Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 276 Feeding!

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After Lin Yuan opened the door, Mei Yuxian smiled at him and said apologetically, “Sorry Xiao Yuan. I am a little late.”

Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian agreed on the time, however, Lin Yuan arrived earlier.

Mei Yuxian was a little late due to company errands.

But Lin Yuan didn’t mind and instead smiled back at her. “It’s okay Sister Yuxian.”

Seeing Gui Qingtong playing games, she was a little nervous.

She bent over to get her slippers and wore them before entering the house.

But when she bends down, Lin Yuan placed his big hands-on top of her OL Dress.

Mei Yuxian’s figure is still very hot and the best Lin Yuan had ever seen,

Mei Yuxian wearing an OL Dress today, paired with those black stockings, made her look like a great career woman.

She had that strong style.


And this strong woman herself is the chairwoman of the group.

Her figure was already very explosive, and her temperament is a bonus.

Mei Yuxian’s bending movement was also slightly charming, making people sway when they see it.

So, Lin Yuan’s hands did the usual.

Feeling the movements of Lin Yuan’s hand, Mei Yuxian immediately glared at Lin Yuan.

The pair of naturally flattering eyes looked at Lin Yuan with anger.

Gui Qingtong can be seen playing the games just a few meters away and Lin Yan was already doing such actions.

Mei Yuxian feels it is too much.

But for Mei Yuxian’s glare and anger, Lin Yuan just chuckled and said: “You’re late. This is your punishment. How can I resist pinching it? It was so soft.”

After wearing her slippers. Mei Yuxian who straightened up her body slapped Lin Yuan’s hand.

She also pinched his arms hard.

After pinching his arms, Mei Yuxian’s extremely glamorous face blushed.

Seeing Mei Yuxian like this, Lin Yuan also stopped teasing her.

Otherwise, he might be strangled to death.

Lin Yuan then continued to play VR games with Gui Qingtong.

With Gui Qingtong wearing the VR glasses earlier, she was not aware of what happened between Mei Yuxian and Lin Yuan just now.

She also couldn’t imagine what happened between the two.

This is because while she was playing, she was a little worried that her mother might scold her any minute.

It was not the time for her to play, after all.

It was supposed to be her study time.

Mei Yuxian usually disciplines her very strictly.

So, Gui Qingtong took the initiative to say: “Mom…Mom, I will play the game with Brother Lin Yuan today. Will that be, okay?”

Hearing Gui Qingtong’s words, Mei Yuxian touched Gui Qingtong’s head, smiled, and then said, “Of course. You have worked hard enough in your recent studies. You may relax and rest for today.”

While touching Gui Qingtong’s little head, Mei Yuxian felt that she was pinched again by Lin yuan who was beside her at this time.

She was immediately angry again.

Lin Yuan is really unscrupulous.

It’s a relief that Gui Qingtong was wearing VR glasses at this time.

Gui Qingtong again wasn’t aware.

Hearing Mei Yuxian’s consent, she immediately smiled and said, “Okay! By the way, today, Brother Lin Yuan gave me some medicine and acupuncture. My throat immediately felt better. Really amazing!”

“Really? Oh, uh yes, um…that’s good.” After hearing Gui Qingtong’s words, Mei Yuxian wanted to answer immediately, but Lin Yuan was playing dirty tricks on the side so her response was a little intermittent.

Gui Qingtong didn’t think much about it either and then continued: “Mom, Brother Lin Yuan is really amazing! He is also good at medicine. If he will live with us in the future, we won’t be afraid of getting sick.”

Gui Qingtong was hinting about her getting married to Lin Yuan in the future.

She wanted Mei Yuxian’s consent.

Mei Yuxian sighed secretly, ‘This silly kid.’

Lin Yuan’s medical skills are indeed very good.

But living with Lin Yuan? Isn’t that like leading a wolf into their home?

Mei Yuxian thought for a while, while she was being pinched.

“Okay…I’m going to wash the fruits I bought first. Continue on playing.”

After changing the topic, Mei Yuxian quickly slipped to the kitchen carrying a bag of fruits.

Maybe Lin Yuan wanted to take advantage while Gui Qingtong was still wearing the VR glasses, so before Lin Yuan could even do even more unscrupulous things to her, Mei Yuxian decided to slip away first.

She left as if she was escaping.

Seeing that the Mei Family head had fled, Lin Yuan smiled and wanted to laugh.

Lin Yuan also continued playing games with Gui Qingtong.

And Gui Qingtong getting the approval of Mei Yuxian felt it was more fun to play.

Soon, Mei Yuxian had finished washing the fruits and came back.

Hearing the voice of Mei Yuxian inviting them to eat fruits, Lin Yuan and Gui Qingtong who were also tired of playing, came over.

The three of them sat on the sofa and talked.

They talked about the little things at first.

Then, it ended with just Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian talking.

They talked about some company developments and so on.

They also talked about the Chen family.

Gui Qingtong is still too young and not very interested in such things, so she can only listen.

She just listened to Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian talking.

While chatting, Lin Yuan asked: “By the way, Sister Yuxian, as I said before, have you integrated specific information about the dealings between the Chen Family and your Mei Group in the recent years?”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s question, Mei Yuxian nodded and answered, “I have integrated everything. I will go to the room upstairs and give it to you.”

Mei Yuxian then went upstairs to get the documents.

As soon as Mei Yuxian left, Gui Qingtong felt relieved.

She now has a chance to chat with Lin Yuan happily.

While her mother and Lin Yuan were talking, she couldn’t speak a word at all.

She wanted to talk to Lin Yuan, but she didn’t know what to say, she felt so uncomfortable.

All Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian talked about were just about the company and the family affairs.

She wanted Lin Yuan to talk to her about his thoughts about young girls.

And those anime songs that Gui Qingtong likes and so on.

Because Mei Yuxian left, Gui Qingtong is also more relaxed.

She directly picked up the plate of fruits, sat down in front of Lin Yuan, and fed him the pieces of fruit one by one.

While chatting, Lin Yuan was also enjoying the lovely girl Qingtong feeding him actively.

In the beginning, Lin Yuan was happy to eat the fruits as they are sweet and delicious after all and such a beautiful girl was feeding him.

However, Gui Qingtong continued on feeding him, until he felt he couldn’t eat anymore.

Gui Qingtong picked up a strawberry again, lightly raised her hand, and prepared to feed it to Lin Yuan.

But Lin Yuan shook his head, saying he could not eat anymore.

“I have eaten too much already. I already have a stomach of fruits.” Lin Yuan said.


“Brother Lin Yuan, this is the last strawberry. Let’s finish it.” There is indeed only the last strawberry on the fruit plate.

Lin Yuan had already eaten a lot, but this is the last strawberry and it aroused Gui Qingtong’s obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Lin Yuan shook his head.

Despite that, Gui Qingtong raised her hand and stuffed the strawberry onto Lin Yuan’s lips.

At this moment, Mei Yuxian had just gone downstairs and saw the scene.

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