Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 244 The hesitant Yan Ruyue!

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Yan Ruyue was stunned.

But Yan Ruyue couldn’t escape at this time.

Lin Yuan kept his eyes open.

Unlike Yan Ruyue who was shy and sluggish, Lin Yuan was sober.

So, Lin Yuan kept launching his tongue-swirling skills.

Lin Yuan’s skill in this regard is very high-level.

Yan Ruyue had never expected this kind of battle at all.

Under Lin Yuan’s siege, Yan Ruyue was directly crushed by Lin Yuan unilaterally.

The whole of Yan Ruyue was completely caught in Lin Yuan’s rhythm.

Lin Yuan’s skills are too proficient and advanced!

After a few minutes, Lin Yuan released Yan Ruyue who was panting heavily.

Her face was red, and she couldn’t catch her breath.

While smiling, Lin Yuan hugged Yan Ruyue again.

But this time when Lin Yuan hugged Yan Ruyue again, Yan Ruyue is not as shy as earlier.

She even took the initiative to rub her body against Lin Yuan’s arms a few times.

The ice-cold female president is so different than her usual self in front of others.

She was like a clingy kitten at this time.

Lin Yuan knew that this was not because Yan Ruyue has completely surrendered her heart to him.

It’s just that his tongue swirling is too powerful.

And so, Yan Ruyue was a little bold.

Yan Ruyue who was hugged by Lin Yuan also felt very warm and comfortable.

【Ding! Yan Ruyue&#apos;s favorability +2! Rewards 700 counterattack points! 】

A system prompt sounded in Lin Yuan’s mind.

If they were in a place where there are only a few people or convenient, Lin Yuan would have struck the iron while it was still hot.

But it was a movie theater after all, and there were monitoring cameras and other young couples who have kissed too.

So, Lin Yuan did not continue what he wanted to do either and just held Yan Ruyue tenderly.

As for Yan Ruyue, she lied on Lin Yuan’s arms obediently like a kitten.

The two watched the movie quietly together.

After they left the movie theatre, Yan Ruyue’s face was still flushed.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s teasing eyes,

Yan Ruyue noticed her face blushing so much so she quickly rubbed her face several times.

She did not stop until her abnormal blushing was gone.

“Don’t…don’t look…” Yan Ruyue blushed again and felt the shyness in her heart.

Lin Yuan smiled and looked away.

It happened to be noon and so Lin Yuan naturally had a meal with Yan Ruyue.

Nothing more happened during this time, except that every time Yan Ruyue and Lin Yuan looked at each other, Yan Ruyue blushed a little.

She should have thought about what happened in the cinema earlier.

At this time, Yan Ruyue is hesitating to talk.

She wanted to talk to Lin Yuan several times but swallowed her words back.

Lin Yuan guessed what Yan Ruyue must be struggling to say.

But he was not in a hurry, so he let Yan Ruyue be.

After eating, Lin Yuan packed two meals then sent Yan Ruyue home.

Yan Ruyue wanted to speak but still hesitating while in the car.

Finally, amidst Yan Ruyue’s struggle with herself, Lin Yuan’s Lamborghini stopped at the gate of Yan’s villa.

“Good…Goodbye.” Yan Ruyue bit her red lips as she said goodbye to Lin Yuan.

“Did you have a good time?” Lin Yuan asked with a smile on his face.

“Hmm!” Yan Ruyue nodded and then tried to say: “I and you… that…”

“Huh?” Lin Yuan stared and was puzzled at the hesitant Yan Ruyue.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s suspicious appearance, Yan Ruyue…

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