Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 263 Frustration!

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Ge Yuanshan didn’t know that much about the reason behind Chi Qian’s writing and said in a very admiring tone: “Little girl, you are really good at writing. It is almost reaching the standard of my collections. “

“Having this level of calligraphy skill at a young age is very good. You are very talented, and I can see that you can lead the next generation in five or ten years. You should be the best calligrapher among the visitors today. You can have it framed and displayed in this exhibition.” Ge Yuanshan praised.

While speaking, Ge Yuanshan pointed to the most conspicuous position at the door.

Although it was written in the calligraphy writing event, it can be hung up for other people to appreciate.

However, some crooked melons and cracked dates should not be placed in conspicuous places at the calligraphy exhibition, so Ge Yuanshan specifically designated places where to hang great calligraphy works.

Obviously, he is very satisfied with Chi Qian’s calligraphy.

Being able to hang the calligraphy in such a conspicuous place and being recognized by Ge Yuanshan, a famous calligrapher, is also an honor.

But Chi Qian smiled lightly and said, “Thank you, but I don’t need it to be hung up. I want to give away this scripture.”

“Oh? You want to give it away?” Ge Yuanshan raised his eyebrows.

Other people were a little surprised as well and began to pay attention to the content of Chi Qian’s writing.

“The beauty in the high places is like jade, while the handsome young man is unmatched… Why does it seem like a compliment?”

“Yes. It is meant to compliment someone or to praise a man…” Somebody explained.

Chi Qian didn&#apos;t pay attention to the interpretations of other people.

Chi Qian walked down from the stage with the rice paper in her hand.

With her gentle steps, Chi Qian came to Lin Yuan’s front.

Lin Yuan saw Chi Qian handling the rice paper over and smiling at him like a flower. “Young Master Lin, this is my gift for you. This is in return for your kindness in lending me your shirt last time. Are you willing to accept it?”

At this moment, a beautiful girl in an aqua blue dress handed the writing. Her face was so beautiful and her smile blooming like a flower.

Even if Lin Yuan knew that Chi Qian was trying to tease him, he still cannot remove his eyes from Chi Qian’s alluring face.

She really is so good-looking. Her face and her smile are both breathtakingly beautiful.

“Thank you, Qian Qian.” Lin Yuan smiled and took the rice paper.

Regarding the fact that Chi Qian wrote a compliment for Lin Yuan, most of the men present looked at Lin Yuan with envy and hatred.

It’s so cool to receive such a gift from a very beautiful girl.

And Lin Yuan was also quite surprised because Chi Qian’s flirting was too obvious.

She addressed him differently and called him ‘Young Master Lin’ as she was handing her gift.

The words are basically complimenting him.

There is also an implication that the woman and the handsome young man are a match made in heaven or simply that the man is unmatched in this world.

Both explanations are possible.

In addition, Chi Qian specifically mentioned that she borrowed Lin Yuan’s shirt before which made her blush.

This is Chi Qian’s obvious provocation.

Although it is not straightforward, however, compared to her implicitness before, Chi Qian is now flirting with him obviously.

Lin Yuan thought for a while and came up with two possible reasons for Chi Qian’s behavior.

The first is because they have become close to each other a lot.

The second could be that Chi Qian is really interested in him because he showed her how much better he is compared to her in so many ways.

She even complimented him as a man that is unmatched in this world as indicated in the calligraphy writing she just gave to him as a gift.

Faced with this kind of beauty and such beautiful words, almost any man will make the heart beat faster involuntarily.

It’s like a dream.

Lin Yuan felt that Chi Qian was indeed interested in him although there was still some barrier between them.

Not to mention that her words are like a metaphor to mean a match made in heaven.

Lin Yuan didn’t think much about these so long as Chi Qian’s favorability is still intact.

Comparing Chi Qian’s favorability towards other people, her favorability towards Lin Yuan is already a far cry.

Chi Qian’s heart is being moved little by little.

Even Lin Yuan’s eyes were reluctant to move away from Chi Qian’s bright and beautiful face, but he still managed to put up a calm expression.

The people present thought that Chi Qian and Lin Yuan were lovers.

The atmosphere was too ambiguous as if filled with pink hearts.

“Qian Qian, your handwriting is so beautiful. I also like the sentence you wrote for me.” Lin Yuan smiled.

Lin Yuan then turned to Yu Shanshan and said while smiling, “Shanshan, would you like to see?”

Lin Yuan handed the rice paper to Yu Shanshan.

“I want to see it! Qian Qian hasn’t made one for me yet!” Yu Shanshan took the rice paper happily.

Seeing what was happening, Chi Qian knew that her plan to tease Lin Yuan had failed again.

Chi Qian looked at Lin Yuan’s handsome face as she wondered.

She understands her own charm, but why is Lin Yuan always so indifferent?

Although she could feel that Lin Yuan’s eyes were fixed at her, and he couldn’t look away.

But she thought it was not enough.

It started when Lin Yuan played the piano at the Jiangbei Music Exhibition.

Then Lin Yuan sang for her the ‘Blue and white porcelain’ song which was unforgettable. She still remembers the lyrics very clearly: “Within its blue misty drizzle, I am waiting for you.”

Then there was that scene in Wu Shi Fighting club where she had physical contact with Lin Yuan while fighting.

It was the first time she was touched in those places, and it was by a person of the opposite sex!

She couldn’t imagine it. She didn’t even think about it. But every time it flashes back to her, she feels hot.

She also remembered vividly the scene when Lin Yuan put on his shirt at her.

It is difficult to say whether Lin Yuan did those things intentionally or not.

But that is not important.

What’s important is that Chi Qian was teased, her heart was shaken, and her emotions fluctuated.

Lin Yuan is a bit difficult to handle for Chi Qian, but she seems very interested in him.

So Chi Qian thought of getting back at Lin Yuan.

But obviously, it failed again this time.

Seeing the slight frustration deep in Chi Qian’s eyes, Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Calligraphy is indeed about free will which makes it easy to write. Qian Qian, your calligraphy is really good. Seeing your work makes me interested as well. I’ll just write a few sentences casually.”

Chi Qian stared at Lin Yuan unexpectedly when she heard Lin Yuan’s words.

Lin Yuan smiled at Chi Qian then walked towards the table on the stage.

Looking at Lin Yuan’s back, Chi Qian became quite curious.

Judging from what Lin Yuan said earlier and his insights, Chi Qian knew that Lin Yuan’s calligraphy skills maybe not be that low.

But she hadn’t seen him do calligraphy yet.

Could it be that he is better than her in writing calligraphy since his face was calm as water despite having seen her calligraphy writing?

Chi Qian is also a first-class talent in calligraphy, not to mention those of the same age. There are people who are a lot older than her, and their writing skills are not as good.

For example, Ge Yuanshan is already considered a master, but compared to Chi Qian’s skills, the gap is not too big.

Could it be that Lin Yuan writes better than her?

Although it is just based on her deduction, Chi Qian would never deny such a possibility.

She was very curious as to how well Lin Yuan writes calligraphy and also about what Lin Yuan would write after accepting the writings she just gave him.

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