Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 270 Can I hold you?

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Yu Shanshan wanted to run away quickly, but Lin Yuan asked for her to stop.

“Wait! It’s not safe for you to walk alone.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s call, Yu Shanshan turned her head and gave Lin Yuan a hateful look.

In fact, besides looking for her wife, Yu Shanshan also wanted to give Lin Yuan and Chi Qian an opportunity to be alone.

Although Lin Yuan always bullied her, Lin Yuan gave her writing as well today.

Lin Yuan naturally knew Yu Shanshan’s intention.

Although it is a good thing that the light bulb, Yu Shanshan will be missing, and to be alone with Chi Qian while sending her back to the dormitory, Lin Yuan still feels uneasy about Yu Shanshan walking alone on her own to get to her wife’s dormitory.

It is already night and dark after all. Yu Shanshan is unlike Chi Qian who can beat a dozen or so without a problem.

Yu Shanshan is but a weak girl.

Although he is very interested in Chi Qian, Lin Yuan had not reached the point of forgetting his own sister.

So, Lin Yuan said to Yu Shanshan, “It’s not safe for you to walk alone at this night. Although you are not as good-looking and even far worse than Chi Qian, I am still a little worried that there might be a bad guy who won’t open his eyes.”

“It’s okay! Cousin, send Qian Qian back home!” Yu Shanshan waved her hand.

“Alright, I’ll let you sleep with your wife, but we will send you there first.” Lin Yuan said.

Li Yuan turned to Chi Qian after speaking.

Chi Qian also nodded: “Yes, Shanshan, I’m worried if you leave alone. Brother Lin Yuan and I will send you downstairs the dormitory.”

“Okay.” Yu Shanshan could only nod helplessly.

“What’s the deal? I am brave.” You Shanshan said quite proudly.

But despite saying that, she was still very happy and a little touched with Lin Yuan and Chi Qian insisting that they send her first to her wife’s dormitory, especially Lin Yuan.

Although this cousin would always bully her and pinched her in the face all day long, he still cares about her.

Lin Yuan even set aside a big beauty like Chi Qian and insisted on sending her to her wife’s home before sending Chi Qian to their dormitory. It’s not too bad.

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but show happiness on her face.

“But cousin, you don’t want to see secretly how my wife looks like, do you? Didn’t you say that you won’t do anything wrong?” Yu Shanshan who was originally moved looked suspiciously at Lin Yuan at this time.

Lin Yuan pinched her small face and said: “You got it. Let’s go. Lead the way.”

With a grimace, Yu Shanshan walked forward.

And Lin Yuan and Chi Qian also walked with Yu Shanshan.

Chi Qian looked a few times at Lin Yuan while they were walking.

She was surprised by Lin Yuan’s behavior.

Both Lin Yuan and Chi Qian knew that Yu Shanshan wanted them to be alone.

But what surprised Chi Qian was that Lin Yuan did not agree directly, but instead offered to send Yu Shanshan back first.

This behavior is really good.

【Ding! Chi Qian&#apos;s favorability +1! Reward 100 counterattack points! 】

A system prompt sounded in Lin Yuan’s mind.

Lin Yuan smiled slightly.

Originally, he planned to send Yu Shanshan to her wife’s dormitory, but he didn’t pay much attention to it.

It was a good thing that Chi Qian liked his actions.

Just like Yu Shanshan said, her wife’s dormitory is not far from the school gate.

After Lin Yuan and Chi Qian walked with Yu Shanshan for about four to five minutes, they arrived at their destination.

“Go up. Go to bed early and remember to send me a message when you get there, or I will tell your mother that you didn’t go home at night.” Lin Yuan smiled.

“Okay, I know it already, very annoying.” Yu Shanshan waved her hand.

“Here!” Yu Shanshan put her impatient little face close to Lin Yuan.

“What’s the matter?” Lin Yuan and Chi Qian found Yu Shanshan’s sudden movements weird.

“Didn’t you always liked pinching my face the most? This is a reward for sending me here first. You pinch it.”


Looking at Yu Shanshan’s foolishness, Lin Yuan and Chi Qian couldn’t help but laugh.

Lin Yuan touched Yu Shanshan’s face, without pinching. Yu Shanshan nodded in satisfaction.

This trick of Yu Shanshan letting Lin Yuan pinch her face making him definitely unable to do so.

But Yu Shanshan’s thoughts are all over her face.

So, Lin Yuan pinched her face heavily.

“Ah!” Yu Shanshan screamed as she was pinched hard.

Yu Shanshan looked incredulous. “Can you really do something to the cute me?”

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “It’s okay. Don’t be petty. Get out of here. I still have to send Qian Qian back, and the dormitory might be closed anytime soon.”

