Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 260 Old Man?

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Chi Qian asked again: “Brother Lin Yuan, I will test you one last time. Do you know that calligraphy?”

Lin Yuan turned his head to take a look.

Lin Yuan saw that the cursive handwriting that Chi Qian pointed to looked elegant, but there are implied dragons and snakes in the scriptures.

Lin Yuan smiled and replied: “This is Huai Su’s ‘Fish-eating Posts’. Like Zhang Xu, Huai Su is also known for his madness. Huai Su is traditionally paired with Zhang Xu as the two greatest calligraphers of the Tang Dynasty. The duo is affectionately referred to as ‘the crazy Zhang and the drunk Su’.

"Huai Su was born in the heyday of the Tang Dynasty as a monk. This ‘Lingling monk’, was not bound by the rules and precepts of the Buddhist world. He wrote ‘Fish-eating posts&#apos; in Chang&#apos;an and said that he drank all day long."

"The most interesting about Huai Su is that when a monk asked if he could eat meat and wine, Huai Su replied: ‘If you want to eat, then it’s your reward; if you don’t then it’s your blessing.&#apos; Then he drank the wine and ate the meat while talking…”

Upon hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Yu Shanshan had her mouth opened slightly in surprise. Her eyes looked at Lin Yuan in disbelief.

When did Lin Yuan who wrote ghost symbols together with her, understand so much about calligraphy?

And hearing Lin Yuan’s answer, Chi Qian who had always been calm couldn’t help but open her beautiful eyes slightly and stare at Lin Yuan closely.

In fact, she also knows most of what Lin Yuan said.

However, if someone suddenly asked, she needed some time to think before she can answer.

But Lin Yuan did not even think for more than a second and he was able to cite the scriptures and talk freely.

This is too powerful!

When Yu Shanshan first encountered Chi Qian, she often said that Chi Qian was like a treasure because she seemed to know everything and was excellent in all aspects.

Now, Chi Qian realized how Yu Shanshan felt at that time. Lin Yuan is like a treasure, an inexhaustible treasure mine that makes people always have a strong desire to discover and explore all of him.

Chi Qian knew that this kind of feeling and attraction is not a good thing and it might affect her character and her life, but she could fight the feeling.

Her feeling can be compared to fish and water and on the other end, like positive and negative poles of a magnetic field.

But before she could speak, someone spoke behind her.

“That’s a good point. Unexpectedly, young man, your insights on calligraphy are so comprehensive and unique although you are so young.”

An old voice suddenly can be heard from behind Lin Yuan.

Hearing the sudden voice, Lin Yuan, Chi Qian, and Yu Shanshan all looked back to check who it was.

Lin Yuan saw an old man with long white hair and a white beard.

Although the long hair was gray, it is still quite elegant-looking.

Seeing this old man with long white hair, Lin Yuan immediately knew his identity.

This old man with long white hair is Ge Yuanshan.

Ge Yuanshan is the organizer of this Nancheng Calligraphy Exhibition.

Most of the scriptures displayed are in his collection.

It can be said that he is quite rich.

This Ge Yuanshan should have been met by Ye Feng in the original novel, but instead, he met with Lin Yuan.

The Ge family to where Ge Yuanshan belongs also has some influence in Jiangbei.

However, compared to the major families such as the Lin family, the Mei family, and the Chen family, the Ge family is a step behind.

In fact, the Ge family in Jiangbei can only be regarded as a division since their main force is still in Yanjing.

The Ge family in Yanjing is more powerful compared to the division in Jiangbei.

Lin Yuan is not of course interested in the original opportunity of Ye Feng.

After all, the Ge family in Jiangbei is less powerful than the one in Yanjing and Ge Yuanshan is not as good as Cui Yunrong, the old military commander.

But Lin Yuan is still interested in Ge Yuanshan.

Of course, Lin Yuan doesn’t have any interest in old men…

The reason behind this is because, Ge Yuanshan is the grandfather of Ye Feng’s fiancée, Yun Yaxuan!

So, if he wants to get closer to Yun Yaxuan, he needs to establish a relationship first with her grandfather, Ge Yuanshan.

Lin Yuan’s mind was quick to decide.

The analysis of this information was thought out within a second.

Therefore, Lin Yuan who turned his head at this time had a bit of ‘astonishment’ and a bit of ‘surprise’ on his face.

Lin Yuan asked in a slightly puzzled tone: “This old man, are you…?

Hearing Lin Yuan’s question, Ge Yuanshan laughed but did not conceal his identity.

“Old man? My surname is Ge and my given name is Yuanshan. I am the organizer and the person in charge of this calligraphy exhibition. The scripture you just saw is a part of my collection.”

“Young man, you have a deep understanding of calligraphy. And your insights are both comprehensive and unique. I really haven’t seen such a young man like you in a long time.”

Ge Yuanshan liked calligraphy very much, so he had a good impression of Lin Yuan who was able to talk about all kinds of calligraphy.

Hearing what Ge Yuanshan said, Lin Yuan said suddenly: “Oh, you are the organizer of this calligraphy exhibition and you even have such collections.”

“As far as calligraphy is concerned, I know a little bit about but Mr. Ge is more knowledgeable.” Lin Yuan said modestly.

Ge Yuanshan was even more satisfied when he heard Lin Yuan’s humble tone.

He liked the young man who knew a lot but without arrogance and rashness.

Very satisfied, Ge Yuanshan patted Lin Yuan’s shoulder a few times and said: “I have no such reputation. In fact, I have been behind you just now. Meeting someone like you is really rare. In recent years, only my granddaughter has learned a little about these aspects. Other young people don’t care about the arts these days.”

“You, young man, do not only look handsome and talented but also have a lot of wisdom. It is really rare. By the way, what is your name, boy?”

Hearing Ge Yuanshan mentions his granddaughter, Lin Yuan smiled slightly and then replied: “My surname is Lin, and my name is Yuan.”

“Lin Yuan…Lin Yuan…” Ge Yuanshan felt the surname seems familiar, but he couldn’t remember that much. After all, old people are not as bright as they were when they were young.

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