Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 248 Shooting games at night!

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Jiang Rou began eating nonchalantly.

Although the chopsticks are in her mouth, she still felt strange.

Lin Yuan spent a little time with Qiu Wanxi and after instructing Jiang Rou to take care of Qiu Wanxi again, for the time being, Lin Yuan left.

First, he went home and changed his car to a Rolls Royce Phantom that can accommodate four people.

Then he set off for the WuShi Fighting Club.

After all, except for Chi Qian, Yu Shanshan will also be coming today.

His Lamborghini can only sit two people while the Rolls Royce Phantom is a four-seater.

If it were a Lamborghini, then Yu Shanshan would have to sit on the hood…

Soon, Lin Yuan arrived at the WuShi Fighting Club.

He swiped his card when he entered the door.

But he frowned when he looked at the monitor because it shows his membership time to be a little over 300 days.

He remembered the last time when he participated in the shooting competition, the reward for him winning was to extend his membership for three years.

What’s the matter?

Isn’t he in the first place?

Lin Yuan glances at the young man at the front desk.

The young man also glanced at Lin Yuan.

He must be a newcomer. He was not the person whom Lin Yuan saw at the front desk last time. And the person on the front desk did not know him also.

The young man just thought Lin Yuan was handsome.

Even though the young man felt Lin Yuan had something to say, he did not take the initiative to speak out of homosexual repulsion.

But at this moment at the club, the manager on the side noticed Lin Yuan.

After pausing for half a second, he rushed to the front desk to drive the young man away from the front desk and then smiled at Lin Yuan. “It’s Young Master Lin. It’s really great. I haven’t seen you for a few days. I feel like that you have become more handsome. Is there anything I can do for you?”

Lin Yuan glanced at the club manager and recognized him from last time.

Lin Yuan isn’t surprised.

This club manager is really good at reading people. Seeing Lin Yuan’s eyes, he knew what Lin Yuan was concerned about.

Lin Yuan looked unhappy as he raised his diamond membership card.

Before Lin Yuan could speak, the club manager patted his forehead and said: “Oh! Last time you were in a hurry, and I forgot to give you the card to renew your membership for three more years. Last time, the target shooting club was blessed by a handsome contender. You broke the record of our club, even the whole of Jiangbei City! I was so immersed in your target shooting that day that I forgot to give the renewal card to you!”

“Although Young Master Lin, you certainly don’t need it, in order to apologize and make up for my mistake, I am offering to extend your membership for five years!”

Seeing that Lin Yuan did not object, the club manager respectfully accepted the membership card from Lin Yuan and then quickly changed his membership to five more years.

Since Lin Yuan did not respond, the club manager knew that Lin Yuan accepted his offer.

Lin Yuan did not even bother to look at the young man next to the club manager.

Compared to the club manager, this young man is too stupid.

Even if you don’t have foresight, you should have at least asked. After all, the manager on the side was very busy, yet the young man did not take the initiative to attend to him.

Lin Yuan then turned and walked inside.

The club manager glanced at the front desk. Although he was all smile on the surface, he planned to dismiss the insensitive and ignorant young man in the afternoon.

Lin Yuan ignored these trivial matters.

He walked directly inside the club.

The fighting club is really popular.

There were a lot of people at this time.

After all, the facilities here are very good.

Adding to the talent of the club manager, it is not so surprising that this club had such popularity.

But as soon as he entered, Lin Yuan knew that Chi Qian hasn’t arrived yet.

Just with Chi Qian’s appearance, she will be the focus as soon as she appears.

Lin Yuan could see it in an instant.

At this time, Lin Yuan is of course the focus.

The eyes of the women in the fighting club could not be separated from Lin Yuan.

But there are still a lot of men and the principle of same-sex repulsion.

Lin Yuan ignored the eyes of other people.

He walked directly to the shooting platform and fired a few shots, hit the targets, and waited for Chi Qian to come.

As soon as a beautiful staff member saw Lin Yuan shooting on the platform, her eyes lit up.

She was the referee on the sidelines during the last competition.

Lin Yuan looked so handsome as he fired his shots last time.

Not only is he handsome but also very talented.

From that day on, Lin Yuan always appeared in her dreams.

Today, the perfect beauty Chi Qian was not there yet.

It must be heaven-sent!

The female staff member immediately walked towards Lin Yuan and smiled sweetly at him. “Mr. Lin, I am a staff club member, Xiao Huan. Are you shooting? Do you want me to assemble the magazine for you?”

Lin Yuan glance at Xiao Huan.

She is a beautiful lady with a face value of at least seventy to eighty points.

Looking at her also felt good.

But for Lin Yuan who is used to seeing beautiful ladies, the attraction is basically zero.

Of course, if someone else came up and offered to assemble the magazine for him, he would have ignored it.

With a polite smile on the corner of his mouth, Lin Yuan nodded and said: “Okay.’

Xiao Huan quickly helped Lin Yuan assemble the pistol.

After the assembly is completed, the pistol is handed to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan took the assembled pistol, then Xiao Huan immediately prepared for the second one so Lin Yuan can shoot continuously.

While assembling, Xiao Huan looked closely at Lin Yuan’s perfect profile.

The corners of his face were sharp like a knife, he had sword eyebrows and his bright eyes are really charming. Xiao Huan’s eyes are full of stars at this time.

Lin Yuan didn’t care however Xiao Huan looked at him.

He just grabbed the pistols and fired.

Because of Lin Yuan’s appearance, many people next to him paid attention to him.

Although the name of Lin Yuan was written first on the ranking list as the target shooting champion, but there was no photo so people did not know him.

People originally thought that Lin Yuan is just soft skin and tender flesh. Although he looked handsome, they thought he is not too good and just came there to have some fun. (T/N: soft skin and tender flesh = use to describe people who are delicate, thin, and soft)

But with Lin Yuan’s continuous shooting, the system prompts attached to the targets sounded continuously as well.

"Ding! Ten rings!"

"Ding! Ten rings!


Lin Yuan was shooting all ten rings continuously.

Some people knew Lin Yuan from the last time when he behaved more exaggeratedly than now.

Those who did not know him were shocked.

Because the targets are all ten rings, he looked very powerful and terrifying.

The beautiful referee next to him looked fascinated.

It is not that she was not aware of Lin Yuan’s shooting skills and was shocked, she was so mesmerized by Lin Yuan’s handsome appearance as he shoots.

He was too charming!

Xiao Huan opened her red lips lightly and planned to ask boldly if Lin Yuan wanted to play ‘shooting games&#apos; with her tonight.

But just when Xiao Huan opened her mouth to speak, a clear and sweet female voice, like a yellow oriole, came from behind.

“Young Master Lin, you are showing off your shooting skills again.”

The female voice then laughed.

Lin Yuan knew whose voice it was when he heard it.

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