Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 258 Curious!

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In the original novel, Ye Feng seemed to have participated in a calligraphy exhibition.

The scene was not that long, but Lin Yuan remembers it seems to be this Nancheng Calligraphy Exhibition.

It was when Ye Feng met an influential man.

He also had a chance encounter with Chi Qian.

But those were what should have happened.

Ye Feng is still lying in the hospital now.

Even though Lin Yuan had distorted the plot many times, Ye Feng was still kept on track and had the chance to meet Yan Ruyue, Qiu Wanxi, Cui Yunrong, and he even went to the Mei Family banquet.

However, the Nancheng Calligraphy Exhibition is just a very short scene so he should not come.

But of course, Lin Yuan thought that it would be better if he could come.

After all, all his attributes reached 200 points, Lin Yuan hadn’t tried them out yet.

The fight with Chi Qian wouldn’t let him show his full strength.

If he faces Ye Feng today, Lin Yuan will definitely be one hundred percent ruthless.

There were tables for the registration at the admission office.

Lin Yuan checked roughly and indeed Ye Feng’s name was not there.

After registration, Lin Yuan, Chi Qian, and Yu Shanshan went straight to the calligraphy exhibition.

All kinds of calligraphy were displayed.

They were either hung on the wall or placed in a cabinet.

Lin Yuan discovered that there are many famous calligraphy scriptures on display, which only goes to show that the organizers of the exhibition are also wealthy.

Many of the calligraphy came from different people such as Wang Xizhi, Su Shi, Huaisu, and so on.

Many of the scriptures are worth tens of millions.

Of course, those high-value ones are especially watched by the guests.

As soon as they came in, Lin Yuan saw Chi Qian smiling.

Lin Yuan knew that Chi Qian really liked the calligraphy of these famous artists.

Chi Qian is quite pleased and began to admire the strokes of the calligraphy masters.

Lin Yuan has acquired advanced calligraphy skills before, so he also looked at them with much interest.

On the contrary, the very owner of this calligraphy exhibition admission ticket, Yu Shanshan, does not appreciate and does not know much about calligraphy.

Although, Yu Shanshan knows that Chi Qian really knows these kinds of things.

In the bedroom, she saw Chi Qian had written a lot of calligraphy scriptures.

But for her cousin, Lin Yuan, why didn’t she know he had an understanding of calligraphy?

Looking at Chi Qian and Lin Yuan enjoying themselves while appreciating the calligraphy displays, Yu Shanshan felt a little bored.

She also felt that Lin Yuan was just pretending in front of Chi Qian.

Although it is not good to expose her cousin, she was too bored and wanted Lin Yuan to speak.

She thought of the way Lin Yuan lifted her up like a husky and how embarrassed she was so she decided to tease him.

She first searched in Baidu. (T/N: a dominant search engine in China)

Then Yu Shanshan patted Lin Yuan on the shoulder.

Seeing Lin Yuan and Chi Qian both turning around, Yu Shanshan smiled and asked, “Cousin, I know that Chi Qian understands calligraphy. However, seeing how fascinated you are also made me wonder. Do you also know how to do calligraphy?”

Hearing Yu Shanshan’s question, Chi Qian’s beautiful eyes also looked at Lin Yuan with much interest.

Just now, Lin Yuan was seriously admiring the calligraphy displays with her, but unlike Yu Shanshan Chi Qian didn’t think much.

But when Yu Shanshan asked away, Chi Qian also became very curious.

Lin Yuan is already better than her in terms of music.

In terms of fighting and handling firearms, Lin Yuan is also better than her.

Moreover, Lin Yuan is also a stock trading genius.

It’s so surprising that Lin Yuan is excellent in so many things.

Could Lin Yuan be also good in calligraphy?

Facing Yu Shanshan’s question and Chi Qian’s look, Lin Yuan smiled and said, “I understand it a little bit.”

“Tsk, tsk!”

Lin Yuan was telling the truth, but when Yu Shanshan heard his words, she immediately made a disapproving sound in her mouth, as if she knew that Lin Yuan would say so.

“Brother Lin Yuan is really knowledgeable.” Chi Qian said with a smile.

Hearing Chi Qian’s admiration of Lin Yuan, Yu Shanshan curled her lips wondering if she should continue exposing Lin Yuan.

Yu Shanshan remembers that Lin Yuan had no talent in calligraphy.

In Yu Shanshan’s point of view, Lin Yuan is just fronting at the beauty. (T/N: Fronting = Self-satisfaction and even deceptive behaviors to gain vanity by showing off and pretending to show others a temperament that one does not possess.)

She often does this too when she teases a beauty herself.

If she debunks Lin Yuan’s words just now, wouldn’t it make him feel a little embarrassed?

After blinking her eyes a few times, Yu Shanshan looked at Lin Yuan and motioned him to beg for mercy with her eyes, like how she begged for mercy so that she would not ask Lin Yuan those questions she researched from Baidu.

Lin Yuan understood what Yu Shanshan was trying to do, but instead of begging, he raised his eyebrows at Yu Shanshan as if asking for trouble.

Being provoked by Lin Yuan, Yu Shanshan flattened her mouth and decided to expose Lin Yuan and make him feel a little embarrassed.

Anyway, she knew that Lin Yuan is shameless.

Then Yu Shanshan said: “Since Lin Yuan said he knows a little bit; then I will ask you a few questions.

“Ask away.” Lin Yuan smiled slightly.

Yu Shanshan asked immediately: “Brother Lin Yuan you said you know, and you can do a little bit of calligraphy, what is calligraphy then? What is Chinese calligraphy? And what are the five major calligraphy styles?”

In the end, Yu Shanshan added, “There are very basic questions. Cousin, can’t you answer them?”

Looking at Yu Shanshan’s triumphant look as she threw her questions to Lin Yuan, Chi Qian understood what she was trying to do.

She wanted to expose Lin Yuan.

Chi Qian curiously looked at Lin Yuan who didn’t have much fluctuation in his expression at this time.

Doe Lin Yuan really know or not?

Those are indeed very basic questions.

But Lin Yuan didn’t know what Chi Qian was thinking, after all, he knows he is already good enough.

Lin Yuan directly smiled and replied: “Calligraphy refers to writing according to the characteristics and meaning of the text, with its form, structure, and composition making it a work of art with a sense of beauty. Chinese calligraphy is the original art of expression of the Han dynasty also known as the silent poetry, dance without action, painting without pictures, music without sound, etc.”

“There are also five major types of calligraphy in the Celestial Empire, which are the Zuan, Li, Tsao, Hsin, and Kai.”

Hearing Lin Yuan answering very easily, Chi Qian nodded.

Although those questions are not difficult, common sense does not apply. Ordinary people may know a little bit, but for Lin Yuan who answered so easily, should really understand a little bit.

However, Yu Shanshan is still suspicious. Lin Yuan used to draw ghost symbols together with her, how come he can understand calligraphy now?

Yu Shanshan suspected that Lin Yuan might have researched in advance knowing that they will come to the exhibition.

She believes in this possibility more than Lin Yuan knowing calligraphy.

So, Yu Shanshan asked again: “In the history of our celestial empire, there are three most outstanding calligraphers and their representative works are known as the world’s three major semi-cursive scripts. Who are these three calligraphers and which works are these three major semi-cursive scripts?”

(T/N: 天朝 = tiān cháo = Celestial Empire, a tributary title conferred on Imperial China)

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