Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 237 Ten years of dormancy only to rise one-time big time one day!

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Lin Yuan’s words changed everyone’s expressions.

Because if everyone voted who they think would least likely be the spy among them.

Then Wang Qu is the first choice.

Because he has always been dedicated to the Lin Group. It can be said that he is conscientious and is never swayed. He may have committed a few small mistakes but no big ones.

Wang Qu is the spy of the Chen family?

How can that be?!

The faces of the people present changed.

But this time, no one dared to speak to help him.

That is because they have learned their lesson from Ding Fan’s circumstance just now.

Although they don’t agree in their hearts, they can’t be in trouble again this time.

Compared to others&#apos; reactions, Wang Qu looked normal.

Faced with Lin Yuan’s accusation of his real identity, he adjusted his collar first and then said faintly: “Young Master Lin, you are still young. It’s normal not to know a lot of things, but it is still better not to accuse indiscriminately.”

“I am still 20 or 30 years older than you. I can be considered as someone who watched you grow up, so let me dare call myself your ‘Uncle Wang Qu’.”

“You said that Uncle Wang Qu is a spy? Uncle Wang Qu will not make any excuses why you think that way. The Menglong project, Uncle was able to win it alone. There is also more than half of the projects in the Maple Leaf District which I have helped all these years…”

“Uncle Wang has contributed less than tens of billions of wealth for the Lin Group over the years but at the very least it is several billion, right? Even when you want to start your own company, Uncle helped you manage more than half of it!”

“Uncle Wang Qu dare not boast that I am Lin Group’s current glory and dare not say how much I have contributed. But in the establishment of this building, I, Wang Qu at least contributed a brick, right?”

“But, Young Master Lin, you say now that I am a spy of the Chen family? Uncle is not angry, I know you can easily be deceived when you are young. But are you expecting other key officials to stay chill when you say such things?!”

Wang Qu sorted out repelled Lin Yuan’s accusation from beginning to end.

He didn’t use arrogance and how much he had done for the Lin family to justify his innocence or take pride but explained it objectively.

Wang Qu didn’t also blame Lin Yuan at all.

Even in the end, he cared very much about the interests of the Lin Group through his words.

Lin Jianjun looked at Lin Yuan and Wang Qu without speaking.

But Meng Yuelan couldn’t help to just watch and said: “Oh Yuan’er, your Uncle Wang Qu is really right. You may not have a deep understanding. When your father and I took over the Lin Group, Wang Qu was there to help. He also stayed with the Lin family during its ups and downs, and here we are still together.”

Some of the key officials also said: “Wang Qu is right. And Wang Qu did not contribute just a brick. Compared to him, my ability is worse. If he is just a brick then I can be considered just sand…”

Yan Ruyue also looked at Lin Yuan and Wang Qu with surprise at this time.

Judging from everyone’s reaction, he seemed to be telling the truth.

And if it is true that he is not a spy, then he is indeed a rare talent.

It’s no wonder that even though they did not argue against Lin Yuan, there are still some who helped Wang Qu explain himself.

Is he a spy?

Yan Ruyue looked at the equally calm faces of both Lin Yuan and Wang Qu, her doubts arose.

And just when other key officials tried to argue, suddenly there was applause at the scene.

‘Clap! Clap! Clap!’

Everyone was surprised that it turned out to be Lin Yuan who applauded.

Lin Yuan smiled at Wang Qu and said: “Uncle Wang, you are really good. Your eloquence is as good as ever. With your ability, you really are such a good talent. It is a pity that you will not be able to work for the Lin Group in the future.”


Lin Yuan’s words were too much. There was even no evidence to support his claim and he directly wants to kick out Wang Qu.

So when they heard Lin Yuan’s words, everyone wanted to speak.

But Lin Yuan interrupted them directly: “Don’t talk. Let me tell you a short story first.”

Everyone wanted to speak, but Lin Yuan’s words had some sort of magical effect, especially because he was indifferent and had a confident expression.

Wang Qu also did not speak anymore.

Seeing Wang Qu not saying anything, everyone closed their mouths.

Lin Yuan did not pay attention to them and carried on. “This story happened in Jiangbei. There used to be a big influential family in Jiangbei…Well let us call them the Chen family first. There is this young man named Chen Qu…”

Everyone looked weird when they heard Lin Yuan’s story.

What does he mean?

Is he implying that Wang Qu is actually Chen Qu?

He makes up this story just to convince them that Wang Qu is a spy?

What the hell?!

Everyone could not seem to understand.

Wang Qu looked at Lin Yuan lightly, still not saying a word.

Lin Yuan did not care about other peoples’ reactions and then continued: “This Chen Qu is a bastard of the Chen family. Although he is very capable, it is always difficult to get ahead because he is just a bastard. It is difficult to enter the core management of the Chen family. Then one day, the Chen family delegated people to perform the tasks of a spy with the goal to unify the entire Jiangbei. In order to do so, they identified the large families in Jiangbei and sent spies to every single large family in Jiangbei.” (T/N:庶出 = Shu Chu = under the feudal patriarchal system, children born to concubines were called Shu Chu or bastards)

"Originally, these tasks were given to young generations or people with only a mid-level ability and would never send people with great abilities like him. But Chen Qu knows that staying in the Chen family would not do him any good as he can neither advance to core management as it may be difficult to be promoted because of his status. So, he decided to participate in the plan. Sure enough, he was able to enter another ‘major family&#apos;, not much worse than the Chen family.”

"After leaving the Chen family with no one to suppress him anymore, Chen Qu is like a dragon in the sea. With all of his hard work, he quickly made big business deals which brought great benefits to that ‘major family&#apos;. While doing these things, he had completely forgotten about his real family and regarded himself as a member of this ‘major family&#apos;. And so, he earned the trust of this ‘major family&#apos; in exchange.”

“Then one day, the Chen family sent him a message that he would carry on with his task.”

“So when he learned that he would carry on with his task. He wanted to connect with the two families. He will first use the other ‘major family&#apos;. Finally, he took charge of the ‘major family&#apos; and became one of the core members and shareholders. Once the other ‘major family&#apos; is destroyed. He would then use this achievement to get a seat in Chen the family."

“Chen Qu did a very smooth job. In the end, he really succeeded in negotiating with the Chen family, successfully squeezed into the core management of the Chen family, and even took control of the entire Chen family in the end. So, you say he is not that good?”

“Ten years of dormancy just to rise up onetime big time.”

“As it is said in the inscriptions of a poem:”

“The opening couplet line goes: ‘When there is a will, there is a way. Cut off all means of retreat, the Qin cities finally belonged to the Chu&#apos;.”

“The capping line goes: ‘Painstakingly people live days, went through hardships to strengthen the will for revival. At last, three thousand Yu soldiers could swallow the Wu kingdom…‘” (T/N: The two lines came from a famous Chinese couplet)

In the end, Lin yuan looked at Wang Qu, smiled, and said: “By the way, Uncle Wang Qu, do you prefer the name Wang Qu or Chen Qu more?”

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