Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 249 Powerful!

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As soon as he heard the nice voice, Lin Yuan knew who had come.

In fact, Lin Yuan need not listen. Lin Yuan knew who just came just by looking at the movement and reaction of the people around, everybody turned their heads.

Apart from Chi Qian, who else had such a charm?

Lin Yuan turned around and sure enough, it was Chi Qian.

As soon as Chi Qian arrived, she drew attention from almost everyone in the club.

Chi Qian’s outfit today was very simple and plain.

She wore loose gray sweatpants and a white short-sleeved top revealing half of her white lotus arm.

A pink small bag hanged diagonally on her shoulders.

She wore a headspace sun hat.

Her long waist-length hair was tied with a ponytail and hanged vertically around her waist.

Her outfit is very simple and ordinary and all the other girls in the club were dressed similarly.

But compared with Chi Qian, there is still a big difference. After all, Chi Qian’s has perfect face value.

Chi Qian’s oval face, her almond eyes swimming in the water, her lips needed no rouge, her bluish-black eyebrows needed no brush.

Each of her facial characteristics is beautiful when viewed individually and when in combination, flawless.

Not only is she good-looking but she is also exquisite and graceful. She is neither fat nor thin. Her body is just right, and it is difficult to pick just one feature of her that you like.

The most eye-catching is her tender, white, delicate, milk-like skin which if compared to the white shirt she was wearing still seems to have some difference in shade.

Her skin is soft and delicate as if you can extract fresh milk just by pinching.

She is indeed a beautiful girl who brings her own light.

Ignoring other people’s gazes, Chi Qian moved and walked directly towards Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan smelled a good scent.

Then under the envious eyes of other people, Chi Qian took the initiative to say hello and smile to Lin Yuan: “Good afternoon Brother Lin Yuan.”

Lin Yuan smiled and replied: “Chi Qian, good afternoon.”

Raising her jade hand lightly and holding her waist-length hair, she prepared to speak. But it seemed she suddenly thought of something as if something suddenly occurred to her.

Then she opened the bag on her shoulder.

Chi Qian took out a light blue shirt and handed the same to Lin Yuan.

Chi Qian handed over the shirt and smiled and said: “Thank you, Brother Lin Yuan, for letting me borrow your clothes last time. I washed it and now I will return it to you.”

Seeing the shirt, Lin Yuan remembered when he left the fighting club last time, he put on a shirt on Chi Qian.

During that time, he successfully teased Chi Qian.

There have been a lot of happenings recently, if Chi Qian did not take the initiative to return it, Lin Yuan would have forgotten all about it.

“It’s okay…” Lin Yuan said and waved his hand as he took the shirt.

As soon as he got the shirt, Lin Yuan smelled two faint fragrances.

First is the scent of lavender which should be the smell of the laundry detergent that she used.

The second is the scent of citrus.

The scent is similar to Chi Qian’s.

Lin Yuan knew that this was Chi Qian’s body scent.

The fragrance has the sweetness of citrus and the elegance of lavender, making people want to smell it forever.

Lin Yuan didn’t shy away. He shook his shirt and sniffed lightly before Chi Qian’s somewhat embarrassed eyes.

After sniffing, Lin Yuan smiled and said, “This shirt actually has some slight fading tendency. I forgot to tell you before. Didn’t you have this stained?”

Lin Yuan was worried that the color of his shirt faded when Chi Qian washed his shirt using the washing machine and that it would be dirty.

Chi Qian smiled and shook his head and said: “It’s okay. I washed it by hand, so there’s nothing.”

Lin Yuan was quite surprised to hear Chi Qian’s words.

He didn’t expect that a lady like Chi Qian would even wash his shirt with her hands.

“I see. No wonder it smells so fragrant.” Lin Yuan put on his shirt directly and then smiled.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s praise, Chi Qian was a little bit embarrassed.

Because in fact, this incident is very rare. It is the first time that she has ever washed clothes by hand, or that she did it for a man.

Seeing Chi Qian’s embarrassment, Lin Yuan smiled and put off the topic. “You just said that I am showing off my skills. Why don’t you join me and show off your skills and let me see? Are you better at shooting this time?”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Chi Qian immediately shook her head again and again.

