Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 275 Glaring eyes!

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Lin Yuan touched Gui Qingtong’s throat again and said, “I know you are trying so hard so that you can be admitted to Jiangbei Conservatory of Music, but your body is most important, understand?”

“Hmmmn.” Gui Qingtong nodded.

“Have you taken throat lozenges recently?” Lin Yuan asked.

“I have been taking them these past few days.” Gui Qingtong nodded.

“Those are mainly for moisturizing the throat. You overused your voice, so those lozenges won’t help you enough.” Lin Yuan said.

“I will prescribe you with medicinal materials including Pinellia ternata, Magnolia Obovata, Dried tangerine peel, Tuckahoe, Perilla leaves…” Lin Yuan said.

Upon hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Gui Qingtong nodded obediently.

Then the people quickly sent the medicinal materials.

Because Gui Qingtong is physically weak, Mei Yuxian has always prepared medicinal materials and supplements for Gui Qingtong.

Especially after Lin Yuan gave Mei Yuxian some prescription last time.


Therefore, Gui Qingtong’s family is quite complete with various medicinal materials.

The medicinal materials were soon delivered.

Under Gui Qingtong’s curious little eyes, Lin Yuan adjusted the proportions of these Chinese medicinal materials, then went into the kitchen to find a clean pot and put in the medicinal materials to cook.

“Brother Lin Yuan, are you giving Qingtong the medicine to heal her throat?” Gui Qingtong blinked her big eyes and guessed Lin Yuan’s thoughts.

“Yes.” Lin Yuan nodded.

“Wow! Brother Lin Yuan, you can heal my throat?!” Gui Qingtong had no doubt but was surprised that Lin Yuan also has a talent for healing.

“I have a little bit of knowledge. Did your mother give you a lot of Chinese medicine recently? I gave your mother the list of medicines.” Lin Yuan rubbed Gui Qingtong’s little head.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Gui Qingtong’s eyes widened: “Brother Lin Yuan, you gave the prescription? She didn’t say anything about it. I thought the prescription was from a famous doctor. Brother Lin Yuan, you really are too good. I feel that my body’s condition has really improved a lot after taking the medicine!”

“Thank you, Brother Lin Yuan!” Gui Qingtong exclaimed.

Gui Qingtong was very happy.

That little face was filled with admiration, reverence, and joy.

Gui Qingtong plunged into Lin Yuan’s arms while talking.

Lin Yuan gently hugged Gui Qingtong, then pushed her out of his arms and touched her little head.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “You already sing very well. Your music skills are already good enough for you to be admitted to the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music. So, you can work hard, but only moderately. Don’t overwork yourself too much, understand?”

Gui Qingtong nodded and said:” Okay! Thank you for your support, Brother Lin Yuan! Qingtong will definitely work hard until graduation. You must marry me then!”


“Let’s play the game first so you can relax. The medicine has to be cooked for a while.”

Lin Yuan silently changed the subject.

“Okay!” Gui Qingtong nodded happily.

Then the two turned on the game console and played a two-player VR game together.

The two had a great time playing together.

After an hour, Lin Yuan went and took out the decocted medicine.

Lin Yuan let Gui Qingtong finish drinking the medicine.

He asked Gui Qingtong to lie on the sofa and he slightly did some acupuncture and massage.

A few minutes later, Gui Qingtong felt refreshed all over.

Her white and slender limbs stretched out.

“Big Brother Lin Yuan, you make me feel so comfortable like this. I think I can enjoy this feeling for the rest of my life.”

Gui Qingtong raised her extremely cute face and looked at Lin Yuan seriously.

Then she said: “But it’s okay even without this massage. I am happy and satisfied for as long as I can stay with Brother Lin Yuan.”

Looking at the serious look of this lovely girl, Lin Yuan smiled and said, “I will give you medicine, acupuncture, and massage. It is for you to heal your throat, and not like a massage therapist to make you feel comfortable. Observe properly, how does your throat feel?”

Lin Yuan was also quite moved by Gui Qingtong’s sincere heart.

But Lin Yuan still doesn’t want to do anything serious with Gui Qingtong.

The first reason is that Gui Qingtong’s body is still too weak.

The second reason is that Mei Yuxian and Gui Qingtong will surely find it difficult to accept this kind of set-up between the three of them.

It has to be done gradually, otherwise, there will be adverse effects.

And after hearing what Lin Yuan said, Gui Qingtong touched her white and slender neck and felt her throat while slightly making a funny and cute voice.

Then, Gui Qingtong was surprised to find that her throat has really improved a lot.

“Wow! Brother Lin Yuan, thank you so much! My voice isn’t hoarse anymore! My throat used to be a little sore, but now I feel alright!” Gui Qingtong was overjoyed.

“It’s fine.” Lin Yuan smiled and touched Gui Qingtong’s little head.

Then they continued with their two-player VR game.

They wore VR glasses and were very happy to play together.

Gui Qingtong looked very cute.

She often yelled at the sight of some little monsters and hid behind Lin Yuan. After Lin Yuan kills the little monsters, Gui Qingtong jumps out to collect the rewards.

And when another monster appears, she yells again.

Tired of playing, Gui Qingtong leaned at Lin Yuan.

After the two have played for a while, suddenly a sound from the door can be heard.

It must be that Mei Yuxian is back.

Because Lin Yuan locked the door after he entered the house, Mei Yuxian couldn’t open it.

True enough a voice came from outside, “Qingtong? Are you there Qingtong? Open the door.”

Hearing Mei Yuxian’s voice, Gui Qingtong’s body went instantly stiff because it should be just her study time now.

Lin Yuan saw that Gui Qingtong was quite worrisome so he patted her shoulder and assured her that she can continue playing. “You can play. It’s okay. I will open the door for your mother.”

Upon hearing Lin Yuan&#apos;s words. Gui Qingtong nodded obediently without taking the VR glasses. “Okay.”

Lin Yuan took off his VR glasses and went to open the door for Mei Yuxian.

As he walked to the door, Lin Yuan said, “Sister Yuxian? Let me open the door for you.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s voice from inside, Mei Yuxian was a little surprised. “Xiao Yuan? You are here? But it’s still early…”

Mei Yuxian hasn’t finished speaking yet and the door opened.


As soon as the door opened, Mei Yuxian saw Gui Qingtong wearing the VR glasses and was playing the game.

Lin Yuan also had VR glasses on his hand.

But Mei Yuxian didn’t have the time to speak as she just went in and she felt a big hand.

It was Lin Yuan’s!

Mei Yuxian glared immediately at Lin Yuan!

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