Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 272 Lure the snake out of the cave! Returning home!

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Chen Qu is a chess piece that the Chen family has buried in the Lin family for more than ten years.

Since they came to Jiangbei from Yanjing, they have begun to make necessary arrangements.

Other chess pieces that they have sneaked into the major families have been discovered one after the other due to carelessness.

It’s really hard to lurk in the families and not get caught.

But out of all, Chen Qu is the most promising chess piece.

As a chess piece, Chen Qu had managed to enter the core of the Lin Group, which is simply unimaginable.

And Chen Qu also played a vital role in the future layout of the Chen family.

But Chen Meng didn’t expect that the Lin family would catch Chen Qu and feed him to the sharks as punishment!

How can’t this make people angry?!

It’s like a duck that’s already being cooked suddenly flew away. (T/N: lose what one has got; fail to seize an opportunity when it’s available.)

Seeing that Chen Meng was so angry, the Chen family member who reported just bowed his head and said nothing.

“You can leave now.” Chen Meng waved his hand.

The Chen family member hurriedly left the living room.

But after the Chen family member left, Chen Meng’s original angry expression subsided. He restored his calm.

After regaining his calm self, Chen Meng turned his head and said to someone: “Xiao Feng, Chen Qu is dead. My first plan is a failure and basically impossible to implement. What should we do next to the Lin family? Any idea?”

The person Chen Meng asked was Ye Feng.

Ye Feng was seated in a wheelchair at this time.

It’s not that he couldn’t walk because he injured his foot. He can walk but that would only aggravate his injury. Moreover, there are still ticking drips on his wheelchair.

Ye Feng’s appearance at this time was much better than when he was just attacked by Lin Yuan.

But…his state is still miserable.

At this time, most of Ye Feng’s head is covered with bandages and a piece of gauze was attached to his left ear and another to his left eye.

He was like a one-eyed dragon!

His original handsomeness had long disappeared since.

Only a horrible feeling and very gloomy temperament were left.

That shot of Lin Yuan had really changed his life.

At that time, almost half of his head was gone, from the left part of his skull, his left ear, his left eye…

The handsome face that he had always been proud of disappeared in an instant.

He is now a disabled person who is half-blind and half deaf.

He originally had that tall and strong figure that had been trained as a mercenary for many years which was not appropriate to match that handsome face.

But now the stronger he gets, the more frightening he looks., just like a bandit terrorist.

Ye Feng’s favorite is to pick up girls, and that shot of Lin Yuan had stripped him off of his hobbies, his life, his dignity, his everything…

All is gone.

For his injury, his master came out of the mountains to treat him personally.

It would have been hard to say if he can live or die, if otherwise.

Lin Yuan was so cruel. Ye Feng didn’t expect that at that time, even in front of Chen Meng and Luo Yinghao, Lin Yuan would dare shoot him in the head.

Originally, Ye Feng had his self-confidence and planned to rely on himself.

But Lin Yuan was like his natural enemy who frustrated him every step of the way.

He is still considered a guest and a confidant of the Chen family.

But Ye Feng knew that this was mostly due to the help of his master, as well as his master’s influence.

For Ye Feng, except for Chen Meng’s life-saving grace, no one else among the Chen family treated him as a guest. It would be nice if they did not look down on him or hide away when they see him.

Ye Feng hated Lin Yuan very much.

He has never hated a person this much in his life.

Lin Yuan ruined his life; with a single shot, he had plunged him into the abyss.

However, Ye Feng has controlled his anger issues.

After experiencing Gu Qingshan’s death, as well as his life and death moment, he has not been as impulsive as before.

But every time he thinks about Lin Yuan, he still encounters nightmares.

Seeing Ye Feng’s contemplative appearance, Chen Meng shouted: “Xiao Feng! Are you okay?”

Ye Feng was awakened by Chen Meng’s shout. Ye Feng nodded and said: “It’s okay, Uncle Chen. You just asked, how do we deal with the Lin family?”

“Yes.” Chen Meng nodded.

In fact, he prefers the Ye Feng now more than before he was attacked.

The previous Ye Feng was young and impulsive and didn’t like to use his personal connections.

After suffering such a tragic blow, Ye Feng became more reserved and more rational.

