Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 273 Ye Feng’s fiancée!

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When he was young, Ye Feng’s master helped arrange a betrothal to a big family, the Yun family, during his medical treatment.

Ye Feng’s fiancée is Yun Yaxuan, who is said to be very gentle and pleasant, and with a very outstanding appearance. She is said to be one of the four great beauties in Jiangbei.

Not only is she good-looking and gentle in character, but she is also a talented and wise girl. She is good at piano, chess, and calligraphy.

She is very much interested in traditional culture.

In short, she is the perfect wife material.

But Ye Feng has never met Yun Yaxuan.

When Yun Yaxuan was in China, Ye Feng worked as a mercenary abroad.

When Ye Feng returned to China, Yuan Yaxuan went to the US to study at Harvard.

So Ye Feng missed chances to meet his fiancée.

Although he has always been in romantic relationships with countless women, recently he has been extremely frustrated.

He had an outstanding appearance in the past.

As long as he hooked his fingers, women flock to him.

But now, he has to spend money to hook up with women.

And he can’t move now, he can only depend on the women to move.

But those women who aren’t actually his type held the money and looked at him with a little contempt when they move.

Because of this, Ye Feng had beaten a number of women.

However, with the support of the Chen family, those women were easily shut.

Ye Feng is a little afraid that Yun Yaxuan will be scared of him because of his appearance.

However, his master said that Yun Yaxuan’s temperament is very traditional.

If you marry a chicken follow the chicken, if you marry a dog follow the dog. (T/N: Once a girl attaches herself to a man, she must be faithful to him forever regardless of the circumstances.)

She has never objected to the betrothal arranged by her family.

So, Ye Feng looked forward to Yun Yaxuan’s return to China.

Also, she is one of the four big beauties in Jiangbei.

Since she can’t have Yan Ruyue, Yun Yaxuan should be a better choice!

When the time comes, he plans to destroy the Lin and the Yan family.

He must spoil Yun Yaxuan with extravagance in front of Yan Ruyue and Lin Yuan.

He would let Yan Ruyue realize how wrong of a choice to turn her back on him and choose Lin Yuan!

Ye Feng was looking forward to Yun Yaxuan’s return at this time.

But what he didn’t know, even long before he expected it, Lin Yuan had already gathered information on Yun Yaxuan and laid out his plan for Ye Feng’s fiancée.



On the other side, Lin Yuan has returned home.

He laid on the bed after taking a shower.

Lin Yuan checked his personal attributes panel.

【Host: Lin Yuan】

【Counterattack Points: 10000】

【Wealth value: 17 billion】


【Strength: 200+, Speed: 200+, Reaction: 200 +, Charisma: 200 +, physique:200+】


【Medical Skills: Divine Level, Piano: Divine Level, Singing: Divine Level, Calligraphy: Divine Level, Equestrianism: Divine Level, Fighting: Divine Level, Pistol: Divine Level, Sniping: Divine Level, Stocks: Advanced, Antique Appraisal: Advanced, Tai Chi: Advanced, Chess: Advanced, Car Skill: Intermediate, Violin: Intermediate, English: Elementary,… 】

【Favorability Panel: 】

【Yan Ruyue: 80, Qiu Wanxi: 99, Qiao Siying: 0, Chi Qian: 27, Gui Qingtong: 94, Mei Yuxian: 82】

【Loyalty Panel:】

【Wang Ergou: 95, Shi Shengnan: 90, Chen Yu: 80】

【Fate Value:】

【Ye Feng: 670 (67% remaining)】

He originally had only 4000 counterattack points after upgrading his calligraphy skills to the divine level today.

After adding the points he earned today, Lin Yuan still has ten thousand counterattack points.

Looking at his ten thousand counterattack points, Lin Yuan assigned 20 attribute points each to his strength, physique, and charisma.

A total of 6,000 counterattack points was consumed and only 4000 were left.

Lin Yuan intends to keep the remaining in case of emergency.

Strength and physique are the attributes that enhance combat effectiveness the most.

As for the charm, he wanted to see how handsome he would look.

After adding some to his strength and physique, Lin Yuan immediately felt the difference.

His strength was immeasurable.

Looking at his room, it seems, there is nothing he can lift to test his strength.

Lin Yuan stared at the bed under him.

The bed is huge.

Lin Yuan’s room is also very big, after all.

So, it is acceptable to have a huge bed.

Lin Yuan got out of the bed.

Then, Lin Yuan grabbed the edge of the bed and lifted the same with one hand.

Lin Yuan could easily raise this bed of several hundred jin, with just one hand.

