Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 255 Sister Yuxian doesn’t like having fun with me?

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“Pooh!” Mei Yuxian argued and then denied, “Who misses you? I don’t miss you at all. It is Qingtong who’s yelling ‘I miss Brother Lin Yuan&#apos;."

In fact, Mei Yuxian misses Lin Yuan.

That night, Mei Yuxian was completely liberated.

Many young women rarely think about that kind of thing before they have experienced it, especially young women who are very pure.

But Mei Yuxian had some rigid needs in that regard.

After that day with Lin Yuan, her desire has completely skyrocketed.

She has been thinking about Lin Yuan these days.

But those days were really tough.

Mei Yuxian suffered severe redness and swelling down there.

And Lin Yuan had no time and was too busy destroying the Qingshan Gang and helping Qiu Wanxi treat her illness in the past few days.

That’s why he couldn’t attend Mei Yuxian.

Mei Yuxian actually misses Lin Yuan every night.

Therefore, this lofty and extremely cool and elegant Mei family patriarch involuntarily carried a trace of resentment in her tone.

And Lin Yuan actually missed Mei Yuxian’s superb body very much.

Of course, he wanted to have a taste of it again.

Mei Yuxian is still a little bit embarrassed now.

It was just one night with Lin Yuan after all.

She hasn’t completely let go, so she found an excuse that it was Gui Qingtong who missed Lin Yuan instead of her.

Although, Gui Qingtong did really miss Lin Yuan very much.

Lin Yuan knew naturally that Mei Yuxian was still a little bit embarrassed.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Tomorrow, I will go and seek for Sister Yuxian to ‘have some fun&#apos;. And by the way, I will discuss something about the Chen family with you.”

Lin Yuan especially highlighted the word ‘have fun’.

Mei Yuxian did not expect such from Lin yuan and immediately broke another spat.

“What to have fun are you saying!? It is a matter of business that I asked you to come over!”

Hearing Mei Yuxian’s aggressive tone, Lin Yuan smiled and said: “ Sister Yuxian, don’t you want to have some fun with me?”

“If you don’t like it then forget it. I am a bit busy lately and so I will just come over the day after tomorrow.”

Although Mei Yuxian knew that Lin Yuan was just teasing her, She still gritted her teeth and said in a soft voice after pausing for a second or two: “I…I like it… Come here tomorrow…”

Hearing Mei Yuxian’s soft voice, Lin Yuan already had a slight reaction from down under.

After all, it is from a superb stunner who can arouse all human hormones with just a smile.

Lin Yuan stopped teasing her and said with a smile: “Okay, tomorrow, I will play with my good baby.”

“Pooh! Call me Sister Yuxian!” Mei Yuxian took another spat and then hung up the phone.

Lin Yuan knew naturally what Mei Yuxian was thinking.

Lin Yuan is planning on eating more oysters and scallops tonight and then go to Mei Yuxian’s house tomorrow.

Lin Yuan then put down his mobile phone.

After putting down his cellphone, Lin Yuan took a look at the situation at this time at the ground of the female dormitory.

On the ground near Chi Qian’s dormitory, in addition to his Rolls Royce Phantom, there are also several good cars.

Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ferrari, and so on.

There are even bottles of water blatantly placed in some cars.

Lin Yuan knew why. The average quality of female students at Jiangbei Conservatory of Music is not bad and with their status as college students, there are those people who wanted to hook up.

At this moment, an auntie from Chi Qian’s dormitory suddenly came out.

She began to chase people inside the luxury car one after the other.

She rapped and cursed: “Yo! Come again, come again, you come again! Every night, you all come!”

“Waiting for someone. And the others waiting for someone! This car is also waiting for someone! That car is also waiting for someone! Yo! I tell you, you are not waiting for anyone!”

“Go ahead! Go ahead! There will be a car here in two minutes. The security team will come and smash you all!”

Seeing this auntie rap and spray words at people like a machine gun, Lin Yuan and the other car owners were dumbfounded.

It seems that the influence of culture is really subtle, profound, and lasting.

But this auntie is obviously not just talking.

Knowing that these luxury car owners are just here to hook up with girls. The dorm auntie drove away people one by one.

Whoever is slow to withdraw, he will be poured with dog blood on. (T/N: 狗血淋头 = to pour dogs blood on = idiom meaning to curse or berate)

As for those who have put water on their car, the dorm auntie also brought a bag. One bottle was opened and drank directly, and the others were kept in the bag.

Seeing the sturdy appearance of this aunt and the threat that a security team was coming, the surrounding Mercedez-Benz, BMW, and Ferrari quickly evacuated by a few hundred meters.

However, Lin Yuan&#apos;s Rolls-Royce Phantom still remained motionless.

The dorm auntie is sturdy and she doesn’t know why this Rolls Royce Phantom is motionless either.

After driving away the other cars, she also walked towards Lin Yuan.

Opening the car window, before this sturdy dorm auntie could even speak, Lin Yuan said: “Auntie, I really came here to wait for some people.”

Lin Yuan casually explained and did not intend to persuade her in any way. After all, he was really waiting for some people and he did not care how tough this aunt was.

But what Lin Yuan did not expect was, this auntie stayed for a while and her wrinkled face seemed to glow a little.

After hearing Lin Yuan’s words, the dorm auntie nodded again and again: “Young man, you are different from those greasy car owners. Auntie believes that you are really here to wait for some people. Please leave a phone number for the aunt and let’s contact each other.”


Looking at the wrinkled face of the dorm auntie now with a flowery smile at this time, Lin Yuan was a little speechless.

True enough, sometimes the face value is better than money. Seeing the appearance of the dorm auntie as if trying to eat people, Lin Yuan tried his best to show a handsome smile.

“Auntie, I did not bring a pen and paper today. I will come tomorrow and I will write the phone number then.”

“It’s okay! I have! I’ll go back to the duty room to get it!”

After the dorm auntie finished speaking, she dashed towards the duty room.

Lin Yuan was speechless as he watched the auntie’s sturdy body rushing.

But compared to Lin Yuan’s speechlessness, the other owners of the Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Ferrari who were driven away were way more speechless.

They were even more stunned by the reaction of this auntie.

But there’s no way, in terms of car and in terms of appearance they were no match to Lin Yuan, they could only accept it honestly.

And Lin Yuan’s Rolls Royce Phantom also became the most beautiful sight in the female dormitory.

Not to mention, several girls from Jiangbei Conservatory of Music also came to talk to Lin Yuan.

These girls are considered pretty good-looking and their posture is also good, but Lin Yuan has seen too many beautiful women and is really not that interested.

Compared to minding these little beauties, Lin Yuan thought more about how to tactfully reject the enthusiastic aunt.

Fortunately, before the aunt had come out of the duty room, Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan came out first.

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