“No, no comparison. I can’t compare to you. You are too good and powerful using a pistol, let’s use some other way to compare.”

Chi Qian is not stupid.

The accuracy of Lin Yuan’s target shooting using a pistol last time was terrifying.

She even vaguely felt that Lin Yuan did not seem to have used all of his strength, more than that, Lin Yuan seems looking for trouble.

Looking at the appearance of Chi Qian shaking her head repeatedly, Lin Yuan smiled and said, “How else do we compare?”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Chi Qian’s mouth curled slightly as she smiled. “This time I will be better in shooting, but not using pistols, I can also use sniper guns.”

Hearing Chi Qian’s words, Lin Yuan looked strange and the corners of his mouth were slightly tilted up like Chi Qian.

He knew what Chi Qian meant.

Chi Qian is considered to be a competitive person especially for Lin Yuan

So, if she cannot win using a pistol, then use a sniper rifle.

Sniper rifles are not simple but they more complicated and difficult than pistols.

A sniper rifle is a “high-precision, long-range rifle”.

Sniper rifle shooting is influenced by the changes in the natural environment, such as wind speed, air currents, and so on.

The reason why Chi Qian proposed the use of sniper rifles is because she is proficient with them.

Chi Qian does not believe that Lin Yuan could also handle well sniper rifles like pistols.

Chi Qian is proficient in sniper rifles, but Lin Yuan is better…

He had previously raised his sniper rifle skills to divine level in order to shoot Ye Feng.

So, for Chi Qian’s claim and proposal, Lin Yuan smiled weirdly.

“Well, if you say you’re better in using the sniper rifle…”

After speaking, Lin Yuan smiled again. “Do you want another bet this time? How about another meal?”

Seeing Lin Yuan’s weird appearance, Chi Qian was vigilant.

Her eyes were suspicious.

‘Could it be that Lin Yuan is also proficient in sniper rifles?’

‘When I taught him to shoot a pistol, I couldn’t tell at all.’

Although she doesn’t believe it, she remembered the bet with Lin Yuan in which she lost.

Chi Qian decided to ditch the idea and think things through.

She shook her head and said: “Forget it. Let us not bet this time. Let’s just simply compare.”

“Okay.” Seeing that Chi Qian was not fooled, Lin Yuan smiled slightly.

Soon, Lin Yuan and Chi Qian came to the rifle shooting area.

The shooting range of a sniper rifle is naturally wider than that of the pistol shooting range.

“Let’s go for a moving target.” Chi Qian requested.

In order to prevent Lin Yuan from bringing his precision of the pistol to a sniper rifle, Chi Qian made a special request.

Lin Yuan doesn’t care. After all, he can easily hit even the target in a moving car.

Hitting a moving target is nothing.

Quickly, the two set up their sniper rifles separately.

The target of the sniper rifles is human-shaped. The highest score is at the center of the eyebrow.

The target is one kilometer away from the shooting person.

And the target will keep moving from left to right.

There are many things to consider, and it is very difficult to hit the center of the eyebrows.

After taking a glance, Chi Qian shot first.


A gunshot sounded.

She saw the human-shaped moving target in the distance, and there was a hole in the eye area.

Obviously, Chi Qian failed to hit the center of the eyebrows.

However, it is still not too bad to hit the eyes.

The club’s target system also gave Chi Qian a score of 95.

Before Chi Qian could look at Lin Yuan with a triumphant look, Lin Yuan shoot.


The shot hit the center of the eyebrows.

The score then emerges.

It is a hundred points!

Chi Qian was a little dumbfounded.

Why is Lin Yuan’s sniper rifle skills so proficient?

Is this talent?

Lin Yuan smiled and glanced at Chi Qian and did not explain directly.

Although it is very satisfying to see that red lips and mouth slightly open, Lin Yuan prefers that Chi Qian think he had won by accident, it would be easier later for him to do ‘anaconda choke’, ‘rear naked choke’… (T/N: martial arts chokehold)

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