Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 267 Act like a baby!

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“And the poem does not only contain your name, but it also has hidden features.” Yu Shanshan said.

“Oh, about me? What poem?” Chi Qian was a little curious.

“What poem is it? Lin Yuan curiously asked.

Seeing that both Chi Qian and Lin Yuan are curious, Yu Shanshan was greatly satisfied.

She did not stall for long and while laughing she said: “The poem is…”

"Temple is small but evil winds heavy, the pond is shallow yet wicked…." Before Yu Shanshan finished speaking, Chi Qian squeezed her face directly.

In fact, Chi Qian rarely pinch Yu Shanshan’s cheek.

She often knocks her head.

Lin Yuan is the one who likes to pinch Yu Shanshan’s face.

But Chi Qian couldn’t help but pinch her cheek because her poem is really bad.

Seeing what Chi Qian did, Lin Yuan smiled and understood completely.

Chi Qian pinched her because of the poem she was saying.

The full line of the poem is: ‘Temple is small but evil winds heavy, the pond is shallow yet wicked cuckolds too many.&#apos; (T/N: meaning: if the size of a social circle is too small, it is very likely that a lot of trouble will occur.)

Lin Yuan looked at Yu Shanshan, whose face was pinched by Chi Qian, and smiled: "You are saying that to such a beautiful girl as Qianqian, what a strange animal… "

“Then as a beautiful girl, don’t you often referred to me a ‘pig’?”

Hearing Yu Shanshan’s words, Lin Yuan was speechless.

Then, he silently stretched out his hand and silently pinched Yu Shanshan’s other cheek.

After a while, the three are also ready to leave.

The calligraphy exhibition has come to its conclusion, after all.

But then Ge Yuanshan suddenly came over.

“Xiao Yuan, can you stay? I have something to discuss with you.” Ge Yuanshan persuaded.

“Oh? What’s the matter old man Ge?” Lin Yuan asked.

Ge Yuanshan hesitated for a while. He looked at the rice paper Chi Qian was holding and said: “In fact, it is not a big deal, but my request is still a little embarrassing to say. It’s about the calligraphy you just wrote and gave to this little girl, I really like it.”

“I wanted to discuss with you and this little girl if I can make a copy of it?”

Chi Qian’s hesitation can be seen when she heard Ge Yuanshan’s words.

Ge Yuanshan’s request is not really a big deal, however, the calligraphy written by Lin Yuan is a poem with her name and had a special meaning.

Chi Qian likes Lin Yuan’s writing very much too and she doesn’t want others to touch it.

In addition to her name being the inspiration for it, there are other reasons why she likes it very much.

Ge Yuanshan is old after all and so he can see Chi Qian’s hesitation. Lin Yuan can see it too.

Ge Yuanshan sighed secretly and was ready to turn around and leave.

However, Lin Yuan immediately stopped Ge Yuanshan.

“Old man Ge, wait. This writing which I gave to my friend has some meaning. I’m sorry I can’t let you make a copy of it.”

“But I can write a separate one and give to you.” Lin Yuan said with a smile.

Ge Yuanshan’s eyes widened when he heard Lin Yuan’s words, his face full of undisguised joy, his tone was quite excited and said, “Really? Thank you Xiao Yuan!”

“It’s okay. It’s just a small thing.”

Ge Yuanshan thought that Lin Yuan’s calligraphy is really powerful, but he had no idea how powerful it was.

But later, the more he thought about it, the more he felt its charm, the more he liked Lin Yuan’s writing, and the more he became fascinated by it.

He has a little obsession with calligraphy.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that Lin Yuan’s calligraphy was so good, even better than him!

This is unbelievable, but Ge Yuanshan knew it is true.

Most of the Master Calligraphers don’t casually write scriptures in front of others or even give scriptures to them.

After all, in many cases, it takes both the unity of the body and the mind to write a particularly good masterpiece.

So Ge Yuanshan didn’t expect that Lin Yuan would make another scripture for him, so he tried to ask him if he can make a copy instead.

It’s not the original version, but it is cool enough for him.

