Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 265 80 million! Painted boat in the pond, smoke in the shallow!

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With the persuasion of everyone and after Lin Yuan agreed, Ge Yuanshan raised the rice paper unveiling Lin Yuan’s writing.

Everyone was stunned when they saw the rice paper.

Lin Yuan wrote a cursive script.

And it is a little disorganized and messy.

In writing a cursive script, it is naturally unavoidable to be messy as it indicates a sense of scribbling.

Some people who have no knowledge of cursive script can’t understand what Lin Yuan wrote.

But even so, Lin Yuan’s writing on the rice paper still garnered attention and made the people unable to move their eyes away.

Most of the people present know some calligraphy and even if they don’t use the cursive style they know of others who do.

Even those who don’t know calligraphy, cannot look away from Lin Yuan’s cursive writing.

They could feel that Lin Yuan’s cursive script is very good.

Even Yu Shanshan could feel it and stare blankly.

She even wanted to shout: ‘Shit! Nice writing!&#apos;

Although some people can’t understand what Lin Yuan wrote, it doesn’t keep them from admiring and knowing that Lin Yuan’s writing is very good.

He has an in-depth knowledge of calligraphy, especially the cursive style which is even more shocking.

“This cursive script is really amazing! The intricate changes such as the fading color, dazzling but implicitly regular, make people think deeply!”

“Knowing the white but keep in the black.” (T/N: I’m not sure why the author used this idiom to praise the calligraphy of Lin Yuan but this idiom means ‘Although the rights and wrongs are perfectly clear in mind, one should be in the dark and remain silent; A person must also yield when necessary.&#apos;)

“Good words! Really good words.”

These calligraphy lovers dare not be stingy with their own praises.

They racked their brains to think of words to compliment Lin Yuan.

Even if Lin Yuan is younger than them, they cannot belittle him because they were convinced that although he is young, his calligraphy skills are so good.

As calligraphy lovers, all of them are convinced.

Lin Yuan was not so surprised by their reactions.

After all, after his calligraphy skills reached the divine level, the characters he wrote are an integration of all the strengths of the famous calligraphers.

His rhythm is really amazing and fascinating.

And Chi Qian who has always been calm and with an elegant temperament couldn’t help but feel shocked after seeing Lin Yuan’s cursive script.

Her pair of beautiful eyes couldn’t help but widen with a strange brilliance and gleamed like jewels.

"The momentum is continuous. The intricate changes, the real and otherwise… This cursive script is almost comparable to the works of famous artists like Zhang Xu, Huaisu…” Chi Qian likes and has studied the cursive script.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s cursive script was much more shocking than ordinary people.

Although she had guessed that Lin Yuan’s calligraphy skills would not be as worse, but this is too well-written, too powerful.

Chi Qian thinks that her calligraphy skill is already very good.

And Chi Qian is confident that in five years, at most, she can reach the master level.

But compared to Lin Yuan’s level, the gap is so big that it is so suffocating.

Is Lin Yuan a master of calligraphy?

Probably even higher than the master level!

As for how high, Chi Qian couldn’t tell.

She only knows that even when the time comes that she has reached the master level, it would still be difficult to write such a cursive style of calligraphy.

Chi Qian looked strangely at Lin Yuan’s eyes.

In the aspects that she is very excellent at, Lin Yuan showed greater proficiency and strength than her time and time again, which is incredible.

She pulled back her thoughts from the shock brought about by Lin Yuan’s attainments.

Chi Qian read out the line written by Lin Yuan in a wild cursive style.

“The mist and the rain… Painted boat in the pond, smoke in the shallow…” Chi Qian repeated chanting the lines wrote by Lin Yuan several times and realized its meaning immediately.

“The Painted Boat in the pond, smoke in the shallow” … The pond in the beginning and the shallow at the end. (T/N: 池 = Chi = pond; 浅 = Qian = shallow)

The words sum up to her name.

Lin Yuan wrote this line of poem for her.

Chi Qian’s eyelids blinked several times successively and her heart beats quickly.

Although there are no obvious fluctuations on the surface.

Chi Qian’s eyes looked at Lin Yuan strangely.

Yu Shanshan on the side originally did not know what Lin Yuan wrote about.

She only knows that Lin Yuan wrote very well.

But after hearing Chi Qian’s chant, she also understood the meaning of the poem written by Lin Yuan.

“The Painted Boat in the pond, smoke in the shallow… The Painted Boat in the pond, smoke in the shallow…" Yu Shanshan said it a few times first.

Then she asked Chi Qian, "The mist and light rain are like smoke, and The Painted Boat in the pond, smoke in the shallow. Qian Qian, did my cousin wrote about you?”

“Yes.” Chi Qian nodded.

Yu Shanshan immediately looked at Lin Yuan and said: “Hey! Cousin is really shameless, so blatantly teasing his wife! Too shameless!”

Chi Qian’s beautiful little face turned red and her hands turned into a knife and tapped Yu Shanshan’s head several times.

Yu Shanshan’s remarks were like making fun of both Lin Yun and Chi Qian who had a strange feeling in her heart at this time.

Seeing the form of Chi Qian’s hands, Yu Shanshan immediately covered her head.

But Chi Qian didn’t continue and instead withdrew her hand and went back to stare at Lin Yuan.

For Lin Yuan’s calligraphy writing, many famous people in Jiangbei who appreciates calligraphy have spoken their praises.

However, as a master, Ge Yuanshan hasn’t spoken yet.

Ge Yuanshan meditated for a while and then said: “You are really good, young man. You wrote this calligraphy really well. Let me summarize my observations. This calligraphy is really powerful and vigorous…”

“The gestures are more continuous and revolving, lively flying, galloping and indulging, with great freedom, and the tendency of a thousand miles to fall. And like a gust of wind and rain, the flying dragons and snakes have a swift and violent madness… "

“The rice paper looked sloppy and calm, with a writing that’s so smooth and vigorous, full of beauty and style, and elegance…”

“Looking at the writing is enough to make people feel fascinated. It is obviously a cursive script madly written, but I can see its beauty…”

“Awesome! Really amazing!”

After speaking of his last remark to Lin Yuan’s work, Ge Yuanshan turned his head and smiled bitterly at Lin Yuan and said: “Young man Lin Yuan, let me call you Xiao Yuan for the first time. I originally planned to accept you as my apprentice, but after seeing your calligraphy skills, I am afraid that your skills are better than mine. I originally wanted to hang your writing at the wall next to the door, but it feels a bit ridiculous now to think about it.”

“Old man Ge is absurdly praising. In fact, I admire you very much.”

Lin Yuan’s words were not only full of respect and still knew a lot about calligraphy which is really admirable.

Ge Yuanshan waved his hand and said, “You know a lot of things about calligraphy. You need not comfort the old man. I know already the gap between people is sometimes bigger than that between people and dogs. Some people are just like that, born with talent.”

“The old man wants to ask you a question that’s more than comforting for this matter. How much do you plan to sell it for?”

“This old man’s favorite is to collect scriptures like yours.”

“As for your work, Xiao Yuan, I can buy it for 80 million.”

“Would you like to sell it to me?” Ge Yuanshan asked directly.

Eighty million!

Hearing such an offer, everyone present was shocked.

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