Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 243 ‘Flipped'!

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She doesn’t know why but every time she is in Lin Yuan’s arms, Yan Ruyue felt very warm and relieved.

Yan Ruyue felt very comfortable.

Lin Yuan felt the same also.

After all, she is a fragrant beauty and her body felt so soft.

She was like a piece of mutton jade with warmth and aroma.

Of course, the feelings in all aspects are much stronger than holding a mutton jade.

Although Lin Yuan’s posture was like holding a child, but Yan Ruyue is not a child but a big beauty, so Lin Yuan respected her.

Originally, Yan Ruyue felt very warm and at ease.

After feeling that Lin Yuan’s respect towards her, Yan Ruyue blushed immediately.

Yan Ruyue could not dare to look at Lin Yuan and can only force herself to concentrate on the movie.

Knowing that the cinema has a monitoring camera, Lin Yuan didn’t do anything.

He had the same intention of simply watching the movie.

Quickly, the movie is coming to an end.

The boy succeeded in his pursuit of the girl.

The two hugged each other while watching the sunset, and then the girl closed her eyes.

The scene is very touching.

It’s not certain as to how many couples waited just to see this scene.

Many couples around were moved and so hugged their lovers.

Then, same as on the movie screen, they also kissed.

Feeling the suddenly weird atmosphere in the cinema, Yan Ruyue’s pretty face blushed.

She felt Lin Yuan’s respect for her, in particular.

Seeing the couples around being so affectionate, Yan Ruyue also glanced at Lin Yuan secretly.

Under the influence of the movie plus the atmosphere, it is fake to say that Yan Ruyue was not expecting anything. Besides, she had a good impression of Lin Yuan.

Yan Ruyue glanced secretly at Lin Yuan, only to find out that Lin Yuan was also looking at her.

In an instant, Yan Ruyue’s face blushed as if blood was to drip from her face.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s face getting closer and closer to her, the heat sprayed on her face so she couldn’t help but close her eyes.

Although she closed her eyes, her heart was full of expectations.

And although expectant, she is still nervous.

She then felt that her soft thin lips were stamped on by something.

At this moment, Yan Ruyue felt that her breathing was about to stop, but soon, she felt something was wrong.

Although the first kiss between her and Lin Yuan was just a peck, the memory is very deep.

Why does she feel like something is wrong this time?

Yan Ruyue slowly opened her right eye a little bit to take a peek.

The sight she saw made her stunned and her face blush even more.

Because she did not see the same affectionately closed eyes of Lin Yuan.

Instead, he had a joking look on his face!

It turned out that Lin Yuan did not kiss her, but instead raised her index and middle finger and stamped them onto her red lips!

Seeing how Yan Ruyue took a peek and was stunned afterward, Lin Yuan couldn’t help but laugh.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s laughter, Yan Ruyue became even more shy and embarrassed.

Lin Yuan is too much!

What Lin Yuan just did was embarrassing enough!

‘Ahhhhhhhh! !! ‘

Yan Ruyue couldn’t get it off her mind.

Just now, she pursed her lips and leaned towards Lin Yuan and then Lin Yuan stretched his two fingers and stamped the same onto her lips!

That was quite embarrassing!

Yan Ruyue shyly pushed away Li Yuan and his two fingers on her red lips.

When she was about to show her anger, the next second her mouth was blocked again.

Yan Ruyue had her eyes still open at this time.

She saw it clearly and up close.

Lin Yuan’s face almost got stucked to her.

Feeling the familiar touch, Yan Ruyue’s eyes widened!

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