Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 269 I have a granddaughter!

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Ge Yuanshan stepped forward and said in a rather modest manner: “Master Lin, the writing you gave me is priceless, but can I pay you in return?”

Lin Yuan waved his hand and said, “No need, old man Ge. It is my gift to you. If I receive money, I would rather take it back.”

For Lin Yuan’s response, Ge Yuanshan was not surprised.

Because if Lin Yuan needed money, he would have accepted his offer to buy the writing earlier.

He also recognized that Lin Yuan is the young master of the Lin family in Jiangbei. He had seen him on the news about stock trading.

So, he did not mention this time how much he was willing to pay because he knew that Lin Yuan would refuse.

After Lin Yuan has turned down his offer once again, Ge Yuanshan was not discouraged. Instead, he smiled and said, “Thank you, Master Lin, for your gift. By the way, can I add your contact information, Master Lin? I really admire your skills. If you have the time, I would like to ask you for some advice.”

Hearing Ge Yuanshan said that he would like to ask Lin Yuan for advice in calligraphy as if putting him in higher than himself, everyone around was quite surprised.

Of course, astonishment is just as it is, but anyone with knowledge in calligraphy can understand.

Lin Yuan shall be the master and the teacher as he writes very well.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Of course, you can. We can communicate about calligraphy or something else.”

Lin Yuan smiled and added himself to Ge Yuanshan’s WeChat account.

Others begged to communicate with Ge Yuanshan, who generally disagrees with the idea but this time, he is happy to be added as Lin Yuan’s friend.

Ge Yuanshan smiled and said, “Actually, I have a granddaughter who writes calligraphy well. Then, I can introduce you to each other and let you communicate. To be honest, I really like Master Lin. You are young, yet talented and full of accomplishments.”

“And you are the Lin Yuan from the Lin family, right? You are young and promising! I really want my granddaughter to get to know you. If the relationship gets better, I can see you every day. My granddaughter is very good-looking.”

“But my granddaughter’s parents have already arranged a marriage for her when she was a baby, so she already has a fiancé. Of course, you also have a female partner that’s like a goddess. But in the future, maybe you can still meet and be friends.”

Ge Yuanshan was just joking. Although if he could, he really like Lin Yuan, and he would not decide on who her granddaughter shall marry. It’s improper to see Lin Yuan with two beauties by his side.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Well, if I have the time, I shall communicate with old man Ge’s granddaughter.”

Lin Yuan knew naturally what Ge Yuanshan meant by his words.

But it was because Ge Yuanshan was interested in Lin Yuan to be his granddaughter’s man, but of course, she already had a fiancé.

Ge Yuanshan didn’t know that Lin Yuan was actually after his granddaughter who already had a fiancé. He would not have laughed so happily with him, otherwise.

Ge Yuanshan didn’t know about it, so he still smiled and said. “Master Lin, I was a bit vulgar to use money to repay your gift today. But if you need anything in the future, you can find me.”

“I dare not say that I have much influence, but in the calligraphy world in Jiangbei, I am still a little famous. There is also the Ge family. Although the Ge family is not as powerful as the Lin family, if you have troubles and it is inconvenient for you to solve them, you can count on my help.”

Ge Yuanshan’s words are very clear.

He meant he owes Lin Yuan a favor.

Lin Yuan can call him anytime when he needs help.

Lin Yuan’s gift really meant a lot to Ge Yuanshan.

Studying Lin Yuan’s words that gathered the expertise of famous calligraphers over the ages, Ge Yuanshan felt that his calligraphy skills could still be improved!

Lin Yuan was quite satisfied with Ge Yuanshan’s words.

But he didn’t show it much and just waved his hand.

Under the attention of everyone, Ge Yuanshan and Lin Yuan, and the other two ladies, bid their farewell and left the Nancheng Calligraphy Exhibition.

When Lin Yuan walked out of the exhibition hall, Lin Yuan heard a system prompt in his mind.

【Ding! The plot at Nancheng Calligraphy Exhibition has been successfully reversed! Rewarded 2000 counterattack points! 】

When Lin Yuan heard the system prompt, he smiled slightly.

Sitting back on the Rolls Royce Phantom again, Lin Yuan plans to send Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan back to the school dormitory.

Sitting in the back seat, Chi Qian glanced at the writing given to her by Lin Yuan, and then at Lin Yuan who was seated on the driver’s seat. The corners of her mouth couldn’t help but curl slightly.

Chi Qian smiled and a pair of beautiful eyes focused on Lin Yuan as if nothing happened.

