Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 245 I am willing…!

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Seeing Lin Yuan’s puzzled look, Yan Ruyue swallowed back her words.

Seeing Yan Ruyue not responding, Lin Yuan said: “See you next time, Miss Yan.”

Then Lin Yuan drove away directly.

Seeing Lin Yuan driving off, Yan Ruyue was a little angry at herself.

How can she be so timid?

In fact, Yan Ruyue had been meaning to ask what the relationship has become between her and Lin Yuan now.

Yan Ruyue’s heart is very disturbed.

‘Lin Yuan and I have a relationship that is between a doctor and a patient.’

‘But… he had kissed me several times already, and…’

‘Obviously, Lin Yuan took the initiative to kiss me, but he didn’t tell me anything about him being responsible for…’

‘Aren’t there things that must be said or confessed first before two people even kissed?’

‘He kissed me, then am I his girlfriend now?’

‘Do I like Lin Yuan? I… I don’t hate him…’

‘Next time we meet, I must ask him what kind of relationship there is between me and him!’

‘It would have been great if only our engagement wasn’t cancelled…’

Yan Ruyue went straight to her room and laid on the bed.

At this time, her mind is in a mess.

She bit her red lips and got up from the bed. Then, she stomped her feet. For the first time, she regretted the cancellation of her engagement with Lin Yuan.

At that time when the engagement got cancelled, she was very excited, complacent, and overjoyed.

But now, she is full of regrets.

If the engagement wasn’t cancelled, they would have held an engagement banquet a few days ago.

Maybe after then, they would have gotten married already!

Thinking of this, Yan Ruyue’s heart jumped abruptly.

In her mind, she imagined suddenly wearing a white wedding dress and standing on a platform full of rose petals, off the stage were Song Xuan and Lin Yuan’s parents, and facing her was a handsome man in a delicate suit.

She imagined Lin Yuan kneeling on one knee and taking out a diamond ring, and then gently puts the ring on her left ring finger. And then, Lin Yuan gently kisses her white smooth hand.

And then Lin Yuan asks softly, “Will you marry me?”

This dreamy and romantic scene has melted the heart of Yan Ruyue.

Obviously, she has misandry, but Yan Ruyue doesn’t hate Lin Yuan at all. On the contrary, she is very happy enough.

She then immediately wants to say ‘I am willing!’

But when she begins to speak.

“I am…” after uttering these two words, she discovered that the pretty face in the wedding dress was not her!

It was the perfect girl she saw before at the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music and Li Feifei’s concert, Chi Qian!


That crisp sound had instantly shattered her fantasies.

She breathed and was scared suddenly because that perfect goddess in a wedding dress seems more perfect than her in terms of both physical appearance and character.

Her beauty is almost a hundred points!

She realized that apart from her long legs, she had no other advantage at all!

How can she compete with someone like that?

Yan Ruyue thinks that she has a very small chance of winning.

Could it be that the long hair she found on Lin Yuan’s passenger seat belongs to that perfect girl?

Thinking about it, Yan Ruyue felt a little uncomfortable.

Holding her legs, Yan Ruyue buried her head in between her smooth legs, her mind completely occupied.

Can she give up on Lin Yuan?

But just when she thought of such an idea, she felt cramps in her heart.


Yan Ruyue didn’t want to admit it, but now she clearly understands…

She… already likes Lin Yuan a bit…

Having misandry, she has never felt this way towards the opposite sex.

So, after Lin Yuan had entered her heart, he had spread in her whole self like a virus.

She likes the warmth of Lin Yuan’s embrace, his gracefulness when he plays the piano, the way Lin Yuan scolds her, his smirk, even the touch when he kisses her.

“I like him a lot!”

“This is all your fault! Your fault! Bad stuffed! Bad stuffed!”

Picking up the stuffed bear, Yan Ruyue punched it several times, without knowing it.

This is all because of Lin Yuan’s mysteriousness that she can’t help but be attracted all the time.

She blamed Lin Yuan for being so perfect, making her heart always fascinated.

She blamed Lin Yuan for being so aggressive in taking away her first kiss.

“It’s all your fault, Lin Yuan!” Yan Ruyue finally called Lin Yuan’s name as she hit the bear’s head once more with a vicious punch, knocking the doll’s head and tilting it 30 degrees.

After that, Yan Ruyue went to her table and opened a drawer. Then she took out a bag of files from it. The bag contained bits and pieces of paper.

From those bits and pieces of paper, one can read vaguely ‘The Betrothal Contract’.

This was hers and Lin Yuan’s betrothal contract.

On the day the engagement was called off, Yan Ruyue cut the contract into pieces to commemorate her freedom.

Originally, she wanted to throw those pieces in the trash bin, but after thinking about it, she placed them in a file bag and kept them as a souvenir.

But now, Yan Ruyue regrets the cancellation of engagement.

She hated Lin Yuan before. She really hated him but she likes him more and more now.

She doesn’t know whether her illness is already cured, but one thing is for sure, she doesn’t hate him anymore but likes him instead!

After thinking about it, she recognized her feelings for Lin Yuan and decided to follow her heart.

She wants to be with Lin Yuan!

Lin Yuan had already taken away her first kiss, kissed her then several times, and even tempted her with his warm embrace. She wants Lin Yuan to take responsibility for his actions!

At this time, Yan Ruyue intended to regain her confidence and dignity as an ice-cold female president.

She wants to compete with Chi Qian for Lin Yuan!

Yan Ruyue planned to put together the torn betrothal contract herself.

But she doesn’t plan to pursue Lin Yun actively.

This is just too unreserved and it is not in accordance with her identity.

Yan Ruyue would wait for Lin Yuan to figure this out himself until he takes the initiative to confess his marriage to her. Only then will she agree to his proposal.

Of course, planning is one thing. Whether it can be executed is another.

At this time, Yan Ruyue is full of fighting spirit, forgetting for some time that every time she was with Lin Yuan, she always submits herself.

Yan Ruyue was like solving puzzle pieces, picking up the glue and sticking the pieces together, picking up and sticking the pieces of memories she created with Lin Yuan, and the love she developed for him over the past few weeks.

The more Yan Ruyue thinks about it, the more she gets that sweet feeling, and the more she wants to take the initiative to be engaged to him again!



【Ding! Yan Ruyue&#apos;s favorability + 5 points! Reward 2000 counterattack points】

Lin Yuan was sitting in the car when he heard the prompt from the system.

Lin Yuan actually guessed what was going on in Yan Ruyue’s mind.

He is also not surprised that Yan Ruyue’s favorability towards him had increased again.

He knew what questions Yan Ruyue probably wanted to ask him earlier.

Yan Ruyue wanted to confirm their real score.

But Lin Yuan doesn’t plan to say anything. He wanted her to take the initiative, even beg to be with him.

Isn’t he too much? Of course, too much!

Otherwise, how can he be a qualified scumbag who embraces girls left and right…

Lin Yuan had decided from the beginning that he wants them all!

But what Lin Yuan didn’t know was, Yan Ruyue had mistaken Chi Qian to be the owner of the long hair she found in his car.

Moreover, Yan Ruyue has already regarded Chi Qian as her enemy and planned that Lin Yuan should take the initiative to go back to her so they can be engaged once more.

Lin Yuan did not expect Yan Ruyue to overthink about Qiu Wanxi’s long hair.

Talk about the devil, and he shall appear.

Lin Yuan’s phone shook slightly and when he picked it up, Chi Qian had sent him a message.

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