Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 277 Open your mouth!

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Mei Yuxian went downstairs only to see Gui Qingtong forcibly feeding Lin Yuan a piece of strawberry.

Without much thought, she kept on walking downstairs as she sorted out the papers.

Lin Yuan and Gui Qingtong didn’t realize that Mei Yuxian was coming down either, especially Gui Qingtong.

At this time, Gui Qingtong and Lin Yuan were in a fierce struggle, and neither of them wanted to give up.

Lin Yuan had already eaten a lot of fruit and was full so he didn’t want to eat the strawberry that Gui Qingtong was trying to feed him.

Gui Qingtong’s obsessive-compulsive behavior was also triggered and wouldn’t give up on feeding Lin Yuan the last strawberry on the fruit plate.

Obviously, it is just a very small thing.

It didn’t matter whether Lin Yuan opened his mouth and ate it or Gui Qingtong puts the strawberry back on the fruit plate again.

But, neither of them backed down.

Lin Yuan closed his lips tightly while Gui Qingtong pressed the strawberry against Lin Yuan’s closed lips.

Gui Qingtong persuades again. “Big Brother Lin Yuan, it’s the last strawberry. Finish it. Let’s clear the plate and wash it after.”

Lin Yuan remained motionless and did not respond.

Then Lin Yun saw Gui Qingtong making the boldest action she had ever done ever since Lin Yuan knew her.

Gui Qingtong put down the fruit tray and then stretched out her little hand and pinched Lin Yuan’s chin. She was in a stance where she would do anything just to feed Lin Yuan that last piece of fruit.

This obsessive-compulsive disorder of her really needs to be cured!

Looking at the cute and lovely girl whose mouth is pouting, Lin Yuan decided to open his mouth.

Lin Yuan gently opened his lips and let Gui Qingtong feed him the strawberry.

Feeling the strawberry already went inside Lin Yuan’s mouth, Gui Qingtong’s obsessive-compulsive disorder was relieved.

She immediately smiled happily.

‘Brother Lin Yuan is so good. I like Brother Lin Yuan the most!’

Gui Qingtong who was happy at this time prepared to pull out her two fingers that were slightly inserted into Lin Yuan’s mouth as she was feeding him the strawberry.

But, Gui Qingtong found out that she couldn’t pull out her fingers, they got stuck!

Her fingers were actually fixed in Lin Yuan’s mouth!

“Bro…Brother Lin Yuan!”

When Lin Yuan didn’t let go of her fingers, Gui Qingtong felt that something seems wrong.

And Lin Yuan’s actions after that were far beyond her expectations.

Gui Qingtong felt a strange sensation on her fingers.

Gui Qingtong soon realized that Lin Yuan was lashing her fingers with his tongue!

“Bro…Brother Lin Yuan, let go of my fingers. Open your mouth!”

But, Lin Yuan didn’t let go.

Gui Qingtong still felt his tongue moving.

There were all kinds of strange feelings.

After being flogged continuously, Qui Qingtong blushed.

Sitting next to Lin Yuan, she dared not move.

In fact, in her heart, she doesn’t hate it.

She likes it to death.

Gui Qingtong knew this was Lin Yuan’s punishment for forcing him to eat the strawberries.

But she was overjoyed.

At this moment, a slightly angry voice can be heard from behind them.

“What are you doing?” Lin Yuan and Gui Qingtong looked back only to see Mei Yuxian looking at them with angry expression.

Just now, Mei Yuxian thought that it was just a simple feeding of Gui Qingtong to Lin Yuan, she didn’t feel anything wrong and she didn’t think too much.

And as for Gui Qingtong’s affection for Lin Yuan, she could still understand and accept it.

So, as she was walking towards them, she even checked on the files.

But after coming near them, Mei Yuxian could see clearly.

She saw clearly what Lin Yuan and Gui Qingtong were doing!

Gui Qingtong’s fingers were sucked into Lin Yuan’s mouth.

And Gui Qingtong&#apos;s face was flushed.

‘What are they doing?! The actions are too intimate!’

For Lin Yuan who has a relationship with her and would definitely be her man in the future, Mei Yuxian couldn’t accept Gui Qingtong and Lin Yuan’s closeness.

And so after witnessing such a scene, Mei Yuxian shouted at the two of them.

Hearing Mei Yuxian’s shout, Gui Qingtong hurriedly pulled out her two fingers.

And Lin Yuan did not stop her.

Gui Qingtong doesn’t know why Mei Yuxian was so angry.

She only thought that Mei Yuxian was the same old strict mother.

She is not allowed to fall in love early and so Mei Yuxian might be angry seeing how she acted intimately with Lin Yuan just now.

So, Gui Qingtong lowered her head.

But in fact, Mei Yuxian was mainly asking Lin Yuan because he had told her before that he isn’t interested in Gui Qingtong and that he would not start anything that would confuse her.

And Lin Yuan knew exactly why Mei Yuxian was so angry.

But he was not afraid of Mei Yuxian like Gui Qingtong.

Faced with Mei Yuxian’s angry questioning, Lin Yuan smiled and said: “It’s nothing. Qingtong just feeds me the fruit.”

“It seems that I accidentally bit your fingers. Are you okay?” Lin Yuan turned his head and asked Gui Qingtong.

“Uh… It’s okay…” Gui Qingtong shook her head.

Gui Qingtong still thought that her mother was so angry because she was too close to Lin Yuan and she seemed to be falling in love too early…

So, Gui Qingtong lowered her head and admitted her mistake, and said: “Mom, I was wrong. I will study hard and get admitted to the school and develop further my feelings for Brother Lin Yuan…”

Mei Yuxian looked at Gui Qingtong who had lowered her head and admitted to her mistake.

Seeing that Mei Yuxian wanted to scold them some more, Gui Qingtong raised her head and looked at Lin Yuan with a smile.

Mei Yuxian was quite speechless.

She glared at Lin Yuan again.

Then Mei Yuxian turned to Gui Qingtong and said: “Qingtong, you are still too young to act like this. When you grow up and mature, and of course after graduating from your studies, you may consider these things again.”

“Now you are still too young, and you wouldn’t understand…”

As a parent, one is basically good at training children.

Mei Yuxian didn’t intend to train Gui Qingtong at this time, but Lin Yuan behaved badly.

But if she wanted to train Gi Qingtong, she should be very vocal about her daughter’s faults.

Mei Yuxian&#apos;s blunted words are quite serious.

Gui Qingtong has obviously been well trained and disciplined by her mother as she obediently lowered her head and nodded repeatedly.

Lin Yuan on the side looked at Mei Yuxian’s solemn, yet stern and majestic parenting.

Lin Yuan couldn’t help but behave badly and put his hand on her OL dress.

His hand started to act again.

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