Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 242 The enjoyment of a warm embrace!

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The expression in Lin Yuan’s eyes was a little odd and a bit playful.

Of course, he also thought of leaving the cinema with Yan Ruyue.

But he remembered the last time he went to the Cinema with Qiu Wanxi and thought of a more interesting idea.

So, he didn’t hesitate and just patted his thigh directly and asked, “Would you like to sit here?”

When she heard Lin Yuan’s words, she blushed instantly.

Although she and Lin Yuan are already familiar.

They even kissed.

Although it was just a peck, that was still her first kiss.

But in a movie theater with all these people, she thinks that it was too shameful to sit on his lap and be held in his arms!

Although there are so many couples present.

But no one is like that!

But if she doesn’t sit then she can only go out first.

Yan Ruyue’s blushing pretty face showed a confused expression.

“It’s a good method to cure your disease.” Lin Yuan smiled again.

Lin Yuan used Yan Ruyue’s sickness again.

In fact, such a shameful offer has nothing to do to treat her illness.

Both of them knew about it.

Lin Yuan just gave Yan Ruyue an excuse for Yan Ruyue to overcome her shyness

And Lin Yuan’s words are indeed useful.

Yan Ruyue blushed and hesitated for a second, not knowing how many times she has struggled in her thoughts.

Finally, she came to Lin Yuan.

Biting her red lips, she sat on Lin Yuan’s leg.

There came a fragrant breeze. Yan Ruyue hardly put her buttocks on Lin Yuan’s leg.

Obviously, Yan Ruyue was still very shy.

After all, she had never had any contact with other men since she was young because of her illness.

The various contacts with Lin Yuan before have been shameful enough.

Although she doesn’t hate it, but there are a lot of people in the cinema who can see them.

“There is no other way… for my treatment… in order to cure the illness…”

While pressing her butt in Lin Yuan’s leg, Yan Ruyue whispered to comfort herself.

Yan Ruyue’s movement slowly became sluggish.

She just sat at that little spot on Lin Yuan’s leg, and then stopped moving.

And then she moved a little from time to time.

Yan Ruyue’s position was more like squatting so she eventually became tired.

Not only is she tired, but Lin Yuan’s legs must also hurt.

She also felt very uncomfortable.

Without hesitation, Lin Yuan directly swept his arms.

He directly hugged Yan Ruyue, who was dipping back and forth into his arms.

Lin Yuan felt the warmth of the soft jade body coming into his arms.

The two leaned against each other.

Lin Yuan hugged Yan Ruyue like a child.

Of course, Yan Ruyue is not a child but a long-legged beauty.

Feeling Lin Yuan’s sudden movement, Yan Ruyue was startled but she did not struggle because she really liked Lin Yuan’s embrace.

That kind of warm feeling from an embrace, she dreams of it every night when she sleeps.

But although she had been hugged by Lin Yuan many times before, this was the first time she experienced this kind of embrace.

After being shy for a while, Yan Ruyue couldn’t help but enjoy it.

She enjoyed the warmth from his embrace!

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