Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 254 Sister Yuxian misses me?!

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The figure is not there yet but you can hear the voice from afar.

There was a petite shadow carrying a fragrant breeze. That chubby face, with a small mouth like a machine gun, frantically shooting profane words to these gold worshipping girls who had approached Lin Yuan, as she rushed towards them.

This figure is not someone else but Lin Yuan’s cousin, Yu Shanshan!

Hearing Yu Shanshan’s words, these gold worshipping girls looked ugly, especially the one who claimed to be Chi Qian’s roommate.

After all, Yu Shanshan is Chi Qian’s real roommate and also has quite a good background.

In addition, Lin Yuan whom Yu Shanshan was trying to keep the girls away from is her cousin.

And so, even though they got upset, these gold worshipping girls still obediently left Lin Yuan.

And Yu Shanshan, just like before, trotted all the way and flew directly into Lin Yuan’s arms.

Lin Yuan was left with no choice but to reach out and catch Yu Shanshan who looked like a pitiful child, in public…

“Cousin, you are here!” Yu Shanshan was quite happy to have been caught by Lin Yuan.

In fact, every time she is caught by Lin Yuan, she feels happy.

But in contrast to Yu Shanshan’s happiness, Lin Yuan sniffed and then said with a slight trace of disgust: “Why do I feel that you have a smell of sweat on your body?”

Yu Shanshan narrowed her mouth and said: “It is the fault of that old woman teacher who is already menopausal! Originally, I was going to take a singing test. But she wanted me to add some rapping and dancing. It was very annoying and made me sweat a lot!”

“Well, no wonder you kid is stinky.” Lin Yuan nodded.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s disgusted appearance, Yu Shanshan immediately hammered Lin Yuan’s chest with her small fist.

“Where do I smell? You’re the one who smells!” Yu Shanshan said while hammering Lin Yuan’s chest.

As she spoke, she suddenly twitched her nose.

“Huh? No, not only you do not smell bad, but I can also smell some fragrance!” Yu Shanshan’s eyes returned a suspicious look.

“This scent smells so good. Based on my years of experience in chasing flowers, this is definitely a feminine scent… No! Why does it seem a little familiar…?”

“I know! This is Chi Qian’s body scent!” Yu Shanshan suddenly realized as she looked at Lin Yuan closely.

“What happened? Cousin, you confess honestly what did you do with Chi Qian behind my back!? Huh?!” Yu Shanshan looked at Lin Yuan and then turned to Chi Qian, as if like Sherlock Holmes trying to understand a case.

Hearing Yu Shanshan’s words, Chi Qian’s cheeks turned red.

That is because she and Lin Yuan knew what exactly happened between the two of them.

Why did Lin Yuan have Chi Qian’s body scent on his body?

The first reason is probably because of the shirt that Lin Yuan is wearing is the shirt that Chi Qian wore and hand-washed herself.

The second reason is the key.

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian fought violently earlier.

And Chi Qian was chokehold by Lin Yuan.

Although the two of them are not facing each other, it seemed they almost hugged each other.

Thinking of how Lin Yuan held her and the place his hands touched, Chi Qian’s heartbeat accelerated.

Facing the suspicious Yu Shanshan, Chi Qian didn’t speak.

However, Lin Yuan calmly explained. “I and Qian Qian did not do anything. I lent this shirt to Qian Qian before, and she washed it for me and returned the same to me today. I just wore it and so I seemed to have her smell. You think everyone is the same as you, smelly?”

Lin Yuan explained the matter to Yu Shanshan avoiding her serious look.

Yu Shanshan sniffed Lin Yuan’s shirt and then flattened her snout in disdain.

She thought that Lin Yuan had already reached the next step with Chi Qian.

She did not expect that it was just a piece of clothing.

“Okay, let’s get into the car quickly.” Lin Yuan patted Yu Shanshan on the head.

Yu Shanshan also realized that the number of people around who came to watch them and Lin Yuan’s Rolls Royce Phantom was growing rapidly.

Yu Shanshan herself didn’t really like being watched so she climbed into Lin Yuan’ Rolls Royce Phantom skillfully and neatly.

Chi Qian got into the car too.

Lin Yuan drove directly after getting inside the car and then left quickly under the eyes of so many girls.

“Qian Qian, you reserved for a French restaurant, right? It is the one near the river in Fangda business district, isn’t it?” Lin Yuan asked.

Lin Yuan was asking for the address, and Chi Qian was about to answer when Yu Shanshan who was seated in the back seat interrupted first.

“Wait, wait. Cousin, don’t rush to go.” Yu Shanshan said.

“What’s the matter Shanshan?” Lin Yuan and Chi Qian looked strangely at Yu Shanshan.

Yu Shanshan explained: “I want to go back to the dormitory first. I want to change my clothes. I had to take my exam today and I heard that the menopausal teacher is jealous of adolescent and frivolous girls looking all young and easygoing. So, I decided to make today special and be dressed more modestly and decently, which is a bit old-fashioned. This now will be too inconvenient to seduce girls. You should send me back to the dorm so I can change my clothes. Let us not rush for some time.”

“Qian Qian, your sportswear is not suitable, right? How about we go back together and change clothes?”

Chi Qian hesitated when she heard Yu Shanshan’s words.

All girls love to look beautiful and what Yu Shanshan said actually makes sense. What Chi Qian is wearing is indeed not very suitable to wear when eating in a restaurant, but Chi Qian is a little worried that Lin Yuan might waste time waiting.

Seeing Chi Qian’s hesitation and Yu Shanshan&#apos;s hopeful eyes, without waiting for Chi Qian’s response, Lin Yuan directly smiled and said, “Then go and change. Qian Qian and you, Shanshan, go up and change clothes and then come down. I will be alright to wait for a while. There’s no need to hurry.”

After smiling and talking to Chi Qian, Lin Yuan turned his head and said to Yu Shanshan: “You’re the one who’s causing a lot of trouble.”

“Hmph!” Yu Shanshan made a grimace for Lin Yuan’s intentionally different treatment and double-faced behavior.

Yu Shanshan said she was going to take a shower, Chi Qian, too. So, Lin Yuan is not in a hurry.

He had plenty of time to go into a clothing store and change into a suit. Anyway, money is not an issue.

Then Lin Yuan bought a cup of milk tea and drove the car back to Chi Qian’s dormitory and sat in the car waiting for the two girls to come down.

While waiting, Lin Yuan asked Long Wu about the developments in the Chen family again.

After learning there was nothing new, Lin Yuan chatted with Mei Yuxian for a while.

“Xiao Yuan, when will you come to my house?” Mei Yuxian asked on the phone.

She is the head of the Mei family, a major family in Jiangbei, but her voice was obviously not cold but with a trace of resentment.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Why? Sister Yuxian misses me? Is the bed at home too big and it feels too empty to sleep alone?”


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