Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 274 Moved!

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Lin Yuan drove his luxury car directly to Mei’s mansion.

At the Mei Mansion, Gui Qingtong had already received the news that Lin Yuan will be coming in the afternoon.

So she kept staring from the second floor of the mansion while reading a book, waiting for Lin Yuan’s arrival.

And when she saw Lin Yuan’s familiar luxury car, Gui Qingtong hurried downstairs.

The door opened and Lin Yuan saw the pretty girl Gui Qingtong, who came to him and greeted him.

“Good afternoon, Brother Lin Yuan!” Gui Qingtong said crisply.

Gui Qingtong was the one who opened the door.

And the happy look in Gui Qingtong tells Lin Yuan that she must know he was coming, and so she must have waited for him.

Lin Yuan looked at Gui Qingtong and responded. “Good afternoon Qingtong.”

Gui Qingtong should be just at home today because she wears thin clothes.

She was only wearing a pink nightdress.

Two of her white lotus arms and shoulders were exposed.

Half of her thighs were also exposed.

But they are different from Mei Yuxian’s.

Gui Qingtong is still cute.

In other words, her flat chest makes it difficult for her to wear other styles.

Coupled with the immature and young face, Qingtong is simply a youthful and lovely girl.

There is a big bow on the chest of this pink nightdress.

But why does Lin Yuan have a strange feeling that the pink nightdress Gui Qingtong was wearing looked awfully familiar?

Lin Yuan took a closer look.

Isn’t that the same sleepwear Mei Yuxian wore after they spent the night together and she had to change her clothes?

It’s not that Lin Yuan’s memory is poor, but when the same clothes were worn by Mei Yuxian and Gui Qingtong, they looked like entirely different sets of clothes.

One is sexy and makes your legs weak, while the other is cute enough to explode.

It’s very strange.

This only goes to show that clothes do not pick people.

“Brother Lin Yuan, are you going to park the car? Come in as soon as you have parked.” Gui Qingtong said.

“Well, I turned the engine off.” Lin Yuan nodded.

Seeing Lin Yuan came in, Gui Qingtong immediately closed the door and then led Lin Yuan into Mei’s mansion.

Upon entering, Gui Qingtong poured Lin Yuan a cup of tea.

While drinking the tea, Lin Yuan asked, “Where is Sister Yuxian?”

Lin Yuan mainly came to discuss the Chen family with Mei Yuxian today.

When Lin Yuan mentioned her mother as soon as he spoke, Gui Qingtong flattened her mouth and didn’t answer immediately.

Qui Qingtong replied in a very unpleasant tone: “Brother Lin Yuan asked about my mom? My mom is still busy at the company, but she will be back very soon. Excuse me, but Brother Lin Yuan would have to sit down again and wait a while.”

Seeing Gui Qingtong’s wrinkled expression, how would Lin Yuan not know her thoughts?

Lin Yuan touched Gui Qingtong’s head and smile and said, “It’s okay. Sister Yuxian need not hurry. There is such a cute Qingtong here to accompany me, right?”

“Hehe!” Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Gui Qingtong couldn’t help but smile immediately.

Her crescent eyes while smiling looked very cute.

Gui Qingtong was obviously very happy and satisfied with Lin Yuan’s words.

Looking at the game console and the big screen in the hall, Lin Yuan said, “Let’s play a game first while waiting for Sister Yuxian."

In the lobby on the second floor of the Mei Mansion, there are two pairs of 3d glasses, a game console, and two handles. These look like sets of VR game equipment.

When Gui Qingtong heard Lin Yuan asked him to play games together, Gui Qingtong was very happy at first.

But then she hesitated: “I should be studying now, Brother Lin Yuan. Didn’t you and my mother agreed before that if I get admitted to the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music and I graduated, then I can marry you?”

“I want to work hard to get my mother’s permission to marry you, by getting admitted and graduating from the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music.”

Gui Qingtong was quite serious.

Lin Yuan listened carefully and found that Gui Qingtong’s voice was slightly hoarse at this time.

He thought Gui Qingtong accidentally ate something that hurt her throat.

Now, Listening to Gui Qingtong’s words, it is estimated that the hoarseness of her voice was due to her efforts to practice singing in order to be admitted to the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music.

Lin Yuan saw a professional music book on the sofa by the window.

Lin Yuan was moved, thinking that Gui Qingtong waited for his arrival while reading a music book and stared at the door from the window of the second floor.

Of course, Gui Qingtong can’t say this to him.

Under Mei Yuxian’s supervision, Gui Qingtong has always been an excellent child.

But now she works even harder.

In the past, Gui Qingtong was like a salted fish. (T/N: salted fish = people who have no intention of doing anything; carefree)

But after learning she can marry Lin Yuan after she graduates from Jiangbei Conservatory of Music, Gui Qingtong began to study very hard.

This was the condition of her mother, Mei Yuxian.

But Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian only said the condition casually.

They just said it to pacify Gui Qingtong.

This is what adults call a white lie.

But Gui Qingtong is very serious about it.

So, this made Lin Yuan feel really moved.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s eyes kept staring at her, Gui Qingtong blinked her big watery eyes twice.

She was a little confused but also very shy and happy.

Then, Lin Yuan stretched out his arms and hugged Gui Qingtong’s arms directly.

“Huh?” Gui Qingtong was quite surprised and confused by Lin Yuan’s sudden movement.

But she did not feel disgusted at all.

On the contrary, she felt very happy.

Lin Yuan also let go immediately.

It wasn’t because Gui Qingtong is too skinny and except for the young girl’s softness, it felt much worse than Mei Yuxian.

The main reason is that he wants to treat Gui Qingtong’s throat.

After releasing Gui Qingtong, Lin Yuan raised his hand and touched Gui Qigtong’s throat.

Seeing Lin Yuan raised his hand, Gui Qingtong thought he was trying to touch his face or something but Lin Yuan actually wanted to touch her throat.

While touching her throat, Lin Yuan asked, “Did you overuse your voice recently? Although practicing to sing is good, it should only be moderate.”

Gui Qingtong tried so hard, now she can’t even sing properly.

Lin Yuan was a little moved by the hard work of this extremely cute girl, and also a little bit guilty.

“Uh… Uh…” Gui Quingtong didn’t expect that Lin Yuan would comment on her throat problem.

Although she really wanted Lin Yuan to recognize and notice her efforts, but she hasn’t even achieved any good results yet. She didn’t want Lin Yuan to worry about her.

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