After seeing Chi Qian from the rearview mirror of the car, Lin Yuan also returned a smile.

The two looked at each other and then after a few seconds, they both looked away.

Chi Qian looked down on the words written by Lin Yuan as Lin Yuan was about to drive.

With the things that happened in the Nancheng Calligraphy Exhibition, Lin Yuan was quite satisfied.

Five points were added to Chi Qian’s favorability towards Lin Yuan.

Of course, it is not just a simple additional 5 points favorability.

Lin Yuan knew that Chi Qian is slowly becoming more and more interested and fascinated with him.

Using an analogy, Chi Qian is like a beautiful and powerful mermaid, suffocatingly perfect.

But it was caught by Lin Yuan’s net and Chi Qian hit the net herself.

There are many treasures on the fishing net that fascinated the mermaid. The treasures are more beautiful than the perfect scales on her body.

Chi Qian was attracted by the treasures but wanted to break free from the fishing net.

To break free Chi Qian could only struggle with all her strength.

The perfect mermaid has her own self-confidence and pride.

But the net is very tough and contained treasures that attract her and make her want to look back.

Only by breaking through this tough fishing net can the mermaid return to her original appearance.

However, Lin Yuan is quite confident that the fishing net would only get tougher until he successfully wraps the mermaid, and serve her as a dumpling.

Of course, these are just metaphors.

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian are not actual enemies.

On the contrary, the two are actually attracted to and interested in each other.

However, the mutual attraction meant that her feelings had some effect on her instincts.

Lin Yuan knew that if he wanted to fully capture the mermaid, just catching her is not enough.

The perfect mermaid still has her own pride.

It’s already difficult to capture her.

But Lin Yuan’s goal is not only to capture the mermaid Chi Qian…

He wants to be the Sea King!

So, the mermaid has to be captured thoroughly and be dominated completely.

The mermaid’s pride makes it even harder.

But Lin Yuan was not in a hurry. The mermaid’s tail has been entangled already, which is at least a good start.

In addition to getting Chi Qian’s attention, Lin Yuan also succeeded in getting on the good side of Ge Yuanshan.

Ge Yuanshan even admired Lin Yuan, which is a good thing.

Although, Lin Yuan hadn’t considered Ge Yuanshan when planning to get close to Ye Feng’s fiancée, Yun Yaxuan, the young lady of the Yun family.

However, having a good relationship with Ge Yuanshan would definitely be beneficial to his plan.

After roughly sorting out his harvest for the day, Lin Yuan drove and prepared to send Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan back to the dormitory.

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian didn’t say much along the way and only had their own thoughts. But Yu Shanshan is still very lively and talked non-stop.

In the cheerful atmosphere brought about by Yu Shanshan, Lin Yuan quickly drove back to Jiangbei Conservatory of Music.

The gate of the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music which was wide open when they came out has now shut close tightly.

There is only a small doorway for the pedestrians to enter and exit.

Seeing the gate was closed. Yu Shanshan suddenly remembered and then said to Lin Yuan, “By the way, the school gate closes at 10 every night. I forgot to tell you before.”

Yu Shanshan explained.

If it is too late, the main gate will be closed and only a small door will be opened.

And after a meal and going to the calligraphy exhibition, their time has been consumed up to the closure of the gate.

“Then, what to do? Are you going back through this small door?”

Today, he drove with them using his car.

Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan’s dormitory is inside the school, which is quite far from the gate, about several kilometers away and they will have to walk for a while.

Chi Qian said, “In addition to this door, there is also another small door at the back, we can still enter from there. If we walk back to the dormitory from there, it will be much closer."

Hearing Chi Qian’s words, Yu Shanshan nodded again and again. “Yes, yes. There is a small door. Brother, please send Qian Qian to the small door.”

“Huh? Send Qian Qian to the small door? What about you?” Lin Yuan sensed something with Yu Shanshan’s words.

“Me? I…I have a wife whose dormitory is nearby. My wife said she wants me to sleep with her. So, tonight I plan to go to her dormitory and sleep with her! Hehehe!” Yu Shanshan showed a rather wretched smile, a sharp contrast to her lovely face.

“Stop talking. I will get off of the car. The trail is a bit dark, and Qian Qian is afraid of the dark. Also, it is not safe for girls to walk alone in the dark. Cousin, remember, you must send Chi Qian at the dormitory grounds!” After pulling the door and getting out of the car, Yu Shanshan shouted.

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