Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 250 Foot massage

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“How can you be so accurate with your sniper rifle?” Chi Qian asked in surprise.

“Maybe because you taught me so well last time.” Lin Yuan smiled.

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Chi Qian was speechless.

The last time they came, she taught Lin Yuan the knowledge of firearms.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Yuan would beat her more in accuracy.

Chi Qian estimated that Lin Yuan had actually handled firearms before, but he was just not so knowledgeable or he pretended to be a fool.

Chi Qian shook her head and said, “Why do you say I taught you well? You can even beat me in accuracy. You teach me how to do the same.”

“You did have some flaws in your posture just now. Do you want me to correct it?” Lin Yuan smiled.

“Okay,” Chi Qian nodded.

Lin Yuan walked directly to Chi Qian and grabbed her soft hand to adjust her posture and said: “You should have been taught how to use the sniper rifle when you were young. As you grow up, your body structure will not be the same as before. There are some differences so you had to aim like this, the bottom of the gun should be here…”

Because Chi Qian wanted Lin Yuan to correct her posture, Lin Yuan directly grabbed Chi Qian’s soft jade hand and patted her shoulders and willow waist.

In fact, there was nothing different. It was almost the same as what Chi Qian taught Lin Yuan for the first time.

At that time, Chi Qian did not think there was anything different.

But being taught by Lin Yuan this time, she felt very different.

Feeling her little hand wrapped by Lin Yuan’s big hand, and feeling the warmth of his body from Lin Yuan’s palm, she vaguely felt a little strange.

And those parts of her shoulders and slender waist have never been touched by others, are now being patted by the hand of a person of the opposite sex like Lin Yuan, gives her a wrong feeling.

But after all, she taught Lin Yuan the same way before.

And Chi Qian did not feel any discomfort when Lin Yuan taught her that way. She just felt a little strange.

Chi Qian looked up slightly, glancing at Lin Yuan.

Chi Qian glanced at Lin Yuan’s dark and deep pupils. The distance between the two was very close. Chi Qian’s pretty face could feel the heat from Lin Yuan’s breathing. At this time, Chi Qian’s hand was still grasped by Lin Yuan.

Chi Qian’s pink cheeks turned red uncontrollably for a while.

After Lin Yuan finished teaching, Chi Qian with a blushing face, quickly let go of Lin Yuan’s hand and said: “Well, I probably caught on. I will do this for my shots today. I don’t want to compare with you who is better with guns.”

“Let’s try hand-to-hand combat. We had an appointment last time. But this time, it will be better.”

Chi Qian thinks that the conclusion last time was that Lin Yuan won over her by accident.

After all, Lin Yuan improved his fighting skill, level by level, as he learned to fight last time.

So when he defeated Chi Qian, Chi Qian did not believe that it was Lin Yuan’s strength that made him win against her.

This time, Chi Qian intends to make a comeback from last time, as well as the previous losses in shooting.

After all, since Chi Qian had met Lin Yuan, it seemed that she had rarely won against him.

The last time they fought, she was defeated by Lin Yuan so there was a little bit of resentment in Chi Qian’s heart.

Looking at the sweet smile on Chi Qian’s face, how could Lin Yuan not know of Chi Qian’s thoughts?

But Lin Yuan’s fighting skills had long been at the divine level.

In addition to the divine level fighting skills, his physical attributes are higher than Chi Qian, especially speed and reaction.

Therefore, Lin Yuan was naturally not afraid of Chi Qian’s request, and so said with a smile, “Okay.”

This time, Lin Yuan and Chi Qian both headed to a designated fighting room.

Lin Yuan had already decided.

This time, he wants to try the ‘anaconda choke’ and ‘rear naked choke’ which are more powerful than the ‘armlock’.

When the time comes, the posture will not be very elegant and it will not be good for the others to see.

Of course, Chi Qian only thought that Lin Yuan wanted to do the fight in a designated room so others will not have a chance to see how bad he was doing and he didn’t want to be embarrassed as he fails again today.

With fighting, Chi Qian is quite confident.

Chi Qian smiled and said: “Last time we said that whoever loses shall call the other Master. Let us bet on this.”

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “You can call me Master Lin and I feel like a foot washer. If I call you Master Chi, it sounds like a massage master.”

“Puff!” Chu Qian covered her mouth again and tried not to laugh.

Lin Yuan said again: “Addressing each other as master isn’t any fun. You just need to move your lips. Let’s change the bet. If I lose, I will be a foot washer and I will wash your feet. If you lose, then you will have to give me a massage, okay?”

Lin Yuan has never done anything like washing other people’s feet, but he is confident that he can win.

He just thought about enjoying Chi Qian’s massage must feel good.

As for Chi Qian, hearing those words from Lin Yuan, she thought that she has never done anything like massaging others.

But like Lin Yuan, Chi Qian is also confident that she could win and that Lin Yuan will help her wash her feet later.

After thinking about this, Chi Qian felt a little ashamed.

But it should be fine to change the requirements after she wins.

She will win anyway, so Chi Qian nodded and said: “Okay. It’s a deal!”

After determining the bet, both of them put out their postures.

The bet this time is relatively huge.

So Chi Qian will not let Lin Yuan take the lead and win this time.

Chi Qian then directly rushed towards Lin Yuan first as if a hungry tiger catching a sheep.

Although Chi Qian’s body is petite, more like a cute little sheep compared to Lin Yuan.

But her power is explosive and her speed really fast.

Ordinary adults, even strong men can be restrained instantly.

Before when Lin Yuan reacted to Chi Qian’s movements, he would always be a bit slower.

But this time, Chi Qian’s movements felt very ordinary, even a little slow.

With a smile on his face, Lin Yuan moved slightly to the left, avoiding Chi Qian’s movements.

Chi Qian changed her movement and continued to attack Lin Yuan, but Lin Yuan easily avoided her attacks again.

Lin Yuan easily avoided Chi Qian’s several offenses.

After several consecutive attacks of Chi Qian, Lin Yuan discovered a flaw.

Hooking directly on the toes, Chi Qian’s ankle was jammed and then Lin Yuan pressed gently her willow waist.

Chi Qian fell immediately.

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