Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 239 Chen Qu’s miserable end! Yan Ruyue’s curiosity!

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Lin Yuan is too cruel at this very young age, he actually wants to let him sink in the river!

The eyes of the other key officials looked even more frightened.

Only Lin Yuan thought that his punishment was not harsh.

If you let Wang Qu, no Chen Qu, continue to lurk in the Lin family, the threat and possible damage will be huge.

His existence and ambitiousness can be regarded as the reasons why the Lin Group and the Lin family in the original novel fell apart.

And so, from Lin Yuan’s point of view, this punishment is not too cruel.

But others don’t know and can’t seem to understand.

Chen Qu anyway has been working hard for the Lin family for so many years.

He really regarded himself as part of the Lin family before.

At this time, his fangs were just exposed, and the punishment is to let him sink into the river. Isn’t that too cruel?

Meng Yuelan couldn’t bear to say: “Xiao Yuan, why don’t we just let him suffer in the prison for a lifetime?”

Meng Yuelan still called him Wang Qu and not Chen Qu.

Because Wang Qu used to be a member of the core management of the Lin Group and was just recently discovered to be a spy, it is still hard for everyone to get used to it.

Hearing what Meng Yuelan said, Lin Yuan prepared to speak.

But before Lin Yuan could even speak, Lin Jianjun interrupted and said: “Indeed, let us forget about letting him sink into the river or something…”

“Well, just take Chen Qu to Lin&#apos;s family Yunhu villa, and throw him into my fish pond.”

When Lin Yuan heard the first part of the sentence, Lin Yuan frowned because he thought that his parents were a bit too kind.

But when he heard the second half of Lin Jianjun’s sentence, he couldn’t help but smile and gave Lin Jianjun an unexpected look.

Others also looked at Lin Jianjun and Chen Qu with weird expressions.

This is because everyone at the scene knew basically that Lin Jianjun kept more than a dozen fish in the fish pond in the Yunhu Villa.

But those are not goldfishes or Crucian carps…

But big sharks!

In other words, Lin Jianjun directly said to feed Chen Qu to the sharks!

This is even more ruthless than letting him sink into the river.

Hearing this, the other key officers shuddered.

Lin Yuan also gave Lin Jianjun an unexpected look.

He is indeed the man who had fought alone for a long time in the original novel when the Lin Group was about to fall apart.

There are small things at home in which Meng Yuelan mostly dominates.

In terms of major events or decisions, however, Lin Jianjun is still very courageous and always exercised his right to speak as the head of the family.

Meng Yuelan also finally realized.

If Lin Yuan did not find out about Chen Qu today, just how much harm and damage would he have caused to the Lin Group in the future?

And there are many key officials at this time, so Chen Qu’s end should serve as a warning to them.

Both Lin Yuan and Lin Jianjun agreed on what to do.

So Meng Yuelan said nothing more.

The two bodyguards then took Chen Qu away.

【Ding! Exposed the hidden spies of the Lin Group! Reverse the plot! Reward 2000 counterattack points! 】

As soon as Chen Qu was taken away, the matter was then concluded.

In Lin Yuan’s mind sounded a reminder of system rewards.

After Chen Qu was taken away, the other key officials have also reacted.

They seemed to have woken up from a dream.

Lin Yuan was right. There were really spies in the Lin Group!

They couldn’t hide the shock in their faces as they looked at Lin Yuan.

Ten minutes ago when Lin Yuan said that there was a spy among them, they all sneered.

But not even half an hour later, Lin Yuan indicted the moth, Ding Fan, and the spy, Chen Qu.

The key is the spy Chen Qu.

Chen Qu has lurked for a long time that they did not even notice at all.

Isn’t it that Lin Yuan is not very involved in the management of the Lin Group?

How can he know so many things that even the key officials aren’t aware of?

The other key officials were puzzled.

But they are not fools.

Through this incident, they learned that the young master of the Lin family was extraordinary.

Some of them found out that Lin Yuan’s method seemed to be more ruthless than those of Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan.

Especially when he said he did not care even if Chen Qu sinks to the river.

Lin Jianjun turned out to be not a very good crop either.

But Lin Yuan gave them a sense of oppression.

They have all decided to take into consideration that Lin Yuan will become their boss in the future.

Thinking about Lin Yuan’s methods, they should settle with him in advance.

Lu Junlan who have questioned Lin Yuan previously leaned forward and shouted, “Young Master Lin is really amazing. Fortunately, Young Master Lin’s eyes are like a torch that caught the spy Chen Qu. Otherwise, he would have continued to lurk in the Lin family and the Lin group. Who knows what kind of harm and damage he could have caused! ‘Green is indeed born of blue but beats blue&#apos;.” (T/N: Green is born of blue but beats blue = a metaphor meaning that people can be better after education. Often used to describe a situation wherein students are able to surpass their teachers or descendants surpassing their predecessors.)

Lu Junlan who had questioned Lin Yuan earlier sincerely admired him at this time.

She doesn’t call herself ‘Aunt Lu’ anymore.

After Lu Junlan praised Lin Yuan, the other key officials also turned their heads to him.

They all sincerely boasted how good Lin Yuan is.

“Young Master Lin is so all-knowing at a young age. He will definitely lead the Lin Group to its glorious days in the future!”

“The greatness of both Director Lin and Director Meng have all been inherited by Young Master Lin!”

“Chen Qu was dealt with very well. I am actually displeased by him a long time ago, and I think he has a problem! But I am not as courageous as Young Master Lin so I sincerely admire him!”

All of them recognized and admired Lin Yuan sincerely.

Both Meng Yuelan and Lin Jianjun were very pleased.

In their opinion, Lin Yuan can inherit the entire Lin Group and become the head of the Lin family real soon.

The help of these old people would of course still be necessary.

But Lin Yuan did not care about their compliments but still politely returned them.

He then asked the key officials to leave.

“Xiao Yuan, how did you know that Chen Qu is a spy and know so clearly?” Meng Yuelan hurriedly asked her son as soon as the key officials left.

Not only was Meng Yuelan surprised and curious, but also Lin Jianjun and Yan Ruyue.

In just ten minutes, he unearthed the spy who had long been buried in the Lin family for so many years.

Yan Ruyue would be a hypocrite to say that she was not surprised and curious.

She couldn’t understand Lin Yuan more and more and she felt that he is so mysterious.

She couldn’t help but be extremely attracted to him and wants to get closer.

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