I did not think through it. I didn’t expect…”

While talking about Ding Fan, the other members of the core management team also looked at Lin Yuan with surprise in their eyes.

Some of them even hinted a feeling of admiration.

How did Lin Yuan know about this?

There could be a possibility that Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan arranged what happened today and specifically asked Lin Yuan to make it look like he was the one who captured Ding Fan to pave way for Lin Yuan’s taking over the company and the whole Lin Group.

But Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan looked equally surprised as they were.

And it is not necessary to do something that troublesome.

Combined with the thought that Lin Yuan was able to secure a 30 billion profit in just a day, they all had quite a good impression of Lin Yuan.

After all, Lin Yuan is to inherit the company and all of Lin Group.

If Lin Yuan is capable, then they don’t see any harm in it.

While thinking about it, the key officials were also preparing to leave.

But Lin Yuan shouted suddenly:

"Wait. "

Everyone turned around and looked at Lin Yuan surprisingly.

“Wasn’t Ding Fan already indicted? Young Master Lin, this is…” Lu Junlan asked suspiciously.

Because of everything that happened, they forgot about the main purpose of Lin Yuan’s visit today.

They thought it was over.

Lin Yuan smiled immediately and said: "People like Ding Fan are just like moths. They will slowly erode the company’s interest in secret and the harm will not be that small. But today, I have come to look not for moths, but for traitors, for insiders, for spies!”

“A spy is much more harmful than moths. Compared to a moth, a spy is like a poisonous snake lurking inside a person’s body, which continuously releases venom until it poisons one to death.”

“No matter whether the degree of harm or their loathsomeness, venomous snakes are faster and brings more serious damage than moths.”

“So…we must make sure to beat the poisonous snake to death!”

After listening to Lin Yuan’s words, everyone became nervous again.

They remembered what Lin Yuan was talking about today, that he was looking for spy, not just a corrupt official.

And by merely listening to Lin Yuan’s tone, that spy is more notorious than Ding Fan?

After Lin Yuan caught Ding Fan, these key officials are all convinced of Lin Yuan’s capabilities.

At this time, when they heard Lin Yuan’s words, they all stood still on the spot once again, motionless.

Lin Yuan is still the same.

He continued to question them as if Ding Fan was never there, Lin Yuan came directly to the sixth person.

This person was a middle-aged man dressed very neatly.

He had sharp short hair, a neat beard, wore a decent suit, standing upstraight, and had very sharp eyes.

Looking at the name on his badge, Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Uncle Wang Qu, how was the turnover of the department you were in charge of last month?”

Wang Qu calmly replied to Lin Yuan’s question: “The overall turnover of the department I am in charge of last month increased by 7 percent, and the areas attributing to the increase were…”

Lin Yuan asked a few more questions.

But Wang Qu’s answers were all rational and well-arranged.

Even if the incident about Ding Fan just happened, Wang Qu’s answers at this time are all methodical.

Straight to the point, very clear, and easy to understand.

His answers were detailed but not lengthy.

To Lin Yuan, the young master of the Lin family, he was not disdainful because of his age, nor did he flatter him because of his status, and his tone was neither humble nor overbearing.

If this was an entry-level interview and on other occasions, Lin Yuan would have given him a high score of over ninety-five.

Lin Yuan nodded in satisfaction.

So are Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan.

Wang Qu’s abilities have always been top-notch.


And Yan Ruyue whose eyes had been fixed on Lin Yuan was a little surprised by how well Wang Qu answered Lin Yuan’s questions. She felt that Wang Qu’s ability must be really good.

Wang Qu is actually very famous in the Lin Group, and he is a very capable person.

He is also considered the top one among the key officials present.

Most importantly, he has never made a big mistake and even brought in a lot of benefits and opportunities for the Lin Group. Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan have always been very satisfied with his performance.

After Lin Yuan nodded, he also lifted his steps onto the next person.

Everyone thought that Wang Qu was already fine.

Wang Qu also had a relaxed look in his eyes, his heart was relieved.

But the next second, the foot that Lin Yuan lifted came back again at Wang Qu.

Lin Yuan is facing Wang Qu again.

“Uncle Wang Qu, you are really calm. It seems that even if Mount Tai collapsed before you, your facial expression won’t even change. In fact, the reason I just pointed out Ding Fan’s matter is that I wanted to see your reaction but you don’t have any reaction at all. You can really control your emotions very well.”

“As a spy by the Chen family, you have been working for the Lin family for several years working hard conscientiously, but still maintained your original intention to spy on the Lin family. I think I can’t do the same. I really admire you, Uncle Wang Qu.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, everyone present instantly changed their facial expression.

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