Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 261 Kindergarten level?

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Ge Yuanshan didn’t think much and said directly: “Young man you know calligraphy so well. I bet you must have good handwriting as well. I have prepared pens, inks, papers, and inkstones. You can come and take a look.”

“If you ever have a hard time, I can give you some pointers. It’s not that I’m bragging, but I started to practice calligraphy at the age of seven and I wrote calligraphy for more than half of my life. A lot of people ask me to do inscriptions for them, but I don’t like it very much. But I am willing to teach young people like you.”

Lin Yuan knew that Ge Yuanshan is indeed not bragging. Although these gesture does not fit his personality, but he is already very low-key.

His calligraphy is considered to be one of the most famous ones throughout Kyushu.

Indeed, many people asked him for inscriptions or advice, but he ignored them all.

It is not because he doesn’t need the money or anything.

But in Lin Yuan, he saw that real interest in calligraphy, so he decided to give him some pointers.

However, Lin Yuan is not very interested in being taught because his calligraphy skill is in advanced level after all.

In addition, although Lin Yuan doesn’t hate calligraphy, he isn’t particularly interested in it.

At this time.,Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan are still looking at the displays.

So, Lin Yuan declined and said: “Old man Ge, I will take a look at those in a while. Right now, I would like to accompany my friends and appreciate these masterpieces from your collection.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s refusal, Ge Yuanshan didn’t get angry anyway.

Seeing Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan next to Lin Yuan, Ge Yuanshan nodded and said, “Okay, come over when you have the time.”

After talking, Ge Yuanshan left.

Some of the people around were quite surprised because they knew that Ge Yuanshan’s temper isn’t particularly good, especially for young people.

But he was talking too kindly to Lin Yuan just now despite his refusal, which is too weird.

Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan were also quite surprised.

“Wow! Cousin, I don’t understand a thing that you just said, but this old man seems to understand as well. I feel that he treats you very well because you both seem to understand calligraphy!”

Chi Qian smiled and said: “The old man just confirmed brother Lin Yuan’s understanding. Brother Lin Yuan really has a unique insight into calligraphy and even has a thorough understanding of it. It’s really amazing.”

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Qian Qian, you know a lot too.”

Chi Qian smiled when he heard Lin Yuan’s compliment.

“What about me? What about me? I also asked you earlier!” Yu Shanshan shouted.

“Shanshan, you know a lot, almost at a kindergarten level.” Lin Yuan smiled.

“I…” Yu Shanshan wanted to hit someone right away.

“Let us go on and keep looking.” Lin Yuan smiled.

Then, the three of them continued to appreciate calligraphy.

Of course, Lin Yuan and Chi Qian continued on admiring calligraphy and discussing among themselves.

The two had a good time, but as for Yu Shanshan, she could only look and not understand or appreciate the calligraphy works at all.

Moreover, there are very few young people who came to see the calligraphy exhibition and there aren’t many young girls which particularly caught her attention.

She regretted being here as a light bulb instead of spending time with her harem.

The calligraphy exhibition hall is not that small, but only more than half an hour passed, and Lin Yuan and Chi Qian finished looking at the displays.

The three have reached the end of the venue of the calligraphy exhibition.

In the end, not far from the exit, many people flocked.

Yu Shanshan who loves excitement, immediately pulled Lin Yuan ad Chi Qian to have a look.

They discovered a calligraphy event in the calligraphy exhibition.

After all, it is a calligraphy exhibition so many calligraphy enthusiasts came.

At this time, three large tables were placed on the high platform in front.

Pens, inks, papers, inkstones, etc. are readily available on the table.

There are also pointers next to it.

With those, one can write poems, inscriptions, calligraphy, and many more.

Of course, you can write just about anything, but the most important thing is calligraphy.

This event was organized by Ge Yuanshan so he also wrote in the pointers that if you ever write well, he is willing to spend a lot of money to buy your work for his collection and display it.

There is a place beside the three tables where the scriptures will be hung.

Those that are well-written will be hung on it.

Of course, the winning works will be decided and hung up after the calligraphy exhibition comes to its conclusion.

Lin Yuan, Chi Qian, and Yu Shanshan came which attracted the attention of many people.

After all, they are all handsome men and pretty women.

Their looks are all top-notch.

They also caught Ge Yuanshan’s eyes.

After seeing Lin Yuan, Ge Yuanshan smiled slightly and nodded at Lin Yuan at the same time.

Lin Yuan understood Ge Yuanshan’s gesture.

It must be the same offer as earlier.

He wants him to go up and write and show off his calligraphy skills. Ge Yuanshan is willing to give him pointers as promised.

In fact, Ge Yuanshan actually has a plan for discipleship.

He has been practicing calligraphy all his life and he also taught a little to his granddaughter. He is rarely willing to each other people.

He felt that Lin Yuan is a good seed.

As long as Lin Yuan’s calligraphy skills are not that bad, Ge Yuanshan is willing to accept him as an apprentice.

Lin Yuan knew what Ge Yuanshan wanted him to do.

He is not in a hurry, however, and just smiled politely at Ge Yuanshan.

Yu Shanshan on the side who likes excitement was a little disappointed when she saw that it was a calligraphy activity.

But soon, she began pushing Lin Yuan continuously and urged him to come up on stage.

“Cousin, aren’t you very good at calligraphy? Go up and do one! I haven’t seen you write one yet!”

“No, I have seen you do one before. They are all just ghost symbols to me. But that has been a long time ago. Have you practiced secretly behind my back? I really want to see!” Yu Shanshan took Lin Yuan’s hand.

Yu Shanshan also pulled Chi Qian and asked: “Qian Qian, do you want to see Brother Lin Yuan show his calligraphy skills?

“Cousin, please go up and write something.”

Lin Yuan did not react much to Yu Shanshan dangling in his arms as he was already used to it.

But Chia Qian smile and said suddenly, “Actually, calligraphy often pays attention to free will. Only when you are willing and interested can you write good works. Don’t force Lin Yuan.”

When Chi Qian didn’t side with her, Yu Shanshan kept her mouth shut.

Lin Yuan was not surprised and knew that Chi Qian would say such a thing.

But what Chi Qian said next surprised Lin Yuan and made Yu Shanshan dumbfounded.

The corner of Chi Qian&#apos;s mouth tilted slightly and she said, “Forcing Brother Lin Yuan to write is not a good thing to do. Calligraphy shines with free will. I feel a little bit interested today. Let me go and write.”

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