Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 266 Heartbeat! Added Value!

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Hearing Ge Yuanshan’s offer for 80 million, the people present were a little shocked.

As Ge Yuanshan said, he can write calligraphy himself but prefers to collect calligraphy writings from famous artists.

You can tell from the fact that most of the scriptures in the calligraphy exhibition are his.

Although for every calligraphy exhibition held, there is an activity for writing calligraphy, it has been a long time that no one’s calligraphy has caught his attention.

He generally buys and collects calligraphy works of famous ancient artists.

But seeing Lin Yuan’s cursive writing, Ge Yuanshan felt really excited.

Therefore, Ge Yuanshan offered a sky-high price of 80 million yuan for it.

This is not eighty thousand yuan, but eighty million yuan!

Just those few words and the worth is too high!

“This is ridiculous. Eighty million?"

“I think it’s too high, 80 million?!”

“Ge Yuanshan is not under the influence of alcohol, right? Eighty million?!”

All of the people present were surprised and shocked.

Most people think that the offer is too high.

Many famous calligraphers didn’t sell a single work for such a price.

Just in a matter of seconds, not even a minute, Lin Yuan wrote words that are worth that much money?

This is too much, right?

There are only a few people that know calligraphy who thinks that the price is not too exaggerated.

Such works of calligraphy are more common in ancient times.

And they have historical and cultural value, and so on.

But Lin Yuan’s calligraphy is really very good that it deserves to be priced at 80 million as it is very worth collecting.

Of course, such a high amount still makes many people envious.

However, Lin Yuan’s response was more surprising.

Faced with the sky-high offer of 80 million yuan, Lin Yuan just smiled and said, “I’m sorry old man Ge. I wrote this for my friend so I am afraid I cannot sell it to you.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s response, Ge Yuanshan felt quite regretful, but after taking a glance at Chi Qian, he finally understood.

Although he didn’t know the connection between Chi Qian’s name and the poem written by Lin yuan, he had guessed which friend Lin Yuan wrote it for.

Everyone was even more shocked by Lin Yuan’s rejection of Ge Yuanshan’s offer.

“Huh?! He doesn’t want to sell it?! Eighty million?!”

“His family must have a mine at home! He doesn’t want to sell it for 80 million yuan! He wants to give it to a friend!”

Many people were shocked and could not understand Lin Yuan’s decision.

But there are still some who understood.

“I guess he wrote it for that beautiful lady. It’s kind of giving his heart. Other things may not work.”

“Yes. I guess it was written for the beauty who just gave her writing to him as a gift earlier. I can understand why.”

“He just wrote in a matter of seconds and it’s worth 80 million, plus he has such a beautiful girlfriend. I feel sour, really sour…”

“I feel sour for that beauty. Why won’t some handsome guy give me an 80 million worth of gift as well? I feel really sour too.”

Some understood, some people felt sour.

The scene exudes a strong smell of lemon essence.

Lin Yuan walked towards Chi Qian and while handing over the rice paper, he smiled and said: “This is in return for Qian Qian’s gift, a cursive script. It is a bit sloppy; do you mind?”

“No…I don’t mind…” Chi Qian said while taking the rice paper from Lin Yuan.

There was a hint of uncontrollable happiness in her tone.

The value of many things does not lie in their actual value but mainly in value-adding aspects.

For example, diamonds, gems, etc., are actually nothing but broken stones, but through value-adding processes, they become extremely expensive items.

Similarly, for some luxury and expensive goods such as watches, and many more.

Moreover, the scarf knitted by a deceased mother, the pair of sneakers a father worked and saved for half a year to afford, and the amulet inherited by a grandmother from childhood.

With the economic developments and changes brought about by time, these things become more difficult to understand.

But Chi Qian at this time realized the added value of the rice paper with Lin Yuan’s calligraphy.

It is just an ordinary piece of paper, but it carries Lin Yuan’s exquisite calligraphy. There is also that poem which he wrote specially for her and contained her name.

