Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 256 Rich people really know how to enjoy!

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Both Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan seemed to have just taken a bath and changed their clothes.

Lin Yuan&#apos;s eyes immediately lit up when he saw Chi Qian.

Even though he had seen many beauties, Chi Qian at this time was like a fairy and he couldn’t help but look more.

Chi Qian wore an aqua blue chiffon dress.

Her perfect figure became slenderer and more exquisite against the dress.

Her long hair was like a waterfall scattered around the willow waist.

She had bright lucid eyes.

Her eyebrows are like that of a kingfisher’s wings and feathers.

Her teeth are neat like small seashells assembled neatly.

Her skin is as clear as the white snow.

Her waist is small as if wrapped in a white silk cloth.

Chi Qian’s body is not exposed, except for her white, smooth, ivory jade neck and the more evidently lined collarbone.

The white skin exposed on her neck and collarbone is amazing. With a closer look, one can see vaguely the blood vessels under her crystal-clear jade skin. It looks so alluring that people couldn’t help but want to take a bite.

Chi Qian’s skin is really the most tender, whitest, and smoothest that Lin Yuan has ever seen.

The light downstairs in the female dormitory was a little dark and dusky, but Chi Qian’s brilliance looked like an incandescent lamp.

The porcelain white skin under the aqua blue dress creates an illusion of a white crystal that shines in the dark.

At this time, a lot of female students were downstairs, but the brilliance of Chi Qian seemed to stand out from the crowd, very conspicuous.

Yu Shanshan who is next to Chi Qian also looked very beautiful and cute today. Although she is a little bit bleak compared to Chi Qian, she is still cute.

Of course, Yu Shanshan does not care.

She held Chi Qian’s arm happily looking all proud.

Lin Yuan was quite affected himself as well and he reacted only after a few quick glances.

Not only do the passing boys but also many girls stared at Chi Qian blankly, unable to look away.

Both Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan ignored the people around who were staring at them blankly.

Yu Shanshan directly opened the door of the back seat of Lin Yuan’s Rolls Royce Phantom.

Seeing that the breathtakingly beautiful fairy sits directly inside the Rolls Royce Phantom, countless boys were heartbroken.

The owners of the Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Ferrari who were driven away earlier by the old auntie are even more envious and full of hatred.

“Is this how a rich man lives? Really decadent!”

“That’s right! Such a beautiful fairy has been taken away!”

“He just took the fairy girl into the car, and also brought in a cute one. Two sisters at a time! The rich really know how to enjoy!”

As soon as Yu Shanshan and Chi Qian got in the car, Yu Shanshan asked Lin Yuan: “Cousin, what do you think about Chi Qian’s earrings? Do they look good?”

Lin Yuan looked back and saw two cylindrical golden earrings hanging on Chi Qian’s delicate white earlobes.

Indeed, the earrings suited her white and small earlobes which can even make people want to lick them with their tongues.

“They really look good. Of course, the main reason is that Qian Qian really looks good.” Lin Yuan praised sincerely.

“Thank you, Brother Lin Yuan, for your praise.” Hearing Lin Yuan’s praise, Chi Qian smiled slightly.

“Let’s hurry up and eat.” Lin Yuan smiled seeing that the dorm auntie had come out of the duty room.



Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan both nodded.

Before the dorm auntie arrived, Lin Yuan stepped on the accelerator, amidst the envy, jealousy, and hatred of the other luxury car owners, as well as the regretful eyes of the dorm auntie.

Soon, Lin Yuan drove to the Grey Whale Restaurant where Chi Qian made a reservation.

The exterior and the interior of the restaurant are quite luxurious, and the customers seemed to be both wealthy and respectable people.

Lin Yuan, Chi Qian, and Yu Shanshan walked in without causing that much commotion.

After all, the customers here are all people who want to save face.

However, there are still a quite few men who secretly looked at Chi Qian who is as beautiful as a fairy.

And the women stared intently at Lin Yuan.

But they did not have that much chance to look.

Chi Qian had obviously been to this Grey Whale Restaurant, and she is a VIP client.

As soon as the waitress saw Chi Qian, she immediately led the three of them into a very spacious VIP room.

Those who were staring at Chi Qian and Lin Yuan looked away as they saw them enter the VIP room.

That is because although all of them are wealthy and respectable people, they know that those who enter the VIP room are those who have a higher status than them.

Perhaps because it is a VIP room, the services of the restaurant are quite special.

The serving speed is very fast, and the foods put on the table are made with top-quality ingredients.

They all seem to be treated valuably.

However, both Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan knew that Chi Qian’s identity is also extraordinary and that she is also worthy of such treatment.

All got seated and began eating.

Chi Qian was very ladylike as she smiled while slowly tasting the food.

Lin Yuan’s physique was increased to 200 points so he had quite a lot of appetite.

The servings of the Western dishes were too small that Lin Yuan ate them all in one bite.

And Yu Shanshan also loves food.

Soon, both of them pointed their forks on top of a steak.

“Good girl, let go.” Lin Yuan said first to Yu Shanshan.

“Brother, you should let go. I am your sister, you let go.” Yu Shanshan said.

“Qian Qian invited me to dinner today. You just tagged along, and you dare grab the piece of steak?” Lin Yuan said.

But Yu Shanshan refused to accept defeat and said: “You won’t have such a good relationship with Qian Qian if you haven’t relied on my cuteness. You haven’t paid me money yet for being such a good matchmaker…”

“Can’t you at least eat like a young lady like Qian Qian…?”

Chi Qian on the side smiled slightly as she watched the two cousins fight each other over a piece of steak.

In the end, Lin Yuan won.

After all, Yu Shanshan’s Achilles tendon is exposed.

Anytime, Lin Yuan can threaten her with pictures of her harem.

Soon the dinner was over.

Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan’s belly were full, and Chi Qian on the other hand only ate a little.

But Yu Shanshan still touched her belly seemingly still unsatisfied.

“I haven’t eaten enough yet.”

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