Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 264 I will gladly accept this apprentice!

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Lin Yuan walking towards the stage has attracted the attention of many people because Lin Yuan’s physical appearance is not ordinary.

Like Chi Qian, Lin Yuan has a perfect appearance, with 200 points of charisma. He is basically a bright incandescent lamp wherever he is.

In addition, the scene where Chi Qian presented her handwriting as a gift to Lin Yuan, made him the focus of the audience at this time.

Seeing Lin Yuan finally coming to the stage, Ge Yuanshan’s eyes brightened.

Ge Yuanshan isn’t as open-minded as Cui Yunrong.

His thoughts are still somewhat restrained.

He wanted to find a disciple to pass on his calligraphy.

But he doesn’t consider women, only men.

Otherwise, he would have considered passing on his calligraphy to his granddaughter.

Ge Yuanshan appreciated Chi Qian’s calligraphy just now.

Obviously, calligraphy does not distinguish between genders, but Ge Yuanshan thinks differently.

So, he was quite happy that Lin Yuan came to the stage to write and expected him to write very well.

Just looking at Lin Yuan’s accomplishments before, and if there is a sense of truth in writing the scriptures, it is not strange for Lin Yuan to know so much about calligraphy.

Ge Yuanshan is ready to wait for Lin Yuan to finish writing.

He will seek for fault in Lin Yuan’s characters and give advice which shall convince him to be his apprentice.

He will wait for Lin Yuan to take the initiative to worship him as a teacher and accept his apprenticeship.

Ge Yuanshan smiled slightly and squinted his eyes at the thought of Lin Yuan, who had extraordinary wisdom and talent, being his apprentice.

It is not only Ge Yuanshan who is expectant.

Many people also stared at Lin Yuan.

Most of them felt sour when Chi Qian gave her writing to Lin Yuan.

Although they know that Chi Qian is like a goddess far beyond their reach, seeing her favor Lin Yuan made them feel sour.

So, they hope that Lin Yuan’s writing is worse.

That way, they will feel more psychologically balanced.

That is despite knowing that Lin Yuan took the initiative to come up the stage which makes the possibility of writing poorly, very slim.

Yu Shanshan looked at Lin Yuan who was standing at this time on the stage, completely calm and expressionless.She was very curious.

She remembered the time when they both took a calligraphy class and they ran away together. His writings were like ghosts and mere symbols, now her cousin already understands calligraphy very well?

What will happen?

Chi Qian also stared at Lin Yuan, looking forward to his calligraphy.

How good is Lin Yuan and what exactly will he write?

Under everyone’s expectant eyes, Lin Yuan was very calm.

While grabbing the wolf hairbrush that Chi Qian used, Lin Yuan said silently in his heart, “Shen Lan upgrade my calligraphy skills to the Divine Level!”

Although he already possessed an Advanced level that can beat a lot of people, he still likes to do everything perfectly.

So, he directly upgraded his calligraphy skills to divine level.

【Ding! Adding points completed! 】

【Improved calligraphy skills to Divine level! 】

A system prompt sounded in Lin Yuan’s mind.

His knowledge in calligraphy which he mastered at this time had been increased by a hundred thousand times.

All the essence and characteristics of calligraphy, Zuan, Li, Tsao, Hsin, and Kai, are gathered together.

The expertise and characteristics of calligraphy masters such as Wang Xizhi, Guan Sheng, Zhao Mengfu, Yan Zhenqing, Liu Gongquan, Wang Xianzhi, Su Shi, Zhang Xu, Huang Tingjian, etc. were all also integrated into Lin Yuan&#apos;s mind.

All of the classic calligraphy works, such as the ‘Preface to the Poems Collected from the Orchid Pavilion&#apos; and ‘Fish-eating Post’, are also fully integrated in an instant.

Lin Yuan’s brain was very full at this time.

With the light wave of the wolf hairbrush, Lin Yuan’s hand began to dance on the rice paper like a perfect picture.

As soon as Lin Yuan started moving, most of the people who were already staring at him couldn’t look away.

As a calligraphy master, Ge Yuanshan’s eyes lit up almost instantly.

Chi Qian opened her beautiful eyes which shone brightly.

Because all the essence of calligraphy and the strengths and expertise of those calligraphy masters were all integrated into Lin Yuan, the natural charm appeared at this time.

Obviously, he was just writing but his movements were not very simple.

His every move seemed to imply charm.

Obviously, compared to Lin Yuan, Chi Qian’s kind of peerless beauty shall attract better people’s attention.

But at this time, a lot of men were staring at Lin Yuan’s movements closely.

Especially those with a certain understanding of calligraphy think that Lin Yuan’s attractiveness when he is writing is extremely great and even better when compared to a beautiful woman.

Lin Yuan’s incomparably handsome face and mysterious movements made him look extremely charming!

It is like the attraction of moths and their temptation to get near the fire is difficult to restrain.

Lin Yuan’s wrists trembles slightly, his body and his feet moved lightly.

Soon, Lin Yuan stopped writing.

In fact, he didn’t write for a long time, just for about ten seconds.

But for many people, it felt like they were watching him for a very long time.

Especially for some women, they feel like they haven’t seen enough.

Seeing that Lin Yuan stopped writing, they were quite reluctant to believe it’s done.

But after seeing Lin Yuan stop writing and being immersed for a few seconds, Ge Yuanshan’s eyes brightened.

Calligraphy is the art of combining the body, and the mind, so sometimes one can see the level of calligraphy a person has just by looking at his movements.

Ge Yuanshan could see that Lin Yuan’s movements were different.

Everyone else present saw it as well.

This is definitely the good seed he sought for!

He would gladly accept Lin Yuan as his apprentice!

After deciding in his heart, Ge Yuanshan looked forward to it.

After seeing Lin Yuan stop writing, Ge Yuanshan said immediately: “Young man Lin Yuan, hurry up and let us see your writing!”

Everyone was surprised to hear Ge Yuanshan’s words because his tone had some sense of urgency.

Does he immediately want to see Lin Yuan’s words that much?

Although surprised, they also wanted to see it.

Ge Yuanshan didn’t even wait for Lin Yuan to pick up the rice paper and stood up and walked towards Lin Yuan.

He then came to Lin Yuan’s side and as soon as he saw his writing, he was dumbfounded.

“This… This writing…” Ge Yuanshan’s eyes widened in astonishment.

Seeing the appearance of Ge Yuanshan, the curiosity of the people below was fueled.

Some people who knew Ge Yuanshan urged, “Yuanshan, how is it? Let us look at it.”

“Old man Ge, why are you stunned? Lift it up and let us take a look also!”

“That’s right old man Ge, hurry up!”

Coupled with Lin Yuan’s very attractive and charming movements while writing, and the exaggerated expression of Ge Yuanshan, everyone looked forward to Lin Yuan’s calligraphy writing.

Chi Qian’s beautiful eyes stared at Lin Yuan closely.

She was also looking forward to it.

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