Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 253 I am Chi Qian’s roommate!

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The beauty in the high places is like jade, while the handsome young man is unmatched in this world.

Although Lin Yuan was wearing a normal shirt at this time, such words were used to describe him.

Handsome! So Handsome!

Although Lin Yuan was wearing ordinary clothes at this time, his charisma is still 200 points!

Many girls looked at Lin Yuan’s face obsessively.

The handsome face is sharp and angular like a marble carving. The thick eyebrows are like two sharp swords. The eyes are dark and deep. The nose bridge is high. And the thin lips are outlined lightly with a touch of confidence and unrestraint.

Whether it is the face shape or the facial features, all are perfect and impeccable.

The figure is also tall and slender.

If there is Pan An in modern times, he would probably look like this.

The girls present couldn’t move their eyes away from Lin Yuan’s body.

The boys on the other hand are ashamed of themselves. They could only look away and did not dare compare themselves with Lin Yuan.

In fact, the average face value of the men of Jiangbei Conservatory of Music is not low, it is a prestigious arts school after all.

But the facial features of other men would look nothing when compared with Lin Yuan, in the same manner as with Chi Qian and other girls.

In an art school like Jiangbei Conservatory of Music, there are more girls than there are boys.

At this time, witnessing such a handsome man in the person of Lin Yuan, a lot of girls were naturally drawn to him.

Many of them had hearts in their eyes and are obsessively watching Lin Yuan.

There are also some who can’t help but take out their phones to take pictures and use them as their wallpapers.

And there are some beauties who are quite confident about their appearances who thought of ways to hook up with Lin Yuan.

They are aware that Lin Yuan is not only good-looking but the luxury car he owns is worth tens of millions!

Being associated with this kind of top-notch, rich, and handsome young man is simply so cool!

Lin Yuan returned a slight smile to the reaction of these girls. There was not a single fluctuation in his heart.

Like Chi Qian, Lin Yuan had been long used to this attention.

Compared with Chi Qian, the other girls pale in comparison.

Lin Yuan shouted: “Qian, Qian, wait a minute. I will go up with you to find Shanshan.”

“Hmmn.” Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Chi Qian who has already composed herself, turned around and smiled.

As soon as Chi Qian was suddenly called by Lin Yuan, many people remembered the rumor that Chi Qian had a super-rich, second-generation boyfriend who was also super handsome.

“I knew it! The school flower, Chi Qian, would definitely not be taken care of by an old man."

“Wow. Is that Chi Qian’s boyfriend? Really handsome. I feel like my heart is beating so fast and about to pop out! He is so handsome. Really handsome!”

“This school flower should be in a normal relationship with this tall, rich, and handsome young man. But maybe the handsome young man also supports Chi Qian?”

“Aren’t you stupid? Wouldn’t it be better to be supported by such a handsome man? I am willing to do whatever it takes to be supported by such a successful man? Ah! He is so handsome. I can’t stand it any longer… I’m a little wet…”

“Chi Qian and this tall, rich, handsome man are a match made in heaven. They are a perfect match. You cannot get jealous at all!”

After Lin Yuan appeared, the tone of the words that have been mainly slandering Chi Qian before suddenly changed.

There was no slander as to how Chi Qian is being kept and supported by this young handsome man.

After all, as some girls said, it is cool to be taken care of by such a handsome man like Lin Yuan.

Some wealthy girls even wanted to come up to him, and introduce themselves to a man who looks better than Pan An.

Those who were slandering Chi Qian earlier because of jealousy consciously shut their mouths.

Still, some girls argued: “What perfect match made in heaven are you talking about?! Do you think that only Chi Qian has that face? Tsk. Tsk.”

“Just looking at Chi Qian’s face is enough, bitch! Why don’t you look at how you look like. Just relying on Chi Qian’s appearance, who doesn’t like her face?” Some girls who have a good impression of Chi Qian decided to fight back!

Hearing these words, the jealous girl honestly shut up.

But hearing these words, some girls also began thinking.

Although they don’t look better than Chi Qian, aren’t these second-generation rich like playing with girls? The more the merrier?

If they ever take the initiative, maybe they can also stand a chance?

Anyway, there is no harm in trying and there is nothing to lose.

If they succeed, then it would be their blessing for a lifetime.

Several girls wearing heavy make-ups gradually leaned towards Lin Yuan.

These also include people who slandered Chi Qian earlier.

Lin Yuan didn’t bother to pay attention to these girls.

But these girls are very driven.

“Handsome guy, are you Chi Qian’s boyfriend? I am Chi Qian’s fellow alumnus. Can you spare me some time?”

“Handsome guy! I am Chi Qian’s classmate. I heard that Chi Qian has a very handsome boyfriend. Seeing you today proved that the rumor is true. You are really handsome. I want to get to know you!”

“Handsome guy! I am Chi Qian’s roommate. Your face looks like the handsome guy I dreamed of yesterday. You are so handsome! I just want to talk to you about music. Can you give me your contact number?”

The girl was clearly the one who has been slandering Chi Qian even before, but now she came over with a smile, claiming to be Chi Qian’s roommate.

Lin Yuan was a little annoyed and was about to wave his hand and send them away.

But somebody spoke first in a loud tone.

“You are Chi Qian’s roommate? Why don’t I know? What a fucking lie! I am Qian Qian’s roommate! You bitch! How many times have you slandered Chi Qian behind our back? Want to hook up with my cousin?! Fuck off! And you guys, get out of here!”

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