And he also began to use his contacts, while his master and some others also took the initiative to come out.

Although his master went back after healing him, he was still very useful to Ye Feng and the Chen family.

Of course, Chen Meng wouldn’t say these things to Ye Feng.

In recent days, Ye Feng had also put forward a number of useful suggestions on how to take down the Lin family.

The layout of the Lin family was done by Chen Meng together with the other family members, as well as Ye Feng.

Most of them are around Chen Qu.

But as soon as Chen Qu was eradicated, their plan has basically become a castle in the sky. (T/N: unrealistic, fantasy)

The most critical piece is missing.

How could they even enjoy the castle?

So, they can only revise their plan.

After thinking for a while, Ye Feng responded, “Since the first plan has failed, we basically have no chance but to attack the Lin family directly. After all, the Lin family is the behemoth in Jiangbei."

“Without Chen Qu, the possibility of destroying the Lin Group is too small.”

“My suggestion is to lead the snake out of the cave. Start with Lin Yuan’s businesses. Lin Yuan’s own power cannot confront us head-on. When the Lin family and the Lin Group interferes, then we shall launch an offensive against the Lin family.” Ye Feng said.

Hearing Ye Feng’s words, Chen Meng began to think.

What Ye Feng said makes sense.

Originally, his confidence that he can destroy the Lin family relied on Chen Qu.

It really is a great advantage to have an insider combined with an external attack.

With Chen Qu gone, it has become more difficult to directly attack the Lin family.

Even if the Chen family’s roots are deeper than that of the Lin family, it is still better to have Ye Feng and his huge network behind him.

If they take their offense alone, the Chen family can kill a thousand but will have eight hundred casualties on their side.

That is not a wise thing to do

However, as Ye Feng said, they can aim at Lin Yuan’s own power first.

Could Ye Feng’s hatred towards Lin Yuan be the driving force for such a suggestion?

Sentimentality is unacceptable in this kind of major decision-making.

Only rational decision-making will help them succeed.

At this time, Chen Meng couldn’t see through Ye Feng’s bandages, but it is evident that Ye Feng did not suggest this out of his own sentiments.

After thinking for a while, Chen Meng nodded and said, “Okay. What you just said makes more sense. Let’s target Lin Yuan’s companies first and lure him out of his cave.”

“But…you can’t just focus on targeting Lin Yuan’s companies. Our other hand should work as well, otherwise, the Lin family and the Lin Group will have too much extra energy. Apart from Chen Qu, I still have a bomb to detonate the Lin family from within. Both our hands shall act together.”

Ye Feng nodded: “Well, Uncle Chen is so much more thorough.”

“But in fact, Lin Yuan alone is not very easy to deal with. Broth…Brother Qingshan and I have suffered so many losses. So, in fact, if we attack him directly, it makes him more vigilant. This person, Lin Yuan, will not act carelessly.”

“So, I have another suggestion, that is, we can lure Lin Yuan out of his cave, and we can use him as well to led out the Lin family. We can use Yan Ruyue and the Yan family to lure Lin Yuan out. Lin Yuan has a close relationship with the Yan family.”

As Ye Feng spoke, some dangerous light flashed in his eyes.

Chen Meng nodded repeatedly while hearing Ye Feng’s words. “Okay! That is a good idea. When you recover completely, we shall call Chen Zheng and Luo Yinghao to discuss the details.”

“Okay.” Ye Feng nodded.

His head was shattered into a small piece, but he became more sober than ever.

Lin Yuan has become his worst nightmare. And he wants to use the very head that Lin Yuan shattered to calculate Lin Yuan’s death!

“It’s a pity that the well-known doctor Jiang to whom we made an appointment said she couldn’t come. Otherwise, Ye Feng, you should have been healed completely by now.” Chen Meng sighed.

“It’s okay. I will only need a few days to heal anyway.” Ye Feng smiled, looking all optimistic.

Chen Meng even saw Ye Feng showing a rather happy smile.

What Chen Meng didn’t know was that his master had sent Ye Feng a message which has lightened up his mood.

The message says Ye Feng’s fiancée, who had been arranged for him since they were a child, is going back to Jiangbei!

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