Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 252 Special massage?!

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The hands are already on.

Although very embarrassed, Chi Qian started to massage Lin Yuan.

Chi Qian’s hands are particularly soft and smooth.

Lin Yuan could feel the delicateness of her hands even through his clothes.

With Chi Qian’s light pressing, Lin Yuan felt extremely comfortable.

And Chi Qian does not only have soft hands.

Chi Qian is not pressing weakly despite the recently concluded fight.

Although it was the first time he received Chi Qian’s massage, Lin Yuan felt very comfortable.

Lin Yuan also let Yan Ruyue massage him before.

Although Yan Ruyue’s hands were particularly tender, she doesn’t have that much strength as Chi Qian.

“Yes… Master Chi… stronger…” While enjoying the beauty’s massage, Lin Yuan commanded.

“Move down… more…”

“Not there, go up a little…”

“Yes there! Very comfortable…”

Enjoying the service of these jade hands, Lin Yuan even closed his eyes.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s appearance, Chi Qian who had an elegant personality gritted her teeth.

Lin Yuan smiled while enjoying himself. “Master Chi, you are a good masseur. I can pay you three thousand a month. Can I hire you to give me a massage?”

Chi Qian who was already gritting her teeth immediately exerted a little more strength.

“Ohh, it hurts…” Lin Yuan said quickly as he felt Chi Qian going strong.

Chi Qian smiled lightly when he saw Lin Yuan yelling in pain. She felt a lot more relieved.

Every time she comes in contact with Lin Yuan, she always suffers losses.

It brings great pleasure to Chi Qian when Lin Yuan hurts even a little bit.

After that, Lin Yuan didn’t feel that she is exerting much strength anymore and honestly enjoyed Chi Qian’s service.

After a while, Chi Qian released her hand and said: “The time is almost up. Shanshan should be finished anytime soon. Let’s go and find Shanshan.”

"Hmmn." Lin Yuan nodded.

Chi Qian exerted enough strength that made Lin Yuan felt really comfortable at this time.

The two clean up and then left WuShi fighting club together.

Lin Yuan drove the Rolls Royce Phantom and brought Chi Qian back to Jiangbei Conservatory of Music.

It was about the same time when some of the students of Jiangbei Conservatory of Music were dismissed from class and so many young boys and girls were walking on the road.

Many students in Jiangbei Conservatory of Music are from very good families.

But many students couldn’t help but look at the Rolls Royce Phantom.

Of course, the Rolls Royce Phantom is also rare, especially the customized models as such owned by Lin Yuan, which costs at least tens of millions.

Lin Yuan ignored some students who stopped to take a look.

Lin Yuan followed Chi Qian to the place where Yu Shanshan took her exam.

The Jiangbei Conservatory of Music is really huge.

But Chi Qian is there to give the directions.

Lin Yuan soon came to the building where Yu Shanshan took the exam today.

They parked the car below. Chi Qian did not see Yu Shanshan who was told to wait for them in the parking.

So Chi Qian turned her head and said to Lin Yuan: “I told Shanshan to see us here. But maybe she is delayed because of something. I’ll go up and find her.

"Hmmn." Lin Yuan nodded.

It was already the end of classes and there were students coming in and out of the building.

Lin Yuan glanced at Chi Qian and said: “There are a lot of people. Let me accompany you up there.”

“Okay.” Chi Qian nodded and then opened the car door and went out.

Earlier, Lin Yuan’s custom-made Rolls Royce Phantom had already drawn attention.

Even though they are college students, they are too embarrassed to take pictures with their phones.

However, it is fine to look at it more, because after all, looking won’t hurt.

As soon as Chi Qian pushed the car door and went out, it gathered even more attention.

As soon as Chi Qian’s lotus arms were stretched out, many boys stared at her.

After all, luxury cars and beauties together are very eye-catching.

Soon, the students recognized Chi Qian’s identity.

“Isn’t that the school flower of the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music, Chi Qian?!”

The students immediately began to talk.

“Usually, I feel like the school flower Chi Qian is very low-key. Does she actually have mines at home?”

“The school flower is probably from a rich family!”

"The poor goddess turns out to be rich!"

Some people are in a discussion whether Chi Qian comes from a rich family.

Chi Qian is usually very low-key, and her extraordinary family background is not revealed at all.

Chi Qian is criticized by others for being so beautiful.

There are differing opinions however about her family background.

At this time, after seeing Chi Qian get out of the luxury car, some girls became jealous, and some disparaging.

Chi Qian ignored the discussion of the people around her.

She is already used to listening to the various opinions of people on her, so there is no fluctuation in her heart and her beautiful face looked calm as water.

Only Yu Shanshan and Lin Yuan who are her close friends can make her emotions fluctuate slightly.

Lin Yuan pushed the car door and get off to accompany Chi Qian in finding Yu Shanshan.

Seeing the door next to the driver’s seat of the Rolls Royce Phantom opened, everyone’s eyes moved from Chi Qian to the person going out of the driver’s seat.

Most of them expected an obese middle-aged man to come out of the driver’s seat.

Chi Qian’s beauty is unattainable, so if ever they saw a fat middle-aged man accompanying Chi Qian, they can comfort themselves a little bit, seeing how Chi Qian used her beauty in exchange for money.

Doing so would make them feel more of themselves, and a lot more comfortable.

Chi Qian already looked like a beautiful fairy, and her musical talent is also the best in school.

She is so perfect that no one can compare to her.

And for some girls who are envious of her, if Chi Qian’s family is wealthy, then it would feel too unfair.

Therefore, those girls who worship money and are even supported by others hoping that some obese middle-aged or elderly men accompany Chi Qian.

But unfortunately, they are going to be disappointed.

When Lin Yuan pushed the car door and walked out, many students were dumbfounded.

From the custom-made Rolls Royce worth tens of millions came out not a middle-aged man with a big belly, but instead a young man who is suffocatingly handsome?!!

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