Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 251 How is that possible?!

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Chi Qian, who was overthrown naturally refused to accept defeat.

First, Chi Qian took advantage of Lin Yuan’s strength to step back a little and stretched the distance to avoid being subdued by Lin Yuan in an instant.

She quickly jumped up and stood firm.

Then Chi Qian launched several fierce attacks.

But they are useless.

Lin Yuan avoided all of her attacks easily and then pushed her down.

As time went on, it became difficult for Chi Qian to even touch Lin Yuan’s skin.

This was intentionally made by Lin Yuan.

He wanted to convince Chi Qian that he is better.

Otherwise, if he relied on his strength, speed, and skills, Lin Yuan would have defeated Chi Qian in just a few encounters.

But after realizing that she could not even get a hold of Lin Yuan’s skin, Chi Qian gradually understood.

It seems that Lin Yuan is really better than her!

How can that be?!

She had just taught Lin Yuan close combat last time they met so Chi Qian could not seem to understand and believe it.

Chi Qian decided to attack with all her might.

She rushed towards Lin Yuan again.

Earlier, Chi Qian only used 70 to 80% of her strength, leaving enough for retreat and other reactions.

But this time, Chi Qian moved at her fastest speed and used 99 % of her strength.

With all of this at stake, she intended to catch Lin Yuan and even looked for opportunities to lock his throat.

But what shocked Chi Qian was that Lin Yuan still escaped her attack easily.

And then, she fell to the ground once again

This time, Chi Qian hardly has enough strength and energy to retreat.

Lin Yuan did not completely let her fall to the ground, he brought her up directly.

Before Chi Qian fell, Lin Yuan grabbed one of her hands and pulled her body towards him.

Lin Yuan sat down on the ground and caught Chi Qian’s body as it fell to the ground.

Lin Yuan did this not because he pitied her and wanted to cherish her.

As Chi Qian was falling down, Lin Yuan caught her back and directly surrounded Chi Qian’s slender white jade neck with his arms.

Lin Yuan stretched out his legs and placed them on both sides of Chi Qian’s waist then directly pressed those legs against Chi Qian’s thighs.

Chi Qian wanted to struggle and planned to close her thighs and then stand up and break free.

But it was useless.

Lin Yuan forcibly used his legs to lock her thighs.

Chi Qian is severely pressed to the ground.

The posture of Lin Yuan at this time is a ‘rear naked choke’.

(T/N: it should look like this)

It is a posture of facing the enemy’s back and then surrounding his neck with arms as if to choke or strangle.

It is also a classic chokehold technique.

Because Chi Qian is very petite compared to Lin Yuan, she seemed to have been hugged by Lin Yuan from behind.

Her body completely fell into Lin Yuan’s arms.

Chi Qian could feel almost everything about Lin Yuan’s body.

She felt all the things that she isn’t supposed to feel.

Chi Qian’s face turned red in an instant.

And Lin Yuan also felt a lot in the process of pressing her to the ground, more than the last encounter and physical contact.

“I surrender…”

Finally, Chi Qian voluntarily accepted defeat.

This chokehold technique is terrifying.

It can suffocate people or even break their necks.

Lin Yuan did not use much strength of course; it wasn’t a real fight and it was a fight against the beautiful Chi Qian after all.

If Chi Qian would not struggle, Lin Yuan won’t use much strength.

But Chi Qian who was strangled by Lin Yuan was too ashamed.

The posture is too shameful.

Chi Qian was so ashamed that she wished she would have just fallen to the ground instead.

When Chi Qian surrendered, Lin Yuan saw her blush to the back of her ears.

Although the position felt good, as soon as Lin Yuan heard of Chi Qian’s surrender, he did not take much advantage of her and let her go immediately.

As soon as she was freed, Chi Qian quickly got up and breathed a sigh of relief.

The feeling of being completely controlled by others just now felt really bad.

She has never experienced the same.

Chi Qian let out a long sigh of relief and patted her chest.

Looking back, Chi Qian realized that she had lost again.

Recalling the previous fight, Chi Qian seemed to be completely crushed by Lin Yuan and she could hardly touch him.

It is clear that Lin Yuan was just taught by her in their last encounter.

This is too unbelievable, right?

Chi Qian’s pair of beautiful eyes had that shocked look that is too hard to conceal.

【Ding! Chi Qian was shocked! Reward 500 counterattack points! 】

The system prompt sounded in Lin Yuan&#apos;s mind.

Lin Yuan smiled slightly, Chi Qian just being shocked can reward him 500 points.

Chi Qian’s mouth at this time was slightly opened as she looked a Lin Yuan with surprise.

Lin Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said unceremoniously: “Qian Qian, do you remember the bet we made earlier?”

“Uh…” Hearing Lin Yuan’s question, Chi Qian was stunned for a while. She was confident earlier when they made a bet earlier that she would never lose.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Even though I won, I will still shout, Master Chi, come over and give me a massage.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Chi Qian bit her red lips lightly.

She never thought that she would lose and that she would massage other people, especially someone belonging to the opposite sex.

However, Chi Qian does not intend to cheat and is willing to do the consequence of losing.

Chi Qian moved lightly, bringing a scent of fragrant wind from Lin Yuan’s back.

Lin Yuan is also ready.

Lin Yuan immediately found a stool to sit on and wait for Chi Qian’s service.

Chi Qian’s face blushed as she hesitated for a second or two. But still, she put those white and tender bare hands gently on Lin Yuan’s shoulders.

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