“It’s still too light to test my strength.” Lin Yuan shook his head.

Both Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan were downstairs when they heard the noise.

Meng Yuelan was a little worried when she heard such sound, “Yuan’er, what’s going on there?”

Lin Jianjun shook his head and put his fingers in front of his lips and said in hissing tone: “The young man is full of energy. Don’t disturb him.”

Meng Yuelan nodded and suddenly realized. “Indeed, Yuan’er is young and energetic. It seems that we need to put him on the agenda to find our daughter-in-law. I think the daughter of the Yan family is still favorable. She seems to be very fond of our son. Why don’t we go to Song Xuan and discuss it?”

“That little girl from the Mei family, named Qingtong seems promising. And if we can make a good relationship with the Mei family, it will be beneficial for both families.”


Both Meng Yuelan and Lin Jianjun began contemplating.

They used to worry that Lin Yuan would not be able to find a wife.

Now, they are thinking about which daughter-in-law they would gladly accept.

Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan thought that Lin Yuan is doing some ‘solo action’ in his room.

After roughly testing his strength, Lin Yuan turned to the mirror and look at it repeatedly.

He found out that after raising his charism by 20 attribute points, he became even more handsome.

If he wore women’s clothing, it is estimated that compare to the 100 points beauty of Chi Qian, it is not much worse…

“Wait. That’s not right. What am I thinking?!”

Lin Yuan shook his head and threw away the strange thoughts.

After checking, Lin Yuan fell asleep too.



On the next day, in the morning, Lin Yuan got up immediately.

As soon as he woke up, he called Long Wu first.

He wanted to ask about the recent developments in Xiling District.

Although the ownership of the Xiling District had been drawn up, it is not yet officially sent to the people concerned for them to accept and settle in.

After Long Wu explained the situation, Lin Yuan personally went to the Xiling District.

Lin Yuan knew more about the Xiling District and the Chen family compared to Long Wu.

One morning, Lin Yuan directly took the remnants of the Qingshan Gang in Xiling District and all the wealth of the Chen family.

And he roughly planned the company’s development route and so on.

Lin Yuan didn’t leave until noon until everything is sorted out.

After solving all these things, Lin Yuan went to Jiangbei First People&#apos;s Hospital.

He met with Qiu Wanxi and Jiang Rou.

After having a meal with them, Lin Yuan checked Qiu Wanxi’s condition.

Qiu Wanxi is basically getting better.

“You can be discharged from the hospital tonight or tomorrow."

Lin Yuan said to Qiu Wanxi and Jiang Rou: “Call me if you can leave the hospital tonight, or when the time comes. And then Wanxi, stay with Dr. Jiang for a few more days, until you have fully recovered. After that time, you can return to Hope Cake Shop. You can also go to my Riverview villa in Zhaoyang District.”

“Wanxi, take care of your body first, and then you can consider returning to the cake shop.”

While talking, Lin Yuan handed over the key of the villa to Qiu Wanxi.

Lin Yuan’s villa is in Zhaoyang District.

It was given to him by Song Xuan when he treated her for the first time.

The villa is very big, but he has not been there many times.

It’s not a bad idea to let Qiu Wanxi stay there to recover for a while.

The bed in the Hope Cake Shop is too small.

Lin Yuan knew that Qiu Wanxi already wanted to go further with him.

Lin Yuan also planned to ‘eat’ her after she has recovered.

So, it is better to let her go to the Riverview Villa for her to recover fast.

“Okay.” Qiu Wanxi happily took the key.

Seeing Lin Yuan directly handing out the key to the Riverview Villa, Jiang Rou’s expression was also happy.

It’s not that she worships money. She actually earns a lot in a year.

However, this kind of villa is estimated to cost several hundred million.

Lin Yuan giving the key directly, it looks like a domineering president!

She likes it!

Jiang Rou also nodded and said: ”Okay. I will take care of Wanxi for a few more days.”

After giving several instructions, Lin Yuan left the Jiangbei First People&#apos;s Hospital.

Lin Yuan drove to the Mei family’s mansion.

He is going to discuss something with Mei Yuxian.

And talking about Mei Yuxian, it is not only her who longed for Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan also missed Mei Yuxian very much.

Mei Yuxian is simply too tempting.

Fortunately, Lin Yuan’s physique is high enough.

Otherwise, Lin Yuan was afraid that he would become ‘dry’ in the next three or five years.

Soon, Lin Yuan came to Mei’s mansion.

But it was not the plump beauty Mei Yuxian who greeted him…

It is the delicate girl, Gui Qingtong!

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