And although he was offered 80 million to sell it, Lin Yuan didn’t care at all.

Although for Chi Qian and Lin Yuan, 80 million isn’t a big amount, the meaning and the excellent calligraphy makes it extremely valuable. And it was Lin Yuan’s gift to Chi Qian.

Chi Qian was extremely happy with Lin Yuan’s gift.

Even if she initiated giving a gift, she couldn’t help but feel strange fluctuations in her emotions despite her elegant and quiet personality.

Chi Qian is different from her usual teasing self.

This is obviously Lin Yuan’s plan.

But Chi Qian realized that she couldn’t hide, she couldn’t avoid, and she couldn’t prevent her emotions.

“Thank you, Brother Lin Yuan. Your handwriting is really very good. And I like the poem. Thank you.” Chi Qian smiled at Lin Yuan.

Chi Qian’s smile was very sincere. Her facial expression doesn’t change much normally, but she is now smiling with the corners of her mouth raised high, and her beautiful eyes crescent-shaped.

This kind of smile on that pretty face that can cause the downfall of nations is quite thrilling and his heart beats slowly.

Lin Yuan couldn’t help but glance at such a breathtaking sight several times.

Lin Yuan sighed and then smiled and said: “It’s okay. I am just giving you a gift in return."

【Ding! Chi Qian’s favorability +5! Reward 5000 counterattack points! 】

A system prompt sounded in Lin Yuan’s mind as he was speaking.

This time, the favorability of Chi Qian increased by 5 points, and a lot of counterattack points were rewarded.

Lin Yuan was quite satisfied with the rewards.

Chi Qian smiled happily, even more, when she saw Lin Yuan staring at her and smiling.

Holding the writing in her hand, Chi Qian’s heart beats faster than usual.

In this confrontation, they both touched each other’s hearts.

Although both are aware that Chi Qian lost this time again.

Of course, in this game, there may be no losers, or maybe they are both losers.

When the two of them are looking at each other with profound meaning, Yu Shanshan suddenly popped in.

“Qian Qian, let me also see the ghost symbols drawn by my cousin.”

Yu Shanshan stretched out her small hand.

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian couldn’t help but smile when they heard Yu Shanshan’s words.

In the eyes of a person like Yu Shanshan who doesn’t understand the cursive script, Lin Yuan’s exquisite calligraphy may be almost similar to ghost talismans.

Chi Qian handed the rice paper to Yu Shanshan who also looked intently.

Although she can’t read it, she still tried to read it very seriously because Lin Yuan’s writing was full of charm.

Even if she can’t understand it, and regarded it as some sort of ghost symbol, she still can’t help but stare at it.

Although she can’t read it, she remembered what that Chi Qian said earlier that Lin Yuan has written her name.

“The mist and light rain are like smoke, and The Painted Boat in the pond, smoke in the shallow.”

“Well, Brother Lin Yuan, your writing is really good. As expected, when you practiced calligraphy with me as a child, I have saved time and didn’t have lunch just to teach you.”

“It has Qian Qian’s name in it. It’s good, really good.”

Yu Shanshan wanted to take credit shamelessly.

Lin Yuan squeezed her face and said: “You taught me this again? You taught me piano, and you also taught me how to sing. Now, you also taught me calligraphy? Would you like me to pay for the tuition fee? Huh?”

Yu Shanshan, whose face was pinched by Lin Yuan dare not fight back and only say honestly: “Brother, it’s good, all good. Don’t pinch me or you’ll get my face swollen. It won’t be good if my wife doesn’t want me anymore. You shall pay.”

“I admit it. The poem is really amazing with Chi Qian’s name in it.”

Lin Yuan let go of Yu Shanshan when he heard her words.

Chi Qian smiled slightly when she saw both Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan fighting.

But Yu Shanshan went to say: “Actually Qian Qian. I want to say that it was not easy for Brother Lin Yuan to actually write a poem with your name. Actually, I prepared a poem here too with your name!”

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