For Lin Yuan, it is not a big deal.

The divine level calligraphy is very much terrifying and very stable.

He is now familiar with all kinds of calligraphy, for as long as he lifts his pen and brushes a few strokes of ink, he is able to make an art.

Although Lin Yuan did not have much interest in the Ge family, Lin Yuan is very much interested in Ge Yuanshan’s granddaughter and Ye Feng’s fiancée.

And Ge Yuanshan had always favored him and even wanted to accept him as his disciple.

So, it took more than ten seconds for Ge Yuanshan to persuade Lin Yuan, and Lin Yuan didn’t dislike the idea.

Soon, Lin yuan returned to the table on the stage.

Some people were also preparing to leave but after seeing Lin Yuan on the stage again grabbing a pen, they immediately ran back from the door.

For them, it is really a pleasure to see Lin Yuan write calligraphy.

They don’t’ know why but it’s just a beautiful event to witness.

Even if they don’t understand, the sky-high price of 80 million that Ge Yuanshan offered just now is enough to capture the attention of many people.

And Lin Yuan didn’t care about other people’s look.

Under the extremely expectant eyes of Ge Yuanshan, Lin Yuan quickly grabbed the brush and wrote a line of poem.

He is more proficient this time than the last time, so Lin Yuan finished writing in ten seconds.

“Old man Ge, it’s finished. This is for you.”

Seeing Lin Yuan had finished writing, Ge Yuanshan rushed over to check.

Grabbing the writing of Lin Yuan, Ge Yuanshan immediately laughed.

While laughing, he read: “The lake is connected to distant mountains and it devours water from the Yangtze River; in dimension, it is vast and boundless…” (T/N: Yuanshan = distant mountains)

“Good! Very Good!’

Lin Yuan actually incorporated his name this time in his writing.

Although it is a taken from Fan Zhongyan’s poem ‘Tribute to Yueyang Tower’, it can still be seen that Lin Yuan has carefully thought about it.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s writing with his name on it, Ge Yunshan was very pleased.

Ge Yuanshan laughed so loud that some of the calligraphers nearby also leaned in to look.

The eyes that looked at Ge Yuanshan one by one became extremely envious.

They all thought that Lin Yuan will not be able to replicate his writing this time and that it would not be as good as the first one. After all, the quality depends on the state of the calligrapher.

But what they did not expect was that Lin Yuan’s calligraphy is just as great as the first one when wrote.

Excluding factors such as historical value, cultural value, and many others, this art with such a quality of calligraphy will definitely be the kind that will be noted in history.

For people like them who like calligraphy, it is simply too cool.

Seeing Ge Yuanshan’s beaming eyebrows and a proud look, many people who also liked calligraphy and who are also masters, couldn’t help it.

They turned to Lin Yuan, one after the other.

“Young man, can you write one for me too? I’ll pay…30 million!”

“This old man. You offered such a high price. Are you dying?! Kid… I mean Master! Can you also wrote me a scripture? I will give you my three school district houses in Qingyang District as payments!"

“You old thing are really shameless. Asking a young man for scriptures?! By the way, master, your calligraphy is indeed very good. I am eyeing you for my granddaughter. Could you please come and visit my house?”

Many people flocked at him.

Seeing these masters who are hard to find on usual days rush for Lin Yuan and asked to be given a scripture, the others were dumbfounded.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “I’m so sorry gentlemen but I only write scriptures twice a day. If I have time in the future, we can talk about it again.”

Lin Yuan isn’t short of money, so the enticing words of the people around him aren’t very attractive to him.

He refused without any hesitation.

After hearing Lin Yuan’s refusal, the calligraphy masters walked away really frustrated.

They had no choice but to give up. Looking at the calligraphy made by Lin Yuan in Ge Yuanshan’s hand, and the old man’s proud white eyebrows and white beards, they felt like they wanted to burn it.

After all the people left, Yu Shanshan jumped and hugged Lin Yuan’s arm and said coquettishly: “Cousin, I want you to write something for me too! You wrote something for Chi Qian and the old man. Write a sentence or two for me too!”

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