Yu Shanshan who was about to go up pouted her mouth, but her eyes suddenly lit up suddenly as she pointed to a short distance behind them and said, “Brother! Look! There’s a pair of beautiful twin loli!”

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian both looked back, and it was true that there were a pair of beauties who were of the same height walking on the road. Although the lights were dim and their faces not very clear, but they should look good. They are not tall and thin, so they are indeed counted as lolis.

Anyone can tell from Yu Shanshan’s drooling.

“They look so tender. They should be freshmen or high school students.” Yu Shanshan said excitedly.

Lin Yuan nodded: “Yes.”

Yu Shanshan said excitedly, “I really want to hit up a conversation. Think about being able to hug them left and right. My heart is pounding!”

“Okay. Stop dreaming. Get going.” Lin Yuan pushed and hurried Yu Shanshan to go up.

Then, Lin Yuan turned around and prepared to send Chi Qian back to their dormitory.

When they turned around, the twin loli had disappeared, and Lin Yuan didn’t pay attention much.

After they returned to the car, Lin Yuan drove Chi Qian to the back gate of the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music.

The gate at the back is smaller than the front gate, but like the main gate, it is closed. There is only a small door for pedestrians to walk through.

Lin Yuan pulled the car door and let Chi Qian out. “Qian Qian, I’ll take you back to your dormitory.”

“Okay.” Chi Qian nodded.

They went into that small door. It is already late at this time, so the people are already very sparse.

Only the dim light reflected the ground, accompanied by the cold breeze and the maple leaves rolled up in the cold breeze.

Lin Yuan occasionally looked at Chi Qian while walking.

Even if the light is dim, you can still see her beauty. Her waist-length hair flutters gently with the breeze.

With the crescent eyebrows, beautiful eyes, and clothes, her beauty is like that of a fairy in a painting.

Chi Qian occasionally looked at Lin Yuan too, not knowing what to think about.

Both of them maintained a tacit silence. But the atmosphere was not awkward.

The road was led mainly by Chi Qian.

Lin Yuan hasn’t walked through the back door after all.

After passing the dimly lit road, Chi Qian led Lin Yuan to a tall stone staircase.

The stone staircase looked a little old, broken, and narrow and there was almost no light, only a little moonlight reflected into the green grass and mottled moss.

Chi Qian explained: “If you go back to the dormitory from the back door, you will have to go through this. This had been due for repair for a long time. But because not many people get through here, even the light is broken, no one repairs it.”

“Ok.” Lin Yuan nodded.

The stairs are quite high, about a few hundred steps. The steps are very small and can only accommodate one or two people at once, plus there is no light.

But maybe because there are only a few people, there are several couples walking on the stone ladder holding hands.

If you go up the stone ladder in parallel, it will be very crowded.

So, Lin Yuan and Chi Qian walked one after another.

The stone ladder is a bit slippery and dangerous to climb.

So, Lin Yuan turned his head to Chi Qian and said, “Qian Qian, the steps are a bit slippery. Let me hold you along.”

The steps are slippery, and it may be dangerous so Lin Yuan’s words are not very sudden.

Hearing what Lin Yuan said. Chi Qian raised her eyebrows slightly and her eyes moved a few times.

But after about a second Chi Qian still replied softly: “Okay.”

Chi Qian agreed.

Lin Yuan was not surprised by Chi Qian’s initial reaction.

What he asked specifically was a kind of temptation.

There is a logical reason for people to hold hands while climbing the stairs, just like the couples did.

However, both Chi Qian and Lin Yuan’s abilities are extraordinary, so it’s not really necessary to hold hands.

The reason why Lin Yuan took the initiative to speak was that he was testing.

How does Chi Qian feel about him after her favorability has increased to this point?

If someone else had asked Chi Qian to hold hands, she wouldn’t have agreed naturally.

Chi Qin already has more than two dozen favorability points for Lin Yuan.

Still, it was not easy for Chi Qian.

But Lin Yuan was a little surprised for Chi Qian to agree quickly.

He thought Chi Qian would think for a few more seconds.

After all, Chi Qian doesn’t like getting in close contact with people.

But Lin Yuan also understood in an instant.

It can be estimated that Lin Yuan is testing the waters, and so was Chi Qian.

Chi Qian wouldn’t deny that her heart had been moved by Lin Yuan several times, although she didn’t know exactly what it meant, but it was obviously not because she liked him.

Chi Qian doesn’t like getting in close contact with other people but Chi Qian would like to give it a try. If both parties agree, how can you resist?

After not much contemplation, Lin Yuan directly reached out for Chi Qian’s hand.

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