Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 246 Fiancee! Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

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Lin Yuan opened WeChat and saw a message from Chi Qian.

Lin Yuan thought that Chi Qian had sent him a message asking if he can have dinner with her today and about the time and place, but it was not similar to what he thought, the message was something else.

The message reads: Chi Qian: “Shanshan know that I wanted to invite you to dinner, and she said that she was going too. Is it Okay? (Smiley)

It turned out that the girl Yu Shanshan wanted to go too. Lin Yuan smiled as he thought of Yu Shanshan squeezing out her face’s baby fat and pestering Chi Qian about coming too.

Lin yuan did not hesitate and directly replied: “Okay, if she wants to go too.”

Lin Yuan was not afraid of Yu Shanshan being a light bulb because his relationship with Chi Qian has not yet reached that point.

They are still just friends.

Having Shanshan may be able to prevent some embarrassment.

So Lin Yuan does not care if Yu Shanshan wants to tag along.

Yu Shanshan’s face with baby fat still gives a pretty good feeling when pinched. Without her, there won’t be any fun.

Chi Qian replied: Shanshan has an exam this afternoon. After she finishes her exam, we can all go to dinner, okay? (Smiley)

Lin Yuan replied: “Okay. Good.”

After looking at his phone for a few seconds, Lin Yuan jotted down the time and place and was about to turn off his phone screen when another message from Chi Qian popped up.

Chi Qian: “Shanshan has another exam in the evening. Do you want to go to the WuShi fighting club together after dinner? Let’s compare notes. Remember what I told you last time?”

Seeing Chi Qian’s message, Lin Yuan remembered the time when he was in the WuShi fighting club.

After he won against Chi Qian, Chi Qian had made another appointment with him to compete again in a few days.

Last time, Chi Qian thought that she had won the fight.

And then later after that, she lost again in the pistol shooting competition, apparently a little dissatisfied.

Although Chi Qian did not say anything, but she felt strongly disappointed in her heart, mainly because she was provoked by Lin Yuan. So, losing made a very deep impression in her heart.

After thinking about it, that there shouldn’t be any major issues in the evening, Lin Yuan agreed.

Upon receiving Lin Yuan’s reply, Chi Qian sent three smileys in a row.

Those smileys seemed like the look of a person so awkwardly beaten.

Lin Yuan planned to teach Chi Qian well in the club today so that she will not always use this smiley that seems like a mocking expression

After his conversation with Chi Qian, Lin Yuan called Long Wu.

“Long Wu? Give me a report on the Chen family’s recent developments.”

“Yes! Young Master! The Chen family has recently…” Long Wu replied.

Long Wu talked to Lin Yuan in detail.

Due to the butterfly effect, Lin Yuan also needs to grasp a lot of real-time information about the Chen family, so he asked Long Wu to monitor the Chen family closely.

The Chen family is so big that it is naturally impossible to monitor everything.

So, Lin Yuan asked Long Wu to monitor the key important developments.

He is about to start the plan to take down the Chen family taking into consideration their recent developments.

However, the Chen family can’t counter his plan, so he need not be anxious.

After listening to Long Wu’s report, Lin Yuan took some notes. After letting Long Wu made some adjustments in his plans, Lin Yuan prepared to hang up.

Just when Lin Yuan was about to hang up, Long Wu suddenly shouted, “Young Master, wait a minute!”

“Hmmm?” Lin Yuan was puzzled as Long Wu’s tone seemed to have remembered something.

Long Wu explained immediately: “Did you not ask me to inquire about the vacation time of Harvard University Law Majors? I inquired and it will be in half a month from now.”

Although Long Wu was very curious as to why Lin Yuan wanted to inquire about this, he knew what to ask and not to ask.

He just did everything that Lin Yuan ordered.

Hearing Long Wu’s words, Lin Yuan tapped his steering wheel a few times and then said after a few seconds of silence. “It will be in half a month from now? Okay, I got it.”

After speaking, Lin Yuan hung up.

His main goal now is to do things that will decrease Ye Feng’s fate value and then kill him.

Therefore, there will be a series of actions around Ye Feng which includes destroying the Chen family.

And the reason why he inquired about the vacation period of Harvard University Law major students is of course related to Ye Feng.

Of course, Ye Feng did not study law at Harvard, but someone that has a lot to do with him studies law there.

Their relationship is similar to the original relationship between Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue.


Yes. Ye Feng has a fiancee who is studying law at the Harvard University.

As the protagonist of an Urban Xiaobaiwen novel, it is natural for Ye Feng to have a fiancee whom he has never met.

Ye Feng’s fiancee has a good background and it helps Ye Feng in his face-slapping in the original novel.

Lin Yuan asked about this, naturally because he was interested in Ye Feng’s fiancee.

Lin Yuan really does not think of himself as a good person.

Anyways, he is still a villain and what he likes most is to do whatever he wants and pleases to do.

Since Lin Yuan was robbed off of his fiancee in the original novel, he wanted to do the same to Ye Feng as well.

Lin Yuan believes that doing this would definitely decrease Ye Feng’s fate value significantly.

And think about how wonderful the face of Ye Feng would be if he really robbed him off of his fiancee.

Thinking about it, the corners of Lin Yuan’s mouth couldn’t help but curl up slightly.

But there is still half a month before Ye Feng’s fiancee could go on a holiday, so Lin Yuan is not in a hurry.

He intends to put this matter aside first, and deal with the most pressing matters currently.

Lin Yuan opened his attribute panel and learned that he had gained a lot of counterattack points at this time.

He was rewarded 10,000 counterattack points just for blasting off a part of Ye Feng’s head.

Together with the other things, Lin Yuan currently has about 20,000 counterattack points.

His current strength, physique, and charisma are all 200 points.

His speed and reaction, however, are only 130 points.

Therefore, Lin Yuan did not hesitate and directly spent 14,000 counterattack points to upgrade both his speed and reaction.

And then, he began to think about how to allocate the remaining counterattack points.


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