Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 262 Beauty like jade, unmatched in this world!

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Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan were quite surprised when they heard Chi Qian’s words because they both have an understanding of her character.

Chi Qian is relatively low-key and restrained and doesn’t like being in public.

But today, she took the initiative to come up on stage to do calligraphy?

What is happening?

Yu Shanshan was confused and Lin Yuan was surprised.

“I’m going up.” Chi Qian smiled and then walked towards the table on the stage.

Chi Qian glanced at Lin Yuan before going up.

Lin Yuan thought for a while and remembered the familiar look in Chi Qian’s eyes when she tried to tease him by flipping her hair during their first encounter.

Of course, Lin Yuan could not stop Chi Qian and ask her why she suddenly wants to come up on the stage.

So, he stood there with Yu Shanshan and watched as Chi Qian walked towards the stage.

As soon as Chi Qian walked out, underneath the hem of her skirt were fluttering lotus steps, and her appearance as she went on stage instantly gathered everyone’s attention.

After all, Chi Qian’s face value is really high, and she is so beautiful.

‘Extreme beauty that can cause the downfall of cities and nations’, ‘fish sink and goose alights’, etc. all seem to be words tailored for Chi Qian. (T/N: fish sink and goose alights = idiom which means a dazzling beauty that can make the fish sink / dive down and the wild geese fall; one who would make the wild geese alight and fish dive down due to shame.)

It is naturally very eye-catching to see a beautiful woman writing calligraphy.

There were a lot of men who hurried on the stage to show off their calligraphy skills as well after seeing Chi Qian go on stage.

Who doesn’t want to get the attention of such a beauty?

But Chi Qian didn’t react at all to the looks of other people.

As usual, she is neither happy nor sad, there just smiles on the corners of her mouth.

When Chi Qian came to the stage, she raised her jade hand and gently twisted the brush on the stage as she soaked it with ink, and then looked at the piece of rice paper on the table.

Chi Qian seemed to be thinking about what to write.

After a few seconds of thinking, she glanced at Lin Yuan.

Then, she lowered her head, pressed the wolf hairbrush in her hand against the white rice paper, and started writing slowly.

Everyone could not see what Chi Qian was writing.

Only Chi Qian’s movements can be seen.

But although what she was writing can’t be seen, the gentle gestures of Chi Qian as she was writing are enough to make people mesmerized.

Chi Qian’s movements were not great, just basically moving her lotus arms and occasionally moving slightly with her lotus steps and the pen looked like flying dragons and phoenixes.

She was writing simply but with such beauty, she seemed to be dancing.

Moreover, her writing movements are indeed soft and beautiful.

Chi Qian held the brush in her hand and the dragons and phoenixes began to dance but it gave people a sense of tranquility and elegance, a poetic picturesque mood, like a painting scroll with nine flying fairies.

Many people stare blankly.

Lin Yuan also looked at it seriously and was curious about what Chi Qian had written.

Soon, Chi Qian’s movements stopped, and she sighed with relief.

It is estimated that she had finished writing.

Seeing Chi Qian had finished writing, some people even tiptoed trying to see what she had written.

Ge Yuanshan on the side also looked at Chi Qian curiously.

He originally wanted to see Lin Yuan write up something, but he didn’t come up.

On the contrary, Chi Qian, who stood beside Lin Yuan earlier, came up.

The appearance of Chi Qian is naturally one that is memorable, but Ge Yuanshan is more interested in Lin Yuan. Since he is getting older, he wants to find an apprentice to pass on what he has learned so far about calligraphy. Chi Qian should be Lin Yuan’s female companion or something.

Ge Yuanshan originally thought that although Chi Qian is very good-looking, her calligraphy skills should be mediocre. She is still young, after all.

But this beautiful lady’s movements made him feel that she must have also some accomplishments in calligraphy.

So, he was also curious about what Chi Qian wrote.

Ge Yuanshan touched his beard and smiled directly: “Nice little girl, you look so beautiful. Your writing must be very beautiful too. Can you unfold your calligraphy writing?”

Hearing Ge Yuanshan’s request, Chi Qian smiled and glanced first at Lin Yuan and then said:” Okay.”

While saying okay, Chi Qian pinched the edged of the rice paper and put it up.

Ge Yuanshan immediately looked over.

Many people who have been watching also looked over.

Lin Yuan also looked at the piece of rice paper in Chi Qian’s hand and as he looked over, Chi Qian was staring at him.

There aren’t many words written on the rice paper Chi Qian was holding, only one line is written…

As soon as Ge Yuanshan saw the words on the rice paper Chi Qian was holding, he immediately exclaimed: “Good.”

“I didn’t expect that a young girl could be quite accomplished in calligraphy. In this short line of words, you have shown quite a deep foundation.”

“The words are clear and beautiful. The sentence is a bit one-sided, but it should be just right for a little girl.”

Others also recognized Ge Yuanshan’s evaluation and praise because the characters written by Chi Qian are indeed beautiful.

It also shows that Chi Qian is quite accomplished in calligraphy.

After all, Chi Qian had also been practicing and she is very talented. Ge Yuanshan felt that compared to his sixty to seventy years of practice, the gap should be not too big.

Seeing Chi Qian’s work of art, some of the men who wanted to write and impress her silently crumpled their papers into a ball and threw them in the trash can.

They couldn’t compare themselves to Chi Qian.

Everyone was praising endlessly.

But Chi Qian didn’t mind the others and just looked at Lin Yuan with a smile.

Lin Yuan also looked at Chi Qian and the words written on the paper she was holding.

This is a calligraphy exhibition and what everyone pays attention to is basically the accomplishments of calligraphy and how the characters were written.

However, Lin Yuan does not care about these things.

Indeed, Chi Qian’s calligraphy is quite good, it is probably at the advanced level.

But what Lin Yuan cares more about is the content of what Chi Qian had written.

Chi Qian wrote: ”The beauty in the high places is like jade, while the handsome young man is unmatched in this world.”

Chi Qian looked at Lin Yuan as she unfolded the rice paper, how could Lin Yuan not know what she meant.

This beautiful goddess is perfect in every aspect, but this little fairy always wants